AT&T TV Services, Plans, And Packages

Watching TV has been a form of consumption, or maybe of expression. And when talking about Tv you might think of a simple TV box which will transmit your favorite basketball match to your TV screen, but we have come a long way from there, from the time when we had an antenna or cable over a TV and a TV remote as well, sometimes.

But this all is changed, as we jumped into the 21st century, and here comes the year 2020 when we have numerous on-demand services to select from like DirecTV and A&T TV.

What is AT&T TV?

As a company that offers all-in-one internet solutions for households, At&t TV makes perfect sense. It is an internet-based television service that provides on-demand entertainment programming through live TV, cloud-based DVR storage and gives you access to 5000+ TV and music apps. Let’s get into each of these services separately.

You will have exclusive access to the Google Play library and Tv services like Netflix and Pandora are included in the At&t TV box. At&t TV comes with a remote control device but you will also come with features like smart voice control support as compared to its competitors like DirecTV. 

you can use your voice to control your TV by using Google Assistant and you can change channels, change volume, or find your favorite songs, shows, or movies. You can also use voice commands to control lighting in your house if you employ a smart home solution.

Live TV

As the name suggests, it will show you any and all of the live TV subscriptions that you have. It will include all of your national and international live sports, weather, news, and live events. It will also include all the ordinary live local channels that you can get on cable as well.

On-Demand Programming Library

As mentioned before too, aside from local channels AT&T TV has a huge library of on-demand content for you to select from and you can stream this on TV or At&t TV app online anytime anywhere. You can add and stream your own video-on-demand services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Cloud-Based DVR Storage

This service offers you to have around 500 hours of cloud storage available. You can utilize this storage by doing recordings and saving live At t TV or any international content from TV like movies for up to 90 days and can watch that content on any of your internet devices like a smartphone or tablet.

Additional Features

All the above-mentioned features are a big part of the At t TV experience but there is notable other stuff that makes it better than competitors like DirecTV, here are those features:

  • It has a service called Universal search where you can search not only local channels but all international channels in one query for a particular piece of content.
  • You can stream and do recordings of all of your content from your At t TV in 4K resolution.
  • You can watch all the At t TV stuff from anywhere at any time on any of your devices like smartphone, tablet, browser, or TV as mentioned before.
  • At t TV offers you a fully wireless solution in all packages and you don’t have to connect any of your speakers or headphones or other devices to your At t TV box and you can pair them through Bluetooth.
  • Your At t TV has multidevice support for up to 3 different shows on 3 different screens as well.


At&t has packages in English and Spanish. Those packages are listed as:

  • XTRA

You can avail of these packages and then can add extras before checkout as At&t TV has HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, etc.

These services are free for the first three months and then they charge you $54/mo. for all of these and you can decide to have them or not. 

The availability of TV service is nationwide except in Puerto Rico and you only need to make sure that you have an internet connection at home. And then if you order At&t TV with At&t Internet then you have to see if At&t internet is available in your area or not.

The minimum internet speed required to enjoy At&t TV is just 8Mbps but it is not a recommended speed. For a full 4K experience, you must have a 25 Mbps connection at the minimum and 25 Mbps is also required if you want multiple screens of At&t TV streams to run at the same time. 

Now in order to make sure that you take full advantage of your 25 Mbps connection you must have a 4K resolution screen to enjoy the full pixel density. And to watch At&t TV on some other screen than your TV, you need to have the At&t TV app downloaded from the play store and you can enjoy TV on your smartphone or tablet.

What if I have a promo code?

You can use that promo code when you are ordering the At&t TV service and you will get the discount at checkout.

Is AT T U-verse the same as AT&T TV?

They are technically the same as they both are provided by At&t but U-verse is an old service that At&t is now discontinuing in order to make At&t TV more popular and user friendly. At t TV also provides more functions and services at less price.

Do I need a satellite to stream AT&T TV NOW?

No, you do not need satellite for streaming At t TV NOW as all the content comes through your internet connection now.

Does AT&T TV NOW have international channels?

Yes, At&t TV NOW has international channels and you can get those enabled or disabled just by calling them or when ordering online.

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