At&t TV and Internet Promotions, Bundles and Prices

With all the best technology and the best high-speed internet and the best deals in At t TV department, At&t is rocking the new online space for internet customers. This year especially, At&t introduced many new offers, plans, and promotional bundles with such a huge value to money combination. But these advertised promotions that you see and these internet speeds are not what you see in promotions and their availability in your area is what you must know beforehand. I have all the details on these promotions and have you covered, so let’s get into it.

AT&T Internet Deals and Promotions 

At t internet-only offers are called Single Play offers while the offers that include all the services like Internet plus TV is called double play and Internet, TV, and Phone are called Triple Play offers. In single play or internet-only offers, At&t has prices and plans only for residential customers. The promotional term is 12 months and you can select one package for 12 months at a discounted price and also keep in mind that once selected, you cannot change your package or speed during 12 months promotional period. 

So the single play At t Internet service offers are:

  • At t DSL Internet plan at $45/mo. with a speed of up to 50 Mbps
  • At t Internet 100 package at $35/mo. with a speed of up to 100 Mbps
  • At t Internet 1000 package at $60/mo. with a speed of 940 Mbps.

Keep in mind that the speeds mentioned in the above packages are all for a 12-month promotional period. And after that, the prices will increase to:

  • $55/month for At&t DSL internet
  • $55/month for At t Internet 100 package
  • $80/month for At t Internet 1000 package

Now keep in mind that there are a few restrictions with these promotions and Internet plans in general( Check out AT&T Business Internet pricing ). All the At t internet plans have a data cap of 1 TB per month and you cannot use more than that in any plan except Internet 1000.

Don’t worry as you can buy an unlimited data allowance for any plan for $30/month extra. Now if you do not even want to pay that extra, you can bundle your internet single play offer with At t TV and get unlimited data with any plan. 

You will also get an At&t gift card if you order the Internet service online, and on bundling your internet service with At t TV, you will also get a $100 reward card. With all those perks, there are some services and extra charges that you have to pay to get At t internet installed at your home.

First of all, keep in mind that promotional prices are only applicable to the service fees, taxes and an additional fee applies in all cases. That includes $180 of early termination charges, a one-time transactional fee, $10/mo. of equipment fee, monthly cost recovery surcharges, and in the end a $99 installation fee. 

Also, keep in mind that these services and offers are not always available throughout the country and have area restrictions that can be changed or modified by At&t. And the internet speed claims from At&t are not actual speeds as they are subjected to the area and the speed mentioned in the plan is the just maximum speed a plan has to offer.

You can have a better idea of all the restrictions and availability of internet and speeds from our At&t internet explained the article here.

Say Hello to Savings! With our all-new AT&T TV + Internet Bundle

Till now, you must have gotten a very good idea that it is better to have an At t internet and At t TV bundled up to save a lot of money on these internet promotions. The basic At&t internet and TV bundle starts at $94.99 for the first 12 months if you order it online. It includes:

  • 40,000 on-demand titles, and live TV
  • 500 hours of cloud DVR storage
  • Access to 5,000+ apps like Netflix and Pandora
  • $300 in AT&T VISA Rewards Cards
  • AT&T TV device and voice remote with the Google Assistant
  • Fast, consistent speeds with no internet data caps
  • Standard professional internet installation included

This is just the basic (Entertainment Package) double play offer and At&t has a double play offer for each of their TV package as well. If you want to know more about these TV bundles, you can go to our At&t TV article here.

The price details for their other packages (for the first 12 months of the promotional period) are here:

  • $94.99/mo. for ENTERTAINMENT Pkg ($49.99/mo.) + Internet ($35/mo.)
  • $99.99/mo. for CHOICE Pkg ($54.99/mo.) + Internet ($35/mo.)
  • $109.99/mo. for XTRA Pkg ($64.99/mo.) + Internet ($35/mo.)
  • $114.99/mo. for ULTIMATE Pkg ($69.99/mo.) + Internet ($35/mo.)
  • $164.99/mo. for ULTIMATE Pkg ($119.99/mo.) + Internet ($35/mo.)
  • $99.99/mo. for OPTIMO MAS ($54.99/mo.) + Internet ($35/mo.)

And when the promotional period ends, the prices are revised and the new rate after 12 months will be:

  • $148/mo. for ENTERTAINMENT Pkg ($93/mo.) + Internet ($55/mo.)
  • $165/mo. for CHOICE Pkg ($110/mo.) + Internet ($55/mo.)
  • $179/mo. for XTRA Pkg ($124/mo.) + Internet ($55/mo.)
  • $190/mo. for ULTIMATE Pkg ($135/mo.) + Internet ($55/mo.)
  • $238/mo. for ULTIMATE Pkg ($183/mo.) + Internet ($55/mo.)
  • $141/mo. for OPTIMO MAS ($86/mo.) + Internet ($55/mo.)

All these TV and internet packages include an Internet connection, an At t Fiber internet package, an At t Wi-Fi hot spot network and a Wi-Fi enabled device, and one At t TV device. You can also get more devices for $120 each or also on installments in your monthly bill. A $10 internet equipment fee + taxes is also applied as mentioned before.

Get DIRECTV and get a year of HBO Max™ included

Getting your At t Internet and TV bundled has many advantages like:

  • Exclusive Ask At&t TV voice-controlled remote with Google Assitant built-in. 
  • Live channels, On-demand content, and 5000+ streaming apps like Netflix from Google Play Store.
  • Google Smart home assistant and manager to manage all your smart home devices through your TV and remote control.
  • Live stream TV and cloud HD DVR storage that is accessible through any of your smartphones, or tablets on the At&t TV app.
  • All the local and national sports channels live, like ESPN, ESPN 2, FS1, and NBC.
  • It is a simple plug and plays TV device with just one power adapter and one HDMI cable to your TV.

Can I customize an AT&T Bundle?

Yes, you can customize a perfect At&t bundle for yourself. Even though all these bundles look pretty great and they do offer a good value to money proposition but you can customize one for your needs exactly.

What is the cheapest Internet plan AT&T offers?

The plan that we have mentioned above, $35/month including At&t TV and Internet is the cheapest AT&T Fiber Internet plan.

What is the fastest AT&T Internet plan?

The faster At t Fiber internet plan is Internet 1000 that is mentioned above, it gives you a download and upload speed of 940 Mbps.

Does AT&T TV come with an Internet plan?

 No, At&t TV is a standalone service but if you get an At&t double play bundle then you can get At&t Internet and TV bundled together.

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