AT&T Home Internet Plans, Bundles And Prices

AT&T home internet services and plans are quite easy to understand and If you live in the US or even outside, you must have heard about one of the best internet service providers in the country called AT&T. They are well known for their reliable connection and wide internet service and , so

If you are here, looking for details on a new highspeed internet connection from a reliable internet service provider or want to upgrade your existing connection then we have compiled all the AT&Ts high-speed internet plans and their price comparison for you to easily choose a plan that suits you.

AT&T Internet Services

AT&T provides two types of internet service to all the residential customers in the United States, that is DSL and AT T Fiber-based internet (Fiberoptic) and both are wired connections. DSL is the traditional metal (generally copper) based internet connection that has some limits to the top bandwidth. 

While Fiber internet uses fiberglass to transfer data and thus achieving higher download speeds and bandwidth overall. The connection to the house can have both DSL or fiber technology but inside the house, the internet is connected through AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway and they provide the AT T Wi-Fi device as well.

You might be wondering about their service area or the coverage area. Well, At&t is the largest internet provider in the US and they have services available in over 35 states at the moment. they cover almost all the areas of the south, midwest and west coast.

They also claim to be having around 30% of their covered area to have access to a fiber internet connection while all other areas will have DSL or fixed connection available. They have a wide range of services and a lot of perks in terms of speed and value, but still, their service may not be for everyone.

So we have a breakdown of At&t internet services and packages to see what they are offering and to determine if the service is right for your home. If you are a business customer check out AT&T Internet for Business plans.

We will go through all the AT T internet packages in DSL and fiberoptic categories. 

AT&T Internet Prices

AT&T internet basic bundles are all DSL internet connections and the speeds you will get will depend on the availability of the highest speed available in your area. As you must have seen in the promotions of the AT T internet, $35/mo. plus taxes is the basic starting plan called Internet 100, and the other packages in the DSL-based plan are tiered as Internet 10, 18, 25, 50 with the digits representing the internet speeds.

Plan NamePrice for the first 12 monthsPrice after 12 monthsMax. DownloadSpeedConnection Type
AT&T Internet $35/mo. + taxes$55/mo. + taxes100 MbpsDSL
*All internet speeds are subjected to availability of connection in the area and connection to gateway.

Keep in mind that you will get the speed in the above plan strictly depending on the available speed in your area. And AT T Wi-Fi is included in the bundle while the $10/mo. equipment fee applies on each package.

So in the areas where they have DSL service available, you can have speed ranging from 5 to 75 Mbps and that completely depends on the fact that how far your home is from the local service hub, so the speeds on DSL based connection are highly variable. This is not the case with fiber-based connections and they will always get the promised bandwidth regardless of their distance and location from the local service hub.

AT&T Internet Plans – Fiber-Based

AT&T fiber services start at a minimum speed of 100 Mbps, then 300 Mbps, and then 940 Mbps named as Internet 100, Internet 300, and Internet 1000 respectively. The details are below:

Plan NamePrice for the first 12 monthsPrice after 12 monthsMax. Download SpeedConnection type
Internet 100$35/mo.$55/mo. 100 MbpsFiber Optic
Internet 300$45/mo. $65/mo.300 MbpsFiber Optic
Internet 1000$60/mo.$80/mo.940 MbpsFiber Optic
*All internet speeds are subjected to availability of connection in the area and connection to gateway.

All the prices are inclusive of taxes along with $10/mo. plus taxes in equipment cost and free AT T basic Wi-Fi included.

AT&T Internet Bundles

Internet bundles from At&t include AT T internet, AT&T Wi-Fi, AT T TV, and AT T Phone and they are sold as bundles with extra perks and benefits added and also keep in mind that these bundles are exclusive to fiber optic internet connection only. Wireless (Wi-Fi) services will be included while you can also opt for DirecTV.

You will get the best value for money for the AT T internet when you get it included with other services and bundles. As you can see in our bundles’ information below, AT&T TV service is almost free of cost when getting it included in the bundle with fiber connection and it also adds unlimited data to all of your plans.

Now along with all the internet and Wi-Fi benefits, you will also get a $100 Visa Reward Card if you order any of the three fiber internet plans from AT&T.

You will get a $350 Visa Reward Card when you order a TV bundle, and you will get unlimited data as well with the TV bundle. Otherwise, you will have to pay $30/mo. on Internet 100 and Internet 300 for extra unlimited internet data after your 1TB usage.

Compare AT&T Internet Packages

AT&T wired connections are considered to be the best in the country and this has been stated in the ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) 2020, where At&t got the second position, just behind Verizon and ahead of Xfinity. Their internet wired connections for residential customers are considered to be the best because of various factors like their wide service range and availability. 

For example, the Verizon Fios is $40/mo. and provides almost the same download speeds and data at their basic bundles with the same Wi-Fi Gateway device and also the same internet speed.

Similarly, the next best is Xfinity and they have a smaller coverage area or limited availability in the country but their better, cheaper rates with almost the same Internet speed and same perks and extras with Wi-Fi device and stuff.

Competitors are also including their TV services like At t TV service, but the latter has an edge because of the contract of At t TV with HBO Max.

Things to consider

  • With an At&t TV bundle, you will save $10/mo. for a whole year as you will not have to pay extra for the TV or the internet.
  • At&t have also contracted with HBO max™ and now it will come included with every At&t fiber internet plan, so you will not be missing your favorite entertainment.
  • Also, keep in mind that a $99 fee applies as an installation cost for each and every plan you choose.
  • Internet 100, which is their basic package is a perfect plan and more than enough for file sharing, internet surfing, and video streaming.
  • With higher-speed connections, you can get faster internet with HD video streaming, lag-free online gaming with high-resolution uploads.
  • You will get a Wi-Fi Gateway router to make your home wirelessly connected all the time and all the equipment required for that and their replacement and repairing is included in the monthly equipment fee and you will not be charged extra for that.
  • You will also get a security suite by McAfee through their software which includes parental controls, antivirus, and an online firewall for your system. It is $5/mo. service that will be included free with any of the high-speed fiber bundles and will be accessible for three separate computers.
  • This McAfee security system and parental controls will have to be activated by paying an activation fee of $5/mo. for all the DSL based connections.
  • You will also get free access to the national at t wi-fi hot spot network and will always stay connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Do keep in mind that all the internet speed claims are highly dependent on the maximum network service capability speeds, wired connection to gateway, and network availability in your area, so actual customer speeds will vary.
  • All the Visa Reward Card offers are promotional offers and they keep on changing with time, so make sure to check more details about that on At&t’s official website.
  • It may seem like there are very limited plan options in the menu of the company, but the offers they have will give you the best experience.
  • They have also included At&t digital phone service in their bundles as well.
  • You can also avoid those $99 installation charges by opting for self install wherever that is available.
  • At&t fiber connection has a speed consistency of more than 99%.

How much is AT&T Internet by itself?

The internet service itself is starting at $35/mo. for the basic package for first 12 months, then it upgrades to $55/mo.

What is the AT&T Internet 100 plan?

AT&T 100 plan is fiber optic home connection that will give you 100 Mbps internet at $35/mo. as the base introductory price for 12 months. $10/mo. of equipmemnt charges are also included.

Which AT&T Internet plan is best?

For someone who is looking for a reliable and cheap internet connection that provides all the basic functionalities, Internet 100 is the best plan. But if someone wants the best and the fastest internet for downloading and HD video streaming and online game streamings, then Internet 1000 is the best At&t offers.

What are some of the differences of the AT&T Internet plans?

There is not much different between internet plans, it is just the speed of teh connection and the data allowed. For Internet 100 and Internet 300, only 1TB data is available and you have to buy extra data, while for Internet 1000 unlimited data is availblr from the start.

Does AT&T have fixed wireless internet?

Yes, they have fixed wireless internet connections available.

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