Backblaze Backup Review: Pricing, Characteristics, Pros, Cons And More

Having a backup system is one of the essential ways to keep safe your data, especially if you have some type of business. There are many situations that could generate a loss of documents and data of great importance. Therefore, it is necessary to make use of the tools available today, where everything can be included in a cloud.

Backblaze Backup is one of the best options available in the market. It is economical, easy to use, practical and best of all, it is unlimited. With it any person, merchant or not, can count on a plan B to restore his files whenever necessary.

If you are looking for a program which can give you easy solutions, then it is time to prove this option. Here you can get all the information needed about the benefits and limitations you could find about it.

Before starting the software review, it is important to define certain aspects related to backup systems. Basically it is a replica of the files that you keep in your computer or any other device. In this sense, it is important to clarify that it is a long process, and not a simple one-off action. The security systems are kept constantly updating its backup, to go according to the state of the replicated hard disk.

Of course, sometimes there is need to restore the data as well while backup is in progress. However, in these days where information is mainly handled through computer resources, it is completely necessary to have different alternatives to make a backup whenever necessary.

Either because we are going to format the computer, changes the operating system, or because we have bought a new one, having a backup system will facilitate the task of transferring the information (previously selected by the system) to any other machine.

Choosing a security system should be based, in principle, on the space provided by the software. In the market there are excellent options, but few-like Backblaze Backup- offer unlimited space for all types of files.

Backblaze Backup characteristics

Backblaze Backup is a software developed and announced for the first time in 2007 by the company Backblaze. Its creators wanted to promote a different product, accessible to all the people who needed a backup system for their files, without being necessary to have some technical knowledge to manage it.

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The platform appeared to respond to one of the main problems within this market: the difficulties that users face when using complex backup software. There are very complete and much more flexible platforms than the Backblaze product; however, they are complex to use and need constant checking. Others, on the other hand, are simple and economic but very limited, so they are discarded by companies or centers with great file management.

The product in question has received very good reviews within the public. In fact, the list of pros is quite striking in comparison to the cons that could stand out from the software.

With a low cost, easy payment, unlimited storage, minimalist platform, this product makes it clear why we are more and more prone to work through a cloud. The data will be stored under an encrypted system that only you can access when you consider it necessary.

Many times people need to seek many opinions about a product to make sure they are going to make a worthwhile investment. In the case of programs that are responsible for backing up this is very important. Nobody wants to spend money on a program that does not work properly.

So, with regard to Backblaze Backup, there are a lot of people who made reviews of this product while at the same time they explained a little about its operation and characteristics. Below you can see a video on the subject, in which you can learn a little more about this program, its features and benefits.

If you have decided you want to try Backblaze Backup, then we invite you to visit their website, where you can buy the program at an incredible price. The page is the following:

Backblaze PROs

As already described above, there are many attractive features that this cheap software has. Just read any of the following pros to understand that purchasing Backblaze Backup is more than reasonable, even for personal use. Let's see:

Free Trial

If you are worried about making the investment of the monthly payment (even if the cost is quite low) do not worry. You will have the opportunity to try the software before having to cancel for it. This is very important, since you can familiarize yourself with its operation and determine if it is suitable for you or not.


As it has been said several times, one of the main advantages that this software provides is its low price. There are very few options in the market that offer such good material for just $60 per year, and those that do usually do not have such complete features. Backblaze Backup is a software that does just the job for which it was designed, and therefore, there are few negative characteristics that could be pointed out regarding its operation.

Consequently, canceling just $6 per month for such a complete product is closer to an investment (or even a gift) than an expense. To make things better, its plans are fairly basic, so you will not have to complicate your life by choosing a relevant backup plan. The Backblaze team has chosen to unify all of this in a convenient and economical payment plan.

The only variations that the company proposes is the payment by monthly installments or by a single annual payment (which of course, has a slight discount), and even to cancel for a service of two years (also a little more economic). This is ideal for those who prefer to cancel at once to avoid making payments on an ongoing basis. Also, considering the discount, this is an excellent option to save a few dollars.

Easy to use

There are many people who discard (or even contemplate) the idea of ​​canceling some money for this type of service for fear of not knowing how to use it.

However, with Backblaze backup this is not a problem at all. One of the most striking features it has is its interface. With a simple and minimalist design, the user should only start the process and the software will take care of everything else. There are few elements that you must configure on your own and for this there is a lot of material available on the web regarding the product.

Backblaze Review
Blackbaze control panel. From:

This particular feature has made it one of the favorite options for small, medium and even large companies. There are very few programs available in the market that combine the word "simple" with "unlimited storage space" in their descriptions.

Working in the background

Hand in hand with the previous feature, this is one of the main benefits of Backblaze Backup. After installation, the program will estimate the time it takes to back up all available files (discarding application files or temporary files). From that moment it starts to make the backup in the background, without this interfering with the other tasks you need to undertake on your computer.

During the first backup it will take a long time while all the files are uploaded. However, once all of them are in the cloud, the program will detect any change that appears on the hard disk and will make the modification immediately. This is very practical, because you will not even notice that the program is operating. In this way, even if a sudden accident occurs, the backup will be updated until the last moment the computer was used, or at least until a moment very close to it.

Backup copies are generated automatically, however, this could be modified if necessary. If the person does not want the copies to be created in parallel to the changes that may occur on the hard disk, then it will be enough for the user to select the frequency with which he wants the updates to occur.

Customizable backup

One of the most attractive features that this software provides is the selection of files for the backup. Naturally, the software will discard any possible temporary file or those from applications, since these are not necessary for storage. In addition, it can also complicate the restoration on another computer or on a formatted one if this becomes necessary.

However, this is not the only thing it provides. The user can select the files that he wants to keep and select those that he does not. This provides great advantages, since there will always be some data stored on the computer that is not important for the backup and that ends up taking unnecessary time and space. This adds another point to the range of options for personalization that the software has.

External hard disk backup

Usually the backup systems of this type work as a plan B. This means that most companies or users with great management of information have external hard drives in which they continuously do their backups. However, you cannot forget that external hard drives can fail as easily as an internal hard drive can.

Backblaze wants the users to cover all their needs with its product, and therefore, they also allow the backup of content stored on external hard drives. This can be very useful to bring to the cloud files that are outside the computer.

Speed ​​to back up

Anyone can’t deny the fact that backups take a long time to be completed, since this process involves duplicating each and every one of the files that a computer has. In this sense, the time this process takes will depend on the speed of the program that is being used. So that if you have a program with low performance this backup will take a long time.

This is where Backblaze Backup differs from other programs, since it offers a faster service than any other software. The program, after analyzing your hard drive, will be responsible for making the backup automatically and establishes a minimum time in which the entire process will be performed.

Different pages of reviews ensure that this time to make the backup copy is fulfilled in most cases. This can be checked by performing an initial test of the program, so that you can see by yourself the quality of the service.

The speed of the first backup will always take a long time to be completed. No matter how good the program used is, it will have to perform different processes to identify all the files that must be duplicated. So, the speed of this first copy will depend mainly on the speed of your internet service and if you decide to use Backblaze Backup, it will also depend on how close you are to the company's server.

Backblaze main servers are located in the states of California and Arizona in the United States. However, even if you are not near these places, the speed of the backup is very acceptable. This is a feature that has been highlighted by thousands of users of this Program.

Unlimited backups for all users

When a person or a company wants to back up all their files it is natural to expect that the backup can be made for all files that are available regardless of size. This is a problem with the current backup programs, since it imposes a quantity of available Gb that is not always enough.

Backblaze Backup offers you an unlimited amount of storage. That is to say, you can make backup copies of any number of files you want without any problem. So, if you want to keep absolutely everything you have on your computer or all the information of your company, then there is not a better program to help you with this purpose.

This feature cannot be achieved with another program, especially at the price that implies the use of Backblaze Backup. This is one of the reasons why this program has become one of the most recognized programs in making backups around the world.

The system is programmable and very flexible

Backup programs are well known for the difficulty involved in their use, regardless of whether you are a person with much knowledge in these types of programs or not. This creates a problem for people who do not have much computer knowledge, because they cannot configure the backup program to convenience.

Backblaze Backup offers you a very simple system with which you do not have to spend much time to configure the system, this being a great advantage compared to other programs. In this way you can choose which files you want to duplicate, the speed with which you want the process to be carried out and very important: how often the backup copies will be made.

This last feature is very important, since you never know when the backup may be necessary. Then, you can choose the modality of carrying out the process each day or you can configure the system so that it carries out the process every certain time, specified by you.

You can also make the backup copy done when you want, by choosing an option that allows you to do this process every time you click on the option indicated. This way you can make the backup every certain number of hours if it is completely necessary.

Backblaze backup
Blackbaze Throttle configuration.From:

Quality customer service

One of the most important aspects that any paid computer program should have is a customer service system of very good quality. There, users can ask any question and those questions can be answered as quickly as possible. In this sense, a good customer service system must answer the questions you make within a few hours.

This way you can guarantee that the users of the system are happy with the service and can solve all their problems. Backblaze Backup's customer service meets these characteristics, so you can ensure that you can get a quick response and an effective solution to your problems.

Most of the doubts are focused on the use of the program. Why? Well, even though the system is very simple, there are always people without basic knowledge who need the help of professionals, and just for that is the customer service system of this program. Another highlight on this subject is the fact that Backblaze Backup offers live chat support, where users and specialists can help you answer any questions you may have in real time.

Computer tracking in case of theft or loss

The Backblaze Backup program is always associated with a computer, so you will always backup your files. However, this feature has another utility, since being associated with your computer, this device can be traced in case of any theft.

This is a feature that any similar program in the market has not got, that is to say, it is a unique advantage of the use of Backblaze Backup. One of the most common doubts regarding this issue is about the privacy of users, since they fear that their address can be revealed and that a security problem is generated.

This should not be a concern, since Blackblaze assures you that your information will not be disclosed at any time, unless it is absolutely necessary for any emergency.

Physical backups

Backup copies are important to ensure that files on a computer are not lost in case of an emergency. These emergencies can be of any type, that is to say, we can never know with certainty what will happen and when an event can occur that causes you to lose all the information that you consider important.

In this sense, when you lose information unexpectedly, what you most want is to recover your information as soon as possible. However, many times the internet service is not very good, so the backup would take a long time to complete, even days. This is where you can use a physical backup service.

This service consists in receiving by mail, no matter where you are, a copy of all the files you have in a very short time. This is possible with Backblaze Backup, since this program offers you the ability to receive a USB memory with a capacity of more than 250 GB or an external hard drive with a capacity of 2 TB.

The backup copies made by this program are stored in the company's servers, this being another form of security to avoid losing your important files.

Security for your information

The security of any program responsible for making backup copies is very important, since no person wants unauthorized people to enter their confidential information. So, a good program of this kind needs the security of the system to be as efficient as possible, so that no hacker can access the information on your computer.

This is a very common problem today, where all people use the internet and all can be easily connected. This connectivity, although it is one of the most essential features of the Internet, can generate security failures in systems with little protection.

Backblaze Backup offers you a very good security, since it uses systems that guarantee you can be calm at all times. One of these systems is the authentication of two factors, that is to say, each time you enter your account you need to enter a 6-digit code that changes constantly. This code can be obtained in applications to which only you will have access.

The encryption processes of this program guarantee that you can be very sure that no one will enter your information.

Backblaze CONs

Like all products, there are a few disadvantages to the use of Backblaze Backup. These are few in comparison to the numerous advantages already mentioned. However, it is important that in this review the possible user can find an overview in everything related to the product.

Just one computer

Yes, the product is indeed very economical, but it can only be used on a computer. This is an important disadvantage, since the price is only valid for one device. In addition to this, the software is based on the state of the computer to make backup copies, and is not too flexible when it comes to recovering files. This means that in case you lose a file and want to recover it, you must restore it before the next backup begins.

This problem is much more noticeable in the case of large corporations, where the use of software becomes unfeasible. It is very expensive to acquire the product for each computer within a company, and in this case, the owners end up looking for options that are applicable for several machines with a single payment.

It cannot be reverted to an earlier version

Related to the previous point, the automatic copy prevents recovering files if something goes wrong and you need an erased file. However, this could be avoided by configuring the frequency with which the backup copies are made, so that they are not made automatically and on par with the activity of the computer. This can become a disadvantage only if the user does not have a good management of the program.

Versions limited to 30 days

The backup copies have an expiration of 30 days, and this can be a serious drawback, especially for external hard drives. If the equipment is moved frequently and is not connected continuously to the computer, the backup could be discontinued very quickly.

The time required to upload the files

Although one of its main PROs is the speed which it processes information with(thanks to the incorporation of numerous multi-processes performing this task), the load time in the first data upload can be quite long. Here geographical factors intervene and above all referring to the Internet server of each user. However, it is necessary to limit it taking into account that it is one of the negative aspects that appear among the opinions of different users.

In general, there are few negative aspects that have been identified in this software. Most users provide positive reviews, and they rate it with 4 or 5 stars. The faults that can present are practically imperceptible in comparison to the amount of advantages and positive characteristics it has. This product has been shown to have an inverse relation between quality and price. It works well in exchange for little money, and that's not something you get in the market every day.

Security programming

As mentioned above, the security of this program is very good. However, there is a problem with this security, since to access the aforementioned features it is necessary to program the system, which is not well known by users.

So, as it is not a feature of popular knowledge, many people do not get access to the security properties that make you feel more calm about the fact that your information will not be seen by someone without authorization. This represents a problem that other programs do not have, so it is advisable to look for information on how to configure security in Backblaze Backup.

If you decided to use this program and do not have much knowledge about computers, it is best to seek information on the subject from a specialist to help you configure the program. This way you can obtain the level of security needed to feel that nobody will see the information on your computer.

Privacy of information

With privacy we refer to the desire to keep the information away from people who do not have authorization to such information, a feature that is closely related to the security offered by the program. However, there is another problem: the use of passwords for information that is encrypted.

When you are going to back up your hard drive, and there is encrypted information on that hard disk, the Backblaze Backup program will ask you for the password of that file, so that this information can be accessed. This password will be stored by the system of the company that offers this product.

This would not be a problem if that company was not governed by the laws of the United States, which require companies that work with the cloud to share their information. Then, your passwords can be revealed if the authorities need to obtain or evaluate the actions of the company that offers the services of making backup copies.

You as a user have certain rights that you can demand if your privacy is invade, so it is advisable that you look for relevant information on the subject. Keep in mind that by giving confidential information to the company, you have the right to demand that such information to be removed.

Deficient mobile applications

Mobile applications are of vital importance in today's life, where a lot of people have smartphones with applications that help them perform trivial tasks more quickly. In this aspect Backblaze Backup fails, since its applications do not have much attraction for the users of this service. This application does not offer new features or new ways to improve the service.


The most recognized web spaces for software review show consistency within their qualifications for this software. Most agree that it is a high quality product, which has been very well received by users.

The common conclusion is that this is an excellent product when talking about a general audience in search of an online backup service. Large companies with larger backup needs will probably opt for a much more expensive (and complete) product. However, this does not discredit the product that Backblaze, one of the US companies specialized in security software and most recognized backup, has brought and improved for the public for a decade.

The Cloudwards web space gave a 4.5 star rating and a description of "very good" for the product. In its review this team makes a complete description of the product, considering the opinions of the audience and details about its characteristics. They conclude that it is a very complete product, which could not be considered in any way as a bad investment.

Backblaze Rating

For its part, the Capterra website has a similar opinion. Within its web space awaits information of interest regarding the software, which also includes the opinions of more than seventy users who, in general, speak very well about their experience with the product. In this particular space are more marked the characteristics, the pros and cons with respect to the product that users have pointed out. In general, the team gives a 4.5 out of 5 stars to the backblaze software.

Backblaze Ratings

The Tom's guide website also offers a great overview of the product in question. It indicates its most important props and cons, concluding that the product is very good, although it is not suitable for those people who have multiple machines to back up. Its weighting for the Backblaze software is 4 out of 5 stars.

Backblaze Reviews

Similarly, the Pc mag website qualifies the software with 3.5 out of 5 in its rating. The author of the review considers it a fairly complete program for the purpose that it aims to achieve with it. However, it has obvious limitations that do not make it suitable for medium and large corporations if you really want to save money.

Back blaze reviews

According to the above, the software deserves 4 stars out of 5. It is a complete and very functional product for general users. It has multiple advantages that make it worthy of a good place in the ranking. However, it is necessary to improve certain aspects in order to become the favorite choice among users.

Despite the good reception that the product has got among users and critics, the most advisable thing for you is to live your own experience using it. Considering that you have a short but profitable time to do your free trial, do not wait any longer and download the software into your computer.

One of the greatest opportunities that users have at their disposal is the possibility of requesting discount coupons for the product. With them it is possible to save even more money than they will normally do with such an affordable payment plan. Backblaze has wanted to become the best option for independent workers and users and they have achieved it.

Coupon codes

Do you want to save money? Backblaze Backup is a very economic program, but you should never stop looking for new options that allow you to achieve significant savings. Even saving a percentage of 10% can make a big difference, so it is necessary to conduct an investigation of coupon codes.

These coupons are offers offered by companies as a way to attract new users, so they can discover the attributes of certain products without spending money. The company that is responsible for distributing the Backblaze Backup program is not far behind in this issue, giving some coupons with very good discounts every month.

Normally it is necessary to carry out an investigation to find the most recent coupons, which work for a specific period of time. However, we give you a series of coupon codes that you can try to use to receive a discount, as well as we show you the most popular pages that usually offer this type of offers.

Coupon codes

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Web pages





Backup copies are very important today, both for people who only use the computer for everyday activities as well as for large companies that need to keep their information protected. In this sense, to guarantee that quality support can be carried out, it is necessary to have a program that offers quality service.

Backblaze Backup is one of these programs, being also one of the most recognized. But is it worth using? It cannot be denied that the greatest attraction of this program is the cost it has, since by using this system, which offers unlimited storage, you only have to pay a fraction of what it costs you another program of this type.

This helps you save large amounts of money while receiving quality service, as well as support for absolutely all the information you possess. It cannot be denied that the program has certain characteristics that could be improved, these problems being security, privacy, not being able to perform backups on mobile devices, among other things.

But these problems can be ignored if you consider all the positive aspects that the use of Backblaze Backup offers. The ease of use is another of the great attractions of this system, since you will not have to spend hours of your life trying to find a way to configure it, but rather the process will be quick and easy to perform.

Features such as tracking your computer in case of theft or good customer service system are key points when choosing this program to back up your information. Properties like these are unique in the market, so you cannot find a program that meets the same requirements.

With regard to speed, some users have complained about the waiting time at the time of executing the program for the first time. This situation is completely normal with this type of programs, so everything will depend on the speed of your internet and the amount of data you want to duplicate. Once the first backup has been made, the rest of the backups will be done at a very optimal speed.

Finally, this program has had very good reviews on different websites and very good opinions from users, so its use is recommended, not only for the price, but also for the quality of the service. You can receive unlimited service, with very good features, economic and easy to configure.








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