At&t Digital Life Smart Home Security System

Smart Homes and Smart security features are a digital life’s must-have in this advanced world of 2020, and we are seeing almost all the major digital companies making leaps and bounds in this field with state of the art technologies and devices. 

The smart home system is all about making your home an internet connection haven where you have smart devices everywhere, connected to the internet all the time and giving you real-time data, monitoring, and controls of your home. While the smart security feature allows you to monitor and manage your house from anywhere in the world with your smartphone or tablet when you have smart devices and sensors installed in your homes like smart door sensors window sensors, glass break sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, motion sensor, indoor siren, and contact sensor with all types of alerts on your smart devices.

At&t has its own vision for this smarter and safer world with smart home security systems with their At&t Digital Life all in one digital smart home solution. We have detailed out every bit of information you need to know about At&t’s digital life.

AT&T Digital Life

There are a total of three packages in At&t digital life smart home solution service, these are Smart security option, smart security & automation option, and premium smart security & automation option.

These options with their names are quite self-explanatory, but there are some differences that are needed to be addressed so here we go. The features like rapid alarm response system, smart home controls from smartphones and tablets, and text & email alerts for all system changes are all included in all three of these options or packages. The hardware included with all three of the options is one keypad, one motion sensor, one indoor siren, and two contact sensors.

There is another advantage with the At t digital life plan, that it does not necessarily require you to have only At&t internet installed at your home and can work with any fiber-based high-speed internet that you already have at home.

Let’s get further details on all these available options in At t digital life:

Smart Security Option

The basic smart home security system in At t digital life plan is the simple Smart security option, which includes all the basics we have mentioned above like a motion sensor, 4 windows sensors, an indoor siren, door sensor, and a keypad. And along with all these, the package has:

  • Outdoor Camera
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Indoor Smart Plug
  • Garage Door Controller
  • Carbon Monoxide sensor
  • Keychain Remote
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Thermostat
  • Temperature and Water sensor

The cost for this package is $39.99/month with an additional $9.99 for the equipment on the date of purchase which will include all the equipment worth $700 if you buy it separate from the package.

Smart Security and Automation Option

The next best option which is considered to be the medium-tier smart home security system option from At t digital life is this one, smart security & automation option. 

This package will cost you $54.99 per month with an extra $29.99 for equipment on the date of purchase and the total cost of that equipment is $1200 if you buy it separately. This has all the base features that we have mentioned in the smart security option along with 7 windows sensors rather than 4, a keyless door lock with touchscreen, and a remote lock and unlocks door feature through the Digital Life app.

Other features included are:

  • Smoke Sensor
  • Thermostat
  • Glass Break sensor
  • Indoor smart plug
  • Carbon monoxide sensor
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Wide view cameras
  • Garage door controls
  • Keychain remote
  • Temperature and Water sensor

With the keyless entry option, you can even make more than one keyless entry code for multiple members of the house through the digital life app and you will get a smart alert through the app whenever the code and keyless entry is used.

Premium Smart Security and Automation Option

The highest tier and most premium smart home security package from At t digital life is this one and it includes all the features that we have mentioned above in the previous packages. The cost of this package is $64.99/month with a $99.99 additional for the equipment on the day of purchase, where the value of the whole equipment is $1700 if bought separately. 

This package will get you 10 windows sensors instead of 4 or 7 in the previous packages, 2 temperature & water sensors along with 2 indoor smart plugs.

This package also includes an energy package where you can control the temperature of your home appliances with the digital life app. With a water detection package, you can easily detect any water leakage and can also control the ambient temperature. 

Now that we have discussed the details and offerings of all the packages, there are few things to keep in mind before you order any of those options. First, all these options come with a 2-year agreement plan, now you can return all the equipment and unsubscribe from the package within 14 days for a cost of $99 in restocking fee if you change your mind.

If you change your mind after 14 days then you will have to pay a termination fee of $640 with $50 for each automation installed.

AT&T Digital Life App

A huge aspect of the whole At t digital life smart home security system is their ‘Digital Life App’. As most of the smart controls work is done through this app and all the real-time monitoring through security cameras is also done through the digital life app.

The app is available on Android and iOS with support for almost all the smartphones and tablets out there as long as you have a working internet connection. You can use the app to create alarms for your main door if a parcel arrives, check video footage, and can check on your kids if they are home alone.

You can control all your smart doors and can check the security status of your whole system from the app, and can set multiple PIN codes for smart door locks. 

So this is the new and smart At&t Digital Life home security plan, do keep in mind that you need good high-quality internet at your home as well, so if you want to check out At&t fiber internet plans, we have them here. You can book the plan you like and is suitable for you through their website directly. 

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