AT&T TV Services Comparison

Versatility and Diversity in TV services are what AT&T has been planning and it shows with their two different types of TV services that they offer in the consumer market. It is a good thing in a way that residential customers have more options in terms of services but it can also create the dilemma of choosing the best for you.

Both of these services DirecTV and AT&T TV are very good on their own, providing a huge range of channels, catering to the needs of everyone in a family. We have got you covered in this regard with our comprehensive guide to help you choose the best TV service according to your TV viewing habits.

Compare AT&T TV Services

Down below we have made everything clear point by point about both services, all their technicalities, and features so that it is easier for you to decide the right TV service for yourself.

AT&T TV Promotions

AT&T TV is a fully digital internet-based TV service provided by AT&T throughout the country. AT&T TV is focused mostly on revolutionizing the entertainment consumer market with a much better experience than cable TV along with the addition of all the internet features right at the fingertips of customers.

You can bundle the AT&T TV with AT&T high-speed internet and AT&T Mobile voice services or AT&T Wireless as well. Here is what you will get if you opt for AT&T TV:

  • AT&T promises the best in the market picture and sound quality as the experience is 100% digital.
  • You will get access to numerous HD channels while the library is growing rapidly. You can even play pause on any channel on live TV. 
  • This also gives you the option to record as many shows as you want and multiple shows at the same time as well.
  • As the Google voice assistant is available, and the AT&T TV remote is voice command enabled, you can use it to control the TV and do voice searches for anything you want to watch.
  • With Google Play Store, you also get access to 5000+ tv apps including apps like Netflix and Pandora. A total of 40,000+ on-demand titles and a total of 500 hours of AT&T TV Cloud DVR storage that you can access from anywhere even your mobile phone or tablet with an internet connection by logging into your AT&T ID.
  • AT&T TV App is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. And you also get streaming services on compatible Apple TV and Amazon Firesticks.
  • If you are a new customer of AT&T TV, you also get the first 3 months of free premium channels including HBO, Cinemax, EPIX, STARZ entertainment, and SHOWTIME.
  • WITH AT&T TV, you can have 3 concurrent streams. While one AT&T TV device is included in the package which you can opt to buy for $120 extra or as a $10 per month extra with your bill.
  • You can bundle AT&T services like having AT&T wireless plan can give you $10 per month off on your AT&T TV. They also have AT&T Landline service.
  • If you pair AT&T TV and AT&T internet unlimited plan, you will get $20 per month off on your combined bill.


DirecTV is AT&T’s satellite-based TV service that has a total of 330+ channels in its arsenal with 6 different programming packages. All the packages include Genie Cloud DVR, Live sports channels, and DirecTV App for live streaming by default and you can bundle DirecTV with all the other AT&T offered services like phone and internet.

Here is the list of everything from DirecTV:

  • With DirecTV, there is no equipment for you to buy, neither any startup cost.
  • With no startup cost, you can also avail of professional installation from AT&T professionals along with free customer service. 
  • A range of packages from very low prices to very premium ones.
  • A total of 330+ channels with up to 84 SonicTap music channels with different packages. 
  • Along with this huge collection of channels, you also get thousands of shows, movies, and on-demand content.
  • New customers subscribing to any package will also get 3 free months of HBO, STRAZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax. 
  • After 3 months of free service, you can continue for $53.99 per month or you can opt to cancel after the trial period.
  • If you opt to choose the CHOICE package, you will also get an NFL Sunday ticket with the package and that will automatically renew every season for $281.94 per season and you can simply call AT&T to cancel before a season starts.
  • Multi-room setup and availability can be added to the packages.
  • With multi-room availability, you can also get free Genie DVR set up in up to four rooms at a time.
  • And with that CLoud DVR on the go feature, you can live stream or record TV shows right from your DirecTV app and then can watch that downloaded content from anywhere anytime, even offline.
  • You will be able to stream the recorded DVR content on 5 different devices at once and can do simultaneous recordings as well. Do keep in mind that this will cost you an extra standard programming fee as well as an internet-connected HD DVR (HR20+). 
  • With the Genie DVR, you can store a total of up to 200 hours of content. Keep in mind that one TV is needed to be connected to the  Cloud DVR device along with one Genie Wireless for each TV you want the content from. 
  • Even if you forget to record, you can watch anything from Live TV, from the last 72 hours at any time. Do keep in mind that this feature is only available for some selected channels.
  • There are many local programming available with each package depending upon your location and region. 
  • You can add many special channels to your package through special programming and special discounts or rebates are also available on many packages. 
  • Based on AT&T Highspeed internet service and DirecTV nationwide services study, they are offering a 99% worry-free signal reliability.
  • If you choose a SELECT package or higher with DirecTV, you will also get 4K quality programming with 4K equipment, 4K account authorization, and Installation. Keep in mind that 4K programming is limited to premium channels.
  • With the standard DirecTV professional installation, you will get a four-room installation service. You can add custom installation with applicable extra charges.

So this is all the information that you basically need if you are thinking of getting one of the provided AT&T TV services.

Does AT&T still offer U-verse TV?

AT&T TV has replaced the old U-verse TV now. 

What is the difference between AT&T TV and AT&T TV now?

AT&T TV Now is a similar but cheaper version of AT&T TV where you get everything on your mobile like a subscription-based entertainment providing service like Netflix.

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