In November 2013, Dan gave a talk to his local college and started compiling a list of a few of the books, apps and websites that he had saved in his bookmarks as he thought it would be a great resource guide for the students. The best decision Dan made was to write the list on Medium and make it public. The post was named “Resources” and at the time had just over 80 items.

Over the next few months Dan updated the post almost every month, and in April 2014 over 230 resources had been added. Some were discovered by Dan but most of were contributed by people via Medium or Twitter.

"Resources" became incredibly successful and at the time of writing, has had over 50,000 visits and over 800 recommendations. It was clear that this was something that people valued and wanted to be a part of, and more importantly contribute to.

So Dan began to prototype ideas for a web app, a directory of resources where people could submit their favourite resources and create their own feed based on their interests.

Dan partnered with developer Ryan Taylor in May 2014 and 3 weeks later the beta of oozled was launched.

We've got great ideas and plans for oozled, keep checking back for updates or follow us on Twitter @teamoozled.

Dan & Ryan

Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards


Dan is a freelance web / user interface designer, surfer and is based in Chichester, UK. After writing the initial blog post that kick started oozled he's been working with Ryan to ensure that oozled is continually iterated and improved. Dan believes in shipping regularly and refining to create a product that is beautifully simple.

If you have any design related feedback then please contact him at

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor


Ryan is a designer / developer at Havoc Inspired, author, self confessed web addict and is based in Leeds, UK. Ryan teamed up with Dan to turn oozled into the product you see today. Ryan's incredible hard work has meant that oozled is and will continue to be refined and developed into the best place online for any creative resources.

If you have any development related feedback for Ryan then please contact him at