AT&T TV International Programming

International programming is a huge identifier of a great TV broadcasting service, and AT&T TV is one of a few TV service provider that offers international packages to its customers with many options like U verse and AT&T TV as well.

Here we have explained all the international programming that AT&T offers.

AT&T TV International Packages and Channels

With AT&T TV, customers might feel like they have the whole world in their TVs with the huge international programming suite of AT&T TV. There are many international packages that AT&T offers and they provide an endless supply of entertainment, news, and sports from all over the world. 

There is a huge variety of regions and languages available in the whole lineup, and there are so many options. There is something for everyone in this lineup with gradually increasing and extensive programming offers.

Keep in mind that these international programming offers are available as an add-on to the regular AT&T TV package or you can get it as a full package at the rate of the full bundle price in addition to the regular package fee.

These package and bundle prices vary with the languages they provide, country of origin, and also the number of channels in the package. Here are the currently offered international programming packages from AT&T:

Spanish TV Channels – ÓPTIMO MÁS

AT&T U verse had a Spanish TV offering by the name of Paquete Español but after AT&T TV’s arrival, the service name was changed to ÓPTIMO MÁS. With this new Spanish language package from AT&T TV, viewers will have access to a number of Spanish channels from around the world. This extensive lineup of channels includes Spanish language channels from Mexico, Spain, Ecuador, Peru, and from all other parts of the world.

With this package viewers also have the choice to get a Spanish language version for some of the most popular English language channels. With ÓPTIMO MÁS, you have access to everything Spanish that is available on AT&T TV.

A total of 50+ Spanish language channels are available in ÓPTIMO MÁS along with more than 40 main US English channels. The price of the package for the first 12 months will be $64.99 per month. The featured channels in ÓPTIMO MÁS include Cinelatino, Telemundo, ESPN Deportes, Cine Mexico, and many more of the same caliber.

Spanish versions of some of the most popular English channels like Disney, NBC, History, Discovery, and Fox are also available. The best thing is that you can get this Spanish language pack as an add-on to your English language AT&T TV subscription and you will get everything that ÓPTIMO MÁS has to offer.

Brazilian TV Package

This is a small pack for all the Brazilian language speakers out there and this package includes two channels in total and you can get it as an add-on to any of your regular AT&T TV subscription.

  • PFC: The full name of the channel is Premiere Futebol Clube, it is a Brazilian football channel and you will get a 24/7 nonstop football broadcasting for the main football state championships from Brazil like Série A and Série B.
  • TV Globo: The full name of the channel is TV Globo Internacional by Rede Globo, it is a Brazilian international broadcasting channel that will get you something of everything including entertainment, news, and sports in the Spanish language.

Korean TV Package

AT&T TV International upgrade also has a Korean add-on with which you can get 12 Korean language TV channels in your AT&T TV regular subscription and this will include channels from all the Korean Region. These channels are:

  • SBS: The Seoul Broadcasting System is the national channel of South Korea. It is a television and radio network company and is owned by Taeyoung Chaebol.
  • SBS Plus: This one is also from the SBS organization but with a non-stop 24-hour entertainment programming from South Korea.
  • EBS: It is an Educational broadcasting system from South Korea which is a public broadcasting organization with a focus on education and enlightenment of the general public through TV and entertainment.
  • CTS: The Christian Television Station is the largest Christian television network in South Korea. CTS channel was launched in 1994 and now has more than 10 million subscribers.
  • MBN: This is a South Korean TV network owned by Maeil Business Newspaper and it provides extensive programming in all fields like entertainment, news, arts, culture, etc.
  • KBS World: This is a family entertainment channel from South Korea, it provides 24-hour family entertainment from the flagship KBS entertainment group.
  • TAN: This is a South Korean TV channel specifically made for an international audience.
  • Arirang: It is an international English language media station owned by Korea International Broadcasting Foundation and the focus of this channel is to provide quality Korean programming all over the world competing with the likes of BBC World, CGTN, DW, TRT World, PTV World.
  • TVN: It provides general Korean entertainment from all over South Korea.
  • MBC Every1: This channel is mainly focused on Korean entertainment and provides only entertainment-related variety programming.
  • YTN: This is the first Korean language that is focused on 24-hour news broadcasting in the Korean language for the whole world. It gives up to the minute news on traffic, weather, sports and also has in-depth analysis reports and programming.
  • National Geographic Korea: This is the Korean language National Geographic and doesn’t require any introduction.

You can get this Korean TV add-on to your regular AT&T TV subscription for just $30 per month.

Vietnamese TV Package

With this Vietnamese TV add-on, you will get 9 Vietnamese channels for an additional cost of $20 per month. These channels are:

  • Tviet Network: This one will provide you with a blend of lifestyle shows, dramas, and different cultural programming from Vietnam.
  • VietTV: This one is a Vietnamese language broadcasting TV network that is based in the US. Their head office is in Housten, Texas. 
  • Film 24H: This Vietnamese language channel provides 24 hours of nonstop movies.
  • HONVIETV: This is one of the highest quality foreign language TV channel in the US and it provides top of the class entertainment and educational content 24/7 in the Vietnamese language that is rich in the culture and tradition of Vietnam.
  • SBTN: The Saigon Broadcasting Television Network is the first world-class Vietnamese language channel that is fully focused on Vietnamese culture and audience in America.
  • VietFace TV: This channel is the most popular in many US states like California, Texas, and offers exclusive Vietnamese lifestyle shows, entertainment and news.
  • VGN: A TV channel operated by Viet Global Network. It is targeted towards young Vietnamese language viewers and provides pure Vietnamese cultural dramas, game shows, music, celebrity gossips, and much more.
  • S Channel: It provides Vietnamese language programming.
  • Vien Thao TV: This one is all about Vietnamese language game shows and entertainment.

So these are all the AT&T TV international programming and add-ons that you can get. Please keep in mind that the availability of these add-ons depends upon your location and AT&T TV has all the rights to change the programming at any time.

Is DISH TV international programming better than AT&T TV?

This is a matter of preference and we have explained all about Dish TV international offerings here, so you can make a judgment depending upon your needs.

Does AT&T TV have international channels?

Yes, AT&T TV normal or local packages also have some famous but limited international channels, but they are all in English. If you want more local language channels then you will have to get one of the above International programming add-ons.

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