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At&t has you covered in all kinds of digital services like At&t Internet service, At t TV, and Phone. We have all of those services explained to you in our previous articles that you can refer to if you want insights on any of the At&t services, packages, and offers. 

At&t DSL Direct Offers

Now, At&t DSL internet service and its packages used to be At&t’s Internet-only offers for home internet customers called DSL Direct and the plans were:

  • DSL Direct Express
  • DSL Direct Pro
  • DSL Direct Elite

They had fixed prices and speeds and were only discounted when there was any kind of promotional offer running from At&t, and that was for a fixed amount of time and a fixed amount of discount. 

At&t DSL Direct Prices

OffersPricesInternet SpeedsBandwidth
DSL Direct Express$49.00/mo1.5 MbpsUnlimited
DSL Direct Pro$54.00/mo3 MbpsUnlimited
DSL Direct Elite$59/mo6 MbpsUnlimited

As you can see, these were the offers from At&t before the DSL Internet-only service from At&t was replaced with their fiber-based internet. All of the above internet plans came with access to At t Wi-Fi service as well.

You would also get McAfee Security Suite bundled free with Pro and Elite packages while with Express, you had to pay $5 extra per month to have this offer. Also, with these internet packages, you had to pay extra to get the internet modem and wireless gateway. 

With all the plans came, free internet storage, free web-based emails with up to 11 email accounts, and a dial-up account as well for when you are not at home and are only able to use a phone line. There were also offers and promotions and users would get monthly discounts or reward cards from At&t that would give high discounts on packages for a fixed amount of time. 

All of these DSL Internet services from At&t are now replaced with fiber-based internet services called At&t fiber where a fiber optic is used to transmit data at the speed of light and now the basic package has an internet speed of at least 100 Mbps.

If you want to know more about At t Fiber internet, you can go here.

Is ATT getting rid of DSL?

Yes, At&t has already gotten rid of the DSL Internet and has replaced it with At&t fiber internet.

Is DSL becoming obsolete?

Yes, DSL is a very old internet technology that is being used since the advent of the internet where a copper wire issued to transmit data from the server to your home. With this copper wire transmission, we see lots of losses in data and some speed restrictions as well.

Now, this DSL technology is being replaced with Fiber optic internet, where the data is transmitted through a fiber optic at the speed of light. This technology has increased the data transmission speeds by hundreds of thousands of Mega Bits.

Is AT&T DSL still available?

No, At&t has replaced its DSL service with a more advanced fiber-optic internet service. 

What is the fastest DSL speed for AT&T?

The fastest At&t DSL speed was 6 Mbps when it was still available, now with At&t fiber, you can get a maximum internet speed of 1000 Mbps.

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