Why Robotics and Manufacturing Are a Perfect Combo?

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The manufacturing industry has always been one of the first ones to adopt modern technology and new inventions through time. The impact that robotics has had in the manufacturing industry so far has been tremendous, to say the least. Do you also think that Robotics and Manufacturing are made for each other? If you’re not … Read more

The Use of 3D Printing for Manufacturing

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3D Printing for manufacturing has been one of the latest use cases, and it’s one of the most important ones. 3D Printing is growing steadily and at a fantastic rate, which has surprised the world with its usability. The use cases of them are almost endless, and nowadays, everyone can have a 3D printer at … Read more

Spear Phishing vs Phishing in Cybersecurity

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With the internet becoming widely available almost everywhere globally, the risks for a Cybersecurity attack in the form of Spear Phishing or Phishing it’s significantly increased. The online world it’s not always a safe place, and it’s crucial that you understand how to protect yourself. In this article, we will talk about Spear Phishing and … Read more

35 Healthcare Startups which Grew into Billion-Dollar Company

Technology has given thrust to almost every compatible industry. And health industry is not an exception. On one hand, technology has boosted the innovations and experiments in the industry, on the other hand, it has opened new doors for profit by connecting patients to the experts and facilitating door-step medicine delivery. This is the start-up … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Automated Guided Vehicle

Are you planning to buy Automated Guided Vehicles for your manufacturing unit/office or maybe just curious to know what the heck it is? You have landed to the best domain for detailed and updated information about Automated Guided Vehicle technology. This article initiates with its historical background and flows through its technology and working mechanism … Read more

AT&T Landline Phone Service, Plans, and Bundles

at&t landline

In the field of home phone services or landline services, At&t has been one of the biggest players in the country and they have catered to the needs of all the landline and home phone users’ needs for a long time and with all this experience they know what their customers and users want and … Read more

Dish Network Promotions, Offers, and Deals

Many digital service providers offer new deals, packages, and promotions to their existing customers as well as to attract more new customers. They try to provide best-in-class service through their deals and [packages at market competitive prices. There are a couple of big digital service providers here in America, one of them is DISH Network L.L.C. and here we have brought to you … Read more

Verizon Fios TV Equipment Guide

fios tv one

Verizon Fios TV is one of the best TV services in the US, which offers many features and services with a very market competitive pricing and value to money strategy. If you want to know more about Verizon Fios TV packages, you can check our detailed guide on Verizon Fios TV Packages and Prices.  Here we … Read more

DirecTV vs AT&T TV: A Comparison

Choosing the ideal TV service for your household can be hectic work and you need to compare some of the best and market competitive products and select one that suits best to you. DirecTV is one of the best and leading TV service provider in the US, and so is the new AT&T TV. You … Read more

At&t Digital Life Smart Home Security System

At&t Digital Life

Smart Homes and Smart security features are a digital life’s must-have in this advanced world of 2020, and we are seeing almost all the major digital companies making leaps and bounds in this field with state of the art technologies and devices.  The smart home system is all about making your home an internet connection … Read more

Dish Latino Packages, Features Explained

As we have explained about Dish Network and how they have retained their subscribers base in America by providing new options and channels with up to date deals and offers to their subscribers. Dish TV is a satellite base live and on-demand content streaming service, and due to no cable television network, it offers more … Read more

At&t TV and Internet Promotions, Bundles and Prices

With all the best technology and the best high-speed internet and the best deals in At t TV department, At&t is rocking the new online space for internet customers. This year especially, At&t introduced many new offers, plans, and promotional bundles with such a huge value to money combination. But these advertised promotions that you … Read more

Want to get IPTV For Roku? Follow simple guide!

IPTV for Roku getting you down. Want to enjoy IPTV for Roku? You have come to the right place. While purchasing a smart TV, a lot of people generally mention Roku TV because of its wonderful features, like a clear home screen, it’s easy of use remote control, and automatic app updates. It’s a portable … Read more

Cannot find Roku IP Address? Powerful Guide 2021

It’s a simple three-step method for finding any Roku IP address from inside the system itself. Roku always gives access to its IP in its menus. If you want to explore Roku devices you can check out this nice article. PROCEDURE FOR FINDING ROKU IP ADDRESS USING THE REMOTE: One can have various number of … Read more

AT&T Fiber Internet, Plans, Services, and Availability

at&t fiber

We are seeing a rising demand for high-speed internet with each passing day as our consumption of internet-based stuff and services keeps on increasing. As we move towards a smart future, everything in our homes is now connected to the internet through Wi-Fi hotspots. We are doing more than ever online streaming, callings, downloading, and … Read more

AT&T International Plans – Long Distance Calling Rates & Charges

at&t international calling

In the past few years, AT&T has gone through a lot of changes and they have made international calling easier and their service in this department has become more reliable. Now they offer International calling service through all of their existing and new phone services, like traditional landline phone service or the new international calling … Read more

CrashPlan Review

CrashPlan Review

Product 1 Review Visit CrashPlan website Today most of the businesses run on the digital platform. Surprisingly, some businesses don't have any brick-mortar office, they run completely online. On one hand, digital platforms offer more exposure for any business by providing unlimited marketing, lead-capture and sale opportunities, while on the other hand, a single loophole … Read more

Jottacloud review – A Cloud Storage

Jottacloud review - A Cloud Storage

Jottacloud Review Jottacloud is a Norwegian Cloud storage company that provides storage and backup and synchronization. Jottacloud photo app is incredible with awesome privacy policy. Electronic devices can hang up any time making your desired data unavailable and inaccessible. Jottacloud is an app that helps you store data on cloud, backup your data and sync … Read more

iDrive Review, Pricing & Coupon Codes

iDrive Review, Pricing & Coupon Codes

Visit IDrive website Every business relies heavily on the data, whether it's of the customers', employees', sales' or anything else important. We have not forgotten the days when these data were logged in hard copies and kept safe from mishandling/natural calamities. Today computers have changed lots of things. Introduction of internet has revolutionized the data … Read more

Degoo Cloud Backup Review

Degoo Cloud Backup Review

Degoo Review Data is the backbone of any project or business. Thus, loss or manipulation of data means loss of business. Only a single copy of data on your computer makes your business vulnerable. To avoid any instance of data loss, a 3-2-1 data backup theory is well-established and quite popular. According to this theory, … Read more

Best Novels about AI

Artificial Intelligence is software that mimics human thinking and learning. In other words, AI learns from experience and makes decisions using data. This means that AI can perform tasks that humans cannot, such as recognizing speech patterns, translating languages, and even playing games. Artificial Intelligence is already being used in our everyday lives. For example, … Read more

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AI at Nvidia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic over the last decade. The term AI refers to computer systems that perform tasks normally associated with human thinking. For example, Google Translate uses AI to translate text from one language into another. AI is already being applied to a wide range of fields, such as medicine, … Read more

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AI at Adobe

Adobe has announced that they are going to release their AI software called Adobe Sensei. This new tool will allow designers to create interactive experiences using AI. What does this mean for us? AI is already being used in various industries such as finance, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, etc. The idea behind AI is to automate … Read more

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AI at Nasa

NASA has recently announced its plans to develop AI systems capable of performing complex tasks. What does this mean for humanity? AI is already used to perform simple tasks such as translating text or playing chess. NASA wants to take things further by developing AI systems capable of performing more complex tasks. This would allow … Read more

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C3 Artificial Intelligence – What is it?

C3 AI is a new type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that uses deep learning techniques to create intelligent systems. What does C3 AI mean? How does it differ from other types of AI? Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic over the last decade. The term refers to machines that mimic human cognitive functions such … Read more

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AI at Snowflake

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic over the last decade or two. The term AI was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy at Dartmouth College. He defined it as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.” In other words, AI is the study of creating computer programs that mimic human thinking. Today, … Read more

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IBM has always been at the forefront of innovation. From its inception in 1911, IBM has been committed to developing new technologies that improve our lives. The company’s latest AI breakthrough is called Watson. What exactly does it do? IBM Watson was created in 2011 to solve complex problems using natural language processing (NLP). NLP … Read more

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How Spotify uses AI

Spotify has become synonymous with music streaming. In addition to being able to listen to millions of songs from around the globe, Spotify also offers its users access to a vast library of curated playlists. How does Spotify create these playlists? What makes them unique? Spotify is a global music service owned by the Swedish … Read more

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How Amazon is using AI

Amazon has long been known for its excellent customer service. Now they want to take their AI skills to the next level. What does Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence mean for consumers? Amazon has always had a reputation for providing excellent customer service. They even offer free two-day shipping on millions of items. The company also uses … Read more

List of Top Artificial Intelligence companies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic over the last decade or so. The idea behind AI is to create machines that can perform tasks better than humans. And now, companies are investing billions into developing these technologies. In recent years, artificial intelligence has become a major focus of research at universities around the … Read more

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