How to Watch Apple TV on Firestick

Are you looking to add Apple TV to your Firestick? You are in the right place since here we will show you how to watch Apple TV on Firestick TV. By following our guide you will have this video streaming service installed on your device in no time, and you will be able to enjoy everything that it has to offer. 

So take a closer look, and once you see how it can be done, go ahead and install it on your Firestick.

What is Apple TV?

Before we start with the process of how to install Apple TV on your Firestick, we need to learn a bit more about Apple TV is and what it offers. 

When it was released back in 2007, Apple TV was just a small device where you could enjoy the content that is offered. Lately, you can get everything from their app which can be found on multiple platforms, like Google Play StoreAmazon App StoreRoku Store, and of course on all the devices that Apple has to offer. 

The App version was released in 2016, and later on, it was released on all the platforms mentioned above. The Apple TV App which is now considered a video streaming service offers you the opportunity to watch content from multiple sources, like their own service Apple TV+, or from their partners like Showtime, Starz, Paramount+, Mubi, Curiosity Stream, AMC+, Cinemax, Epix, etc. Apart from these, it offers you other opportunities of watching content. All these partners will offer you loads of content that will keep you hooked to your device when watching their extensive library of content. The Apple TV streaming service launches these partners inside itself which makes everything even more connected. 

Even though you can get some partners of Apple TV as a separate app on your Firestick, you might consider going with this option since it will make everything easier since everything will be in the same place. Another bonus with Apple TV is that if you have an Apple device, everything is linked which makes browsing and watching content much simpler. 

How to Install Apple TV on Firestick?

Installing the Apple TV app on your Firestick is an easy task since the official app is on the Amazon App Store, which makes the whole process much simpler. Still, you need to follow the steps below carefully. 

Step #1

The first step that you will need to take is to download the application on your device. To do that you will need to go into the Home screen of your device. There you will need to go into the search option, it is usually located near the top-left corner of the screen. Once you press the Search icon we can proceed with the process.

Step #2

Now that you are inside the search option, you will need to type Apple TV. Once you do, a few different options are going to show up, click on Apple TV, then find the actual app that is named that. 

Step #3

Once you find the app, you will need to press the “Get” or “Download” button which starts the downloading process. Depending on your internet speed it depends on how much time it will require to be downloaded. 

Step #4

Now that you downloaded the app, you can go back to your Home screen, and there you will see the new Apple TV App installed on your device. 

How to Set Up Apple TV app?

After you install the Apple TV app on your Firestick, the process is not over yet. You still need to set it up in order to proceed with the enjoyment of the content that it offers. Follow these steps closely, so you can go back to enjoying the content in no time. 

Step #1

In order to set up the app, you will first need to open it. So go into your Home screen and find the Apple TV app, you can find it on the “Your Apps & Channels” tab. Depending on how much you plan on using this application, you can move it on the Home screen, so you don’t have to go through “Your Apps & Channels” again.

Step #2

Now that we found the app on the Firestick, open it up, and wait for it to start. The first screen that you will see is a welcome message, in order to go past it, you will need to press “Start Watching.” 

Step #3

Once you pass the welcome screen, you will get a different one about the Device Analytics and whether you want these analytics to go back to Apple in case of any crashes or other related data from the app. This is up to you if you want to send your personal data that the app may have collected back to Apple or not. 

Step #4

After all those screens, you will be on the home screen of the app. There you will see a menu bar on top with options like Watch Now, Movies, TV Shows, Library, Search, and Settings. Before you start watching you will need to sign in to your account.

Step #5

In order to sign in to your account you will need to go to the app Settings, once you are there, you will see on top of the settings list “Accounts.” Go through there, then press Sign In. There you will see three options, Sign In On Mobile Device, Sign In On This TV, and Create Apple ID. 

Depending on which method you like to use, it is up to you. The first method is quite simple if you already have the Apple TV app installed on your phone. 

The second option will just make you input the email and password that you have used for your Apple TV. 

The third one is for those people who still don’t have an Apple ID, and they would like to open one, so they can enjoy the content offered by them. 

Closing thoughts

As you saw installing the Apple TV app on your Firestick is quite easy. Even the set-up process is easy, and you will be ready to enjoy it in no time. This service offers quite a lot of things, and if you are an Apple product user, you will have a better experience of it. 

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