AT&T Digital Phone service with VoIP

VoIP services are getting more and more user base all over the world and in the US as well. At&t being the pioneer in communication and digital services in the country is also providing At&t VoIP services by the name of At&t Phone, which was previously known as U-verse voice for the US customer base. 

AT&T Phone Services

AT&T Phone Service is the most technologically advanced phone service that one can have and has loads of advanced calling features like call forwarding, caller ID, call blocking, call history, call transfer, call directory, call screening, click to call, international call blocking, safe call forwarding and so many more.

If you are an At t TV subscriber then you will get some additional features with your At&t phone subscription, as you will get call history and click to call which will show your calling history on your TV screen for you to review and all the answered and missed calls with the option to return calls remotely.

As the At&t internet phone service goes digital with VoIP, you also get some web-based call features with At&t internet phone service like an internet-based call management feature that will allow you to see and manage your phone account from your browser. If you make international calls, check out the the AT&T International call rates and plans.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is the digital service that takes your voice signals and converts them to digital signals so that it travels over the internet rather than a phone line. Basically, when you call from one mobile phone on a regular number, it converts the signals to regular telephone signals to make it reach its supposed destination.

While with VoIP service you can make a phone call from any device like computers as long as it has internet access and a phone with VoIP enabled. These are special VoIP phones and when they are plugged into your computer, they will act like normal telephones.

Requirements for AT&T Phone Service

For newer and better digital At&t phone service, you need a good internet connection. Your first option should be At t Internet, You can learn about At&t internet service and packages here. Then you need a special phone for At&t digital services, a computer, and an adapter as well.

There are some digital services from At&t that will work with all traditional phones but then you will need a VoIP adapter. Or you can use a VoIP special phone with your computer. 

At&t VoIP also needs high-speed internet to work at best, as a dialup connection is not fast enough to send so much data in so little time. So having a reliable internet connection from a good internet service provider is a must, we recommend AT&T business internet plans in this regard.

You can easily start with the basic At t internet package called At t internet basic 5 that offers a 5 Mbps download speed with Wi-Fi included. Or if you want a fiber connection that can work as your home or office internet then At&t has some options as:

  • At t internet 100 plan: It offers 100 Mbps internet speed with Wifi included.
  • At t internet 300 plan: It offers 300 Mbps internet speed with Wifi included.
  • At t internet 1000 plan: It offers 1000 Mbps internet speed with Wifi included.

So these are all the things that you need to know about At&t’s digital phone service through VoIP.

Does ATT offer VoIP?

Yes, we have explained the VoIP offerings from At&t here in our article. If you want more information on At t internet packages, you can visit that article here. At&t also offers a home plan with AT&T TV and internet included, check that out AT&T promotions here.

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