AT&T International Plans – Long Distance Calling Rates & Charges

In the past few years, AT&T has gone through a lot of changes and they have made international calling easier and their service in this department has become more reliable. Now they offer International calling service through all of their existing and new phone services, like traditional landline phone service or the new international calling wireless options.

Well, If you don’t know what those services are, let me explain. Here is the list of all the calling services At&t is providing to its US customers for international calling. 

And here is what these services represent.

AT&T International Calling via Landline

At t international calling through landline service is a traditional long-distance calling service that uses copper wires. This service from At&t is further categorized as:

  • United States Countrywide calling
  • United States + Canada Calling
  • International Calling

And you can get various types of plans for all three of these categories which include foxed rates for per minute calls or unlimited calls to the US and Canada. There is a basic At&t Worldwide Value Calling plan that allows you to make long-distance international calls to around 220 countries all over the world at a basic monthly fee and assure you a great saving in this department.

Other than the basic international packages in this category, you get the basic calling rates for each country which ranges between $3 to $5 per minute which means that having a plan or package activated is the best way to go when you need to make international calls via a landline connection. There are other charges like the International Mobile Termination charge that applies when you make a call from your landline to a mobile number internationally.

International Calling via AT&T Digital Phone Service

As the name is implying here, this international calling service from AT&T is internet-based and you will be making international calls through the high speed internet connection from AT&T. The advantage of this service is that it allows you to have unlimited calls to the US, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and Northern Marianas. 

You can activate this calling service by availing of the Phone International Plus plan with your At&t internet connection and At t Tv. When availed, this service also gets you very low international rates, and you will be briefed on discounts on call rates in many other European countries.

The international calling rates with this AT&T digital phone service are generally less than the landline long-distance based service. The termination charges range from $0 to $0,3 while the calling rates to 220 countries worldwide range from $3 to $5 but a few cents per minute less than the landline service. 

AT&T Wireless Options for International Calling

This is the most common service nowadays due to an abundance of mobile phones and people are using mobile phones to make long-distance calls as well rather than using any home base or landline phone service. 

That is why AT&T has introduced this mobile phone international service, but it does not only include calling but text and data roaming service as well. Now we know that a mobile phone or wireless service includes all talk, text, and data so AT&T has some packages that attract international callers as well as travelers, and they offer some catchy services for people who are traveling abroad. 

Here are some of the packages included in At&t wireless services:

AT&T International Day Pass

  • The first one is “At&t International Day Pass”. And as the name tells, it will give you one day of the international pass where you will be able to make unlimited calls from and to the countries that are included in the day pass service. It is not totally global and there are some selective countries in which this service calling service will be available.
  • You will get unlimited texting to the whole world for one day and texting is not restricted to day pass countries only.
  • In terms of data, you will be able to use unlimited data in all the International Day Pass countries and it will not be charged into roaming service rather it will be charged from your home internet data plan.

AT&T Passport

  • This is a standalone service that you can activate as per your need for 30 or 60 days or as many days as you want. This offer has many options like you can get 1Gb or 3Gb data along with a $0.35 per minute calling rate worldwide plus also unlimited texts internationally which also includes pictures, and video messages as well.

Pay-per-Use Rates

  • Well, if you do not want to be bound by any package or don’t want to pay for any package you can opt for this option. There are different pricing groups for different rates of talk, data, and texts and this package can be useful if you are in a country that is not included in your package or you visit or need a quick call to another country just once.
  • There are four call groups: Canada & Mexico, Europe, Rest of the world, Cruise ships & Airlines.
  • Three data groups: On land, Cruise ships, Airlines
  • Two text groups: Text, and Picture & Video

AT&T International Rates and Plans

In wireless service, there are two of the best options that At&t is providing right now, these are:

AT&T world Connect Value

It provides you unlimited call service to the US, Mexico, and Canada. you will also get discounts on many other qualifying countries (200+) and you have the freedom to add this to an already subscribed qualifying plan for $5/mo. per line.

AT&T World Connect Advantage 

This one is an upgrade from the previous one and you will not only get unlimited calls to the US, Mexico, and Canada but will also get unlimited calls to other 70 countries through landline and to 36 countries through wireless.

You will also get discounted rates for calls in 150+ countries and you can add this to the already subscribed qualifying plan for $15/mo. per line.

How much does AT&T charge for international calls?

There are different rates for different countries but if you make an international call without any package then the cost will range from $3 to $5 internationally, depending on the country.

How do I activate international calling on AT&T?

You only have to call on their customer service and if you already have a wireless or landline connection then the international calling will be activated.

Is AT&T International Day pass a good deal?

Yes, it is a good deal if you are actually looking for a package that allows you unlimited call and data service for a day.

Does AT&T charge for international texts?

No, if you have activated any of the At&t international call or data package then texts are free of cost.

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