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Being one of the largest telecommunication network companies was not enough for At&t and now, you must have heard about the contract between At&t and Time Warners about their merger. This contract will make At&t the second largest telecom company in the whole world. But that is not it, At&t is always on toes to make great products for its residential customers to become the best of the best and their service marks this statement correct.

At&t WatchTV is a new app and service from At&t that uses the internet to provide live channel streaming to subscribers. Here we have covered the details of their new WatchTV and who is this for, if you want to know more about At t TV and internet packages and services, you can check our detailed articles on that here and here.

What is AT&T WatchTV?

Now, as mentioned before At&t WatchTV is the new over-the-top (OTT) service that provides live TV streaming through the internet to its subscribers and residential customers. The service was first introduced in 2018 by the telecom networks giant with 30+ live channels right from start with 15,000 on-demand programs and shows. They also offer you to watch all the recorded programming from the previous 72 hours of your live TV streaming. Now if you want a more basic and reliable home TV service we would still recommend you to go for At&t DirecTV and you can find everything on DirecTV here.

There is a mobile app for At&t WatchTV, which is specially designed for mobile subscribers to never miss their favorite programming even if they prefer watching TV on their mobile devices, just install the app and login with our At&t account. When you get an At&t WatchTV subscription, you can easily watch At t TV on your iOS and Android devices, tablets, computers, or OTT devices (basically all the compatible devices) from At&T without any restrictions.

One of the best perks of getting At&t WatchTV is the pricing it offers, which is a small monthly fee and there are no restrictions of any 24 mo or 12 mo contract and you can start fresh with a monthly fee only. 

Also keep in mind that you will not get the streaming of big networks like NBC, ABC, FOX, CW, and CBS because all of these networks are already available on the cable networks and are free to air and you do not need any kind of subscription or service to get those networks.

Plus, these are big networks that are watched all over the world and they have special websites where every programming is available for their consumers to catch up on anything they have missed. At&t on the other hand will offer you some of the biggest networks and big hits here in the United States that are not free to air, there are more than 35 channels in total, including:

  • All channels from A+E network like Lifetime, Lifetime movies, A&E, History, Viceland, FYI
  • All channels from Time Warner like Boomerang, Cartoon Network, CNN, TruTV, HLN, TBS, Turner Classic Movies
  • All channels from Discovery network like Discovery Channel, Velocity, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Food Network
  • All channels from AMC network like AMC channel, IFC, BBC America, We TV
  • Other popular channels include BBC world news, Audience Network, Hallmark Network

These are all the premium At&t channels that you get with At&t WatchTV but with other At&t TV or DirecTV packages, At&t offers the option of special addition of extra premium channels to your WatchTV account. 

How Does AT&T WatchTV Affect Your Data Plan?

At&t WatchTV is not just easy to use but easy to subscribe offer as well where if you have subscribed to At&t Unlimited & More or At&t Unlimited & More Premium then you don’t even have to pay a single penny to use the service and you can just add it to your bundle and start streaming without any charges.

Now if you have some other plan subscribed or some other carrier, then you will have to pay $15 per month plus taxes extra to get all those described services plus you will also get a 7-day free trial at the start of your subscription and if you feel like that this service is not for you then you can leave it before it even starts but if you subscribe again after some time you won’t get any free trial next time.

Do keep in mind one thing, that At&t WatchTV mobile app can be downloaded and you can log in to as many devices as possible but you can only watch and stream on one screen at a time and At&t has no plans right now to extend this screen usage to more than one screens in the near future.

In terms of data usage, as there is no extra fee if you have two of the top tier data plans from At&t mentioned above, there will be no extra internet usage for streaming on At&t WatchTV when you stream on 480p, if you go higher resolution than that then you can stream HD or FHD content then it will have a date cap of 22 GB. 

If you are not using At&t or any of the qualifying plans like At&t postpaid plan then you will a data of cap similar to the mentioned above and you will have to subscribe to the offer for $15/month + taxes.

Where and how to watch At&t WatchTV?

As we have mentioned above, At&t WatchTV is a pretty straight forward and easy to use service with no hassle of extra devices or equipment. You just need to subscribe to the service as we have mentioned above and then you can use it on:

  • Any Android device on Android 4.4 or above
  • All iOS devices above iOS 10
  • Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV
  • All Roku devices and supporting streaming devices and apps

If you want to watch At&t WatchTV on your laptop or desktop then you just have to go to the website and create your At&t WatchTV account and start browsing the whole catalog on your browser.

Do keep in mind that all these services are available in the United States, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

AT&T WatchTV vs. AT&T TV

At t TV and At&t WatchTV are quite similar if you talk about their core functionality as both of them are on-demand and Live TV streaming services and both of these are owned by At&t, but the basic difference starts with their contract and pricings.

At t TV is only available with a contract while WatchTV is a simple and straightforward subscription service with a monthly fee and no further contract. Now At t TV is a bit more expensive and has more availability as compared to WatchTV with limited availability and limited content. 

As we have mentioned there are 35 channels and 15000 on-demand titles available on WatchTV with $15/month + taxes, At t TV is way more diverse with a range of packages where the lowest tier package costs $59.99/month + taxes.

At t TV also has different language packs as well as International TV services and way more premium channel add-ons. All in all, both services are great and the choice is totally dependant on your personal preference and usage. If you want to know more about At t TV, you can go to our extensive and detailed At t TV guide here and our At&t International TV package here.

Is HBO Max available on At&t WatchTV?

Well, there are many channels that are lacking on At&t WatchTV basic package like HBO max™ or sports networks, Starz, Pandora, or Cinemax but At&t offers additional content and add-ons at an extra price.

Is WatchTV free for AT&T customers?

Yes, At&t WatchTV which is their internet-based monthly subscription OTT live tv service, is free for some of the At&t customers who already have At&t Unlimited & More and At&t Unlimited & More Premium subscriptions, in that case, you only have to download the app and login with your At&t ID.

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