At&T Wifi HotSpots

Wi-Fi service has become a new normal among the whole society and with the advent of the Internet and Internet services becoming more and more feasible, we have seen a rise in the rise of WiFi services as well. With the rise in the use of Wi-Fi, we are seeing more and more Wi-Fi enabled devices, from laptops to tablets to smartphones. 

Now it has become a basic needs of the coffee shops, travelers, and some neighbors as well 😉 And Here we have you covered on At&t Wi-Fi services.

AT&T Wi-Fi Service

Wi-Fi has been so much convenient as it is, but At&t has added even more twist to the Wi-Fi service by adding nationwide high-speed internet wifi hotspots. There are around 30,000 internet-accessed locations with Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide and this convenient and fashionable WiFi service from At&t will let you connect any of your Wifi-enabled devices like laptops, tablets, or smartphones to these nationwide hotspots when you are in a 150 to 200-foot range of a public Wifi hotspot.

This will allow you to access public wireless high-speed internet service from At&t, and this hotspot network is all over the country on popular outlets like Walmart Stores, McDonalds, Cafes, airports, and restaurants. 

You can use this huge network of Wi-Fi hotspots from At&t if you are a customer and user of at least one of the At&t’s services, like At t TV or At t Internet service. 

AT&T Wi-Fi Basic and AT&T Wi-Fi On the Spot

You can also buy the At&t Wifi service only and it is named as At&t WiFi On the Spot. This is a standalone At&t wifi service if you do not want to get any other At&t package or services like internet, TV, or phone. You just have to pay a small one-time price for a connection to the At&t WiFi hotspot.

While At&t Wifi basic is the service that will allow you to use this huge network of hotspots because you are a part of any of the qualifying At&t services.

The services that are included in the At&t Wifi Basic are:

  • At&t Internet: If you are a subscriber of any of the At&t Internet services or packages then you can enjoy the free WiFi basic service from At&t. If you want to know more about these At&t internet plans and packages, you can check them here.
  • At&t Wireless: If you are an At&t wireless customer with a valid At&t wireless plan then you already have access to At&t WiFi basic.
  • At&t Data Connect: You also get unlimited access to At&t WiFi basic if you have At&t Data Connect enabled.
  • At&t Connected Car: This service gives you In-car WiFi and unlimited data plans along with At&t WiFi basic.

Now in order to use any of these At&t Wifi hotspots when you are an eligible customer, you just have to sign in to the WiFi with your At&t member ID and password and you will be connected to At&t WiFi basic or At&t WiFi on the post hotspot connection instantly.

How much is AT&T Internet monthly?

At&t has many monthly Internet plans that you can check on our At&t Internet explained article. Their cheapest Internet plan is Internet 100 which is available at a promotional price of $35/mo. for the first 12 months.

Is AT&T WiFi unlimited?

If you get an unlimited AT&T internet plan (Check out AT&T Business Internet Pricing ) then you will get At&t unlimited wifi as well.

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