AT&T Landline Phone Service, Plans, and Bundles

In the field of home phone services or landline services, At&t has been one of the biggest players in the country and they have catered to the needs of all the landline and home phone users’ needs for a long time and with all this experience they know what their customers and users want and they have you covered. They have a range of home phone service plans to cover all of your local calling needs, along with that they also give you custom call features to give you unlimited calling and International calling digital home phone distance plans at promotional prices. Here, we have you covered on all their plan prices and nationwide calling services that they offer.

AT&T Local Home Phone Service

With At&t’s local home phone service (they also have AT&T VOIP ), they give you flat rates on all our local and nationwide calling needs with additional call waiting features that will make you receive calls even when you are not able to pick up the calls. There is a call forwarding feature as well that is added to your phone plan so that your call can be forwarded to another number when you are out of the house along with a caller ID service so that you know who is calling. 

They also offer a service where you can keep your old phone number from your previous carrier and convert it to At&t home phone number and free you from the hassle of calling each and everybody on your contact list to inform them that you have changed your home phone number and you can use all the At&t features on your existing number. 

With At&t local home phone service, you also get a Three-Way Calling option which is basically what it sounds like, where you can call two different numbers at the same time. The additional features also include Caller ID, Auto Redial, Call Blocker, Call Return, and At&t Privacy Manager. 

A Glance at Local AT T Home Phone Service Plans

There are many home phone plans that At&t offers for Home phone service and we have them all detailed down below:

Traditional Home Phone Service

As the name suggests, this is a local phone service that gives you unlimited local calling minutes for your home or small business needs. For your business needs, you can check the buying guide as well to know what is the best phone for you in the market and also make sure that you transfer your old phone number to At&t by contacting your previous phone and Internet service provider.

Traditional Home Phone service has a few very good calling plans as:

  • Measures Rate Home phone is the cheapest home phone service from At&t and they provide the lowest calling rates for your local area and keep in mind to check with At&t as their rates vary with the service area.
  • Standard Home Phone Service is the basic service that provides you with unlimited local calls and also adds all those nice calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Return, Call Forwarding, Three-Way Calling, Speed Calling, and Call Blocker. 
  • Consumer’s Choice is the most subscribed At&t home phone calling plan that includes unlimited local calls as well as a choice between two custom call features, and it is quite cheaper than the standard plan price at a reasonable rate.
  • Complete Choice Enhanced is the plan for you if you want a value-based plan that offers unlimited local calls and additional call features between eight and twelve. 
  • All Distance Package is the premium package from At&t that offers unlimited calling for local and well as nation-wide long-distance calls and all eleven of the calling features like Three-way calling and Caller ID.

Wireless Home Phone

At t Wireless home phone service gives you a great and modern alternative to the traditional home telephone service and it uses your mobile device to give you telephone service at a cheaper rate than the traditional telephone. I recommend this service to the customers who have strong At t wireless reception in their particular zip code areas, and when you get this plan you will get all the features like nation-wide calling, Caller ID, Call waiting, Call forwarding, and Three-way calling.

And if you get At t Wireless plan you will be getting a free phone from At&t on 24 mo contract and you can take that phone device anywhere.

Long Distance Plans

  • At&t’s one rate nation-wide plan will give you a 10 cents per minute flat rate on all the nation-wide calls.
  • The At&t Nationwide 120 will give you 120 nationwide minutes at a monthly fee and all the minutes after that will count to 10 cents per minute.
  • At&t unlimited plan will give you unlimited nationwide calling.
  • If you make frequent international calls, check out AT&T International call rates and plans.

AT&T Landline Only

At&t Landline only bundle will give you At&t unlimited phone plan at $26.99/mo.

AT&T Landline Bundles

At&t Landline bundle can give you At t High-speed Internet service package called unlimited At t Internet 1000 and unlimited phone plan at $89.99/mo. Do keep in mind that $10/mo. of equipment fee applies as well.

International calling rates are different than the local calling rates and to know more about all the At&t international calling plans and rates you can visit our At&t international calling rates article here.

At&t Landline Tripleplay Bundle

This bundle includes all the At&t services, like At t Internet, At t TV and telephone service.

PackageSpeedChannelPhone PlanPrice
AT&T Entertainment TV + Internet 1000 + Phone Plan1000 Mbps160Unlimited$99.98
AT&T Choice TV + Internet 1000 + Phone Plan1000 Mbps185Unlimited$109.98
AT&T Xtra TV + Internet 1000 + Phone Plan1000 Mbps235Unlimited$114.98
AT&T Ultimate TV + Internet 1000 + Phone Plan1000 Mbps250Unlimited$119.98

Do keep in mind that At t Internet Plan is Internet 1000 with no data cap, but this package has limited availability and the internet speed is also dependent on the access of fiber internet to your area. They do give you a Wi-Fi device and access to DirecTV or At&t U-verse TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AT&T landline phone service available in my area?

At&t landline phone service is available in most areas and states of the country but still, you can check for access to your particular zip code by going to zip code checker on At&t website.

Does AT&T still offer home phone service plans?

Yes, At&t offers home phone and landline service and you can check for availability in your particular area through their website.

Does AT&T TV come with an Internet plan?

No, generally if you order At&t TV then it won’t come with an internet plan but you can bundle it together to save up a good amount.

What is the fastest AT&T Internet plan?

Internet 1000 is the faster internet plan that At&t offers and it uses state-of-the-art fiber optic technology, which uses optical fibers to transmit data at the speed of light and hence we see no lag and high ping. It offers a 1 Gbps internet connection with a tested consistent speed of 940 Mbps. 

How do I know which AT&T Internet speed to pick?

It all depends on your usage as well as Internet availability in your area. We recommend you to go for at least a 50 Mbps connection if you are not a heavy user and use the internet for browsing and light use. For a deep insight on all the AT&T internet packages and what package to choose from and their rates as well, you can visit our AT&T internet Plans.

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