AT&T on-demand Programming with U-Verse

At&t has an extensive offering of TV services, whether they are live TV services or on-demand TV services. We have you covered on all the live TV and streaming services provided by At&t with U-verse here and here.

Now moving towards the new on-demand service for At&t U-verse customers, they enjoy a very unique extra service from At&t. As you know U verse gives you an option of HD 4K DVR storage, and that is an excellent offer in itself, but sometimes you may forget to set up the DVR to record your favorite show when you are not available. Well, it can be quite frustrating and time-wasting and that is where U verse on-demand TV programming service comes in. 

With the click of a few buttons, you can easily watch any show from At&t U verse whenever you want, so here we have covered all the on-demand options that will be available on your television screens and you can choose from at any time.

AT&T U-verse On Demand

  • Featured: This offering as the name suggests will take you to the page with the top and hottest shows on U verse at the moment. There will be many U verse specials, collections, and new releases.
  • Subscription: This on-demand option will take you to the page with all your subscribed channels like Disney or any other entertainment channel.
  • Recommendations: This page is quite important as At&t U verse observes your watching habits and then recommends all the stuff that you might like here. If you are unable to find anything good to watch, then this page will give you a good start.
  • Premium: This one is for all of your paid and premium subscriptions like HBO Max or Disney+.
  • Events: This on-demand channel will give you replays to all the live events that happened across the world whenever you want like sports events and concerts.
  • U-Verse Movies: This one is a bit different than your movies recommendation page, this one will give you the collection of all the free available movies on U-verse.
  • U-Verse Screen Pack: If free movies are not enough for you and you want some premium stuff, then this pack will give you the option to add premium movie service for a small monthly price to your package.
  • Their Own Videos: This option allows you to create your own personal library, catering to your entertainment needs by adding movies and tv shows to your queue to watch just by one click.

So these are all the options that At&t U verse on-demand programming is offering and so if you forget to set up your DVR, you don’t have to worry as you can catch all your favorite shows and this service will allow all the viewers to discover more stuff from their TV and actually watch what they want to.

Are all local channels available on At&t U-Verse?

Yes, almost all the local channels are available with U-Verse and you can check more about At&t U verse here.

Is Verizon Fios TV better than At&t U-verse?

This is a matter of personal preference and we would recommend that you check both of their offerings and then make a decision according to your budget and requirements. Here is all you need to know more about Verizon Fios TV.

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