AT&T Business Internet Plans and Pricing

Being the best and most used Internet service providing company having the largest network of fiber-optic high-speed internet all over the country, AT&T is offering some fantastic high-speed business internet packages for users in small businesses. We have explained the details of all the At t business internet plans for you to choose the best one for you.

AT&T Small Business Internet Service

At&t high-speed business internet service has many plans depending on your business internet usage and these all are fiber optic-based internet plans so no worries about the bandwidth or download speeds. By getting any of those plans you will also get access to a huge network of public wifi hotspots all over the country, actually more than 1000 free wifi hotspots for At&t customers at all the major outlets like McDonald’s. 

Of course, you have to keep in mind that these high-speed internet services are not available in all areas and you will have to check the At&t website to make sure that the service is available in your area.

AT&T Small Business High-Speed Internet Service Plans & Pricing

Here are all the higher speed business internet plans from AT&T (Also checkout AT&T Home Internet Plans ):

AT&T Business Fiber 25 (A)25 Mbps$40.00/month
AT&T Business Fiber 50 (A)50 Mbps$50.00/month
AT&T Business Fiber 100 (A)100 Mbps$60.00/month
AT&T Business Fiber 300 (A)300 Mbps$110.00/month
AT&T Business Fiber 500 (A)500 Mbps$200.00/month
AT&T Business Fiber 1000 (A)1000 Mbps$300.00/month
AT&T Business Fiber 25 (S)25 Mbps$100.00/month
AT&T Business Fiber 500 (S)500 Mbps$450.00/month
AT&T Business Fiber 1000 (S)1000 Mbps$650.00/month
Keep in mind that all these plans have their own separate service fee and charges for the devices you need for Wi-Fi in your business.

You might be wondering about those A and S signs along with the internet plans. That is the asymmetric or symmetric internet network types that they offer. Asymmetric network type means that your connection will have different download and upload speeds while the speed mentioned with the package will only be download speed. This type of connection is great for the type of businesses where you only need higher download speeds as the work is mostly about downloading stuff.

If the business is about uploading data more than the downloads then you will need the symmetric network type as this type of network has equal speeds for both upstream and downstream as mentioned on the package, which is why symmetric network type packages have higher prices.

AT&T Small Business High-Speed Internet Service Features

Now business plans from At&t are a lot different than their home plans and you would want to subscribe to their business plans rather than using the home plan for your small business as it might seem a little cheaper but there are some huge benefits and features that are going to help your business running smoothly without any network problems. These extra features that only come with business plans are:

  • You will get free and unlimited dial-up service from AT&T when you are traveling outside the US so that you can easily manage your business without extra charges.
  • AT&T has a premium flicker package that is called flicker pro where you get unlimited photo storage, unlimited uploads, and many useful flicker tools at $24.95/year but with AT&T business internet package you will get this flicker pro package for free and that will help you in managing the digital side of your business with unlimited photo storage.
  • Business internet package subscribers also get free AT&T messenger, which allows you to share HD videos instantly through messages for free with your customers or employees.
  • You will get a free premium ad-blocker with AT&T business internet plan and you will get an uninterrupted high-speed internet experience.
  • You have the option to change browser or homepage for your business instantly whenever you want for free.
  • AT&T business plan subscribers will also get free AT&T DSL Spamguard that will filter out and block any spam emails for your business and you will not have to worry about this time-wasting spams.
  • You will get a free AT&T DSL Shield, a state of the art internet firewall, and you won’t have to spend extra money on those premium firewalls.
  • You will get options of static and dynamic IP Addresses that will help you keep hackers at bay as whenever you log in to any new system, you will be assigned a new IP and that will make it difficult for hackers to track you down.

AT&T Small Business High-Speed Internet Services

Now that you know of all the At&t internet business plans, and their features and extras as well, that you get with only business plans and packages and not with home packages, here are the services that will be included for users os all packages, if you are ready to get an At&t business internet plan for your business.

  • You will get a dedicated external high-speed ethernet modem that will connect your system to the internet.
  • You will get a technical service installation from At&t as well. When you order the service, a technician will visit your area and will make a plan for the installation. There might be some service fee for installation though.
  • You will also get one high-speed internet gateway with your high-speed modem as well, that will connect all your systems and devices to the internet directly.
  • You can opt for self-installation of the internet service and will be able to save some on the installation service fee.

These are all the things that you need to know about At&t business internet plans if you are thinking of getting an internet connection for your business. 

If you want a reliable and affordable fiber internet connection for your home, you can check our AT&T fiber internet plans here.

What if I need super-high internet speeds and reliability for my business?

At&t business fiber internet packages provide you with the best and most reliable internet for your business. They have plans ranging from 25 Mbps to 1000 Mbps and they provide exactly the bandwidth they are advertising.

Does AT&T have unlimited data plans for businesses?

Yes, all the data plans offered by At&t in their business packages are unlimited and you do not have to worry about usage.

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