Carbonite Review, Pricing & Coupon Codes

Carbonite Review

If we talk about the online backup services Carbonite stands among the biggest names. Carbonite was formed in 2005 in response to the increasing eagerness of the people for simple and reasonable online backup systems. This was formed to facilitate homes and small businesses mainly. We can estimate the quality of services delivered by Carbonite by the range of its customers. It provides services to more than eleven million organization and customers. Carbonite is based on four basic pillars

  • Power
  • Simplicity
  • Value
  • Security

Carbonite makes sure that the services offered by it although be best output of modern technology but at the same time they must be understood by each customer like family, enterprises or small businesses. The best and unique thing about Carbonite is that it is the pioneer of its field. Carbonite employs a large number of employers to protect the data of its consumers. The number of files kept in online cloud are over 700 billion while the files that have been recovered exceed 600 billion.

Features of Carbonite

Carbonite is one of the best software products that helps you restore your data in case of a data loss. The great fame which Carbonite has achieved today is because of its noncompetitive and remarkable features. These appealing features of Carbonite distinguish and highlight carbonite among its rival companies. Carbonite does not only provide unlimited storage rather it also facilitates you by easy installation, video backup, hard drive backup, remote file access and automatic backups. Additionally, Carbonite provides private encryption to make your data more secure and safe with backup scheduling. Courier recovery service is another features of Carbonite. This is a process in which carbonite backed up files are shipped to the Carbonite Safe Backup Pro subscribers in an external hard drive. This external hard drive is needed to be sent back within a particular time. The above subscribers must be the residents of United States.

Features of Carbonite

Mirror image backup once had been the features of Carbonite which has been removed later on. Mirror image backup is a program in which everything on your computer is copied and saved in an external hard drive. This process backs up everything without any discrimination from documents to software to videos to photos to even the files in the recycle bin.

Lets talk about the features in detail.

Carbonite Pricing

Carbonite provides three backup plans depending upon the number of computers and servers connected to the backup system and the choice of the customers. These plans are as follows:

  • Carbonite Safe Basic
  • Carbonite Safe Plus
  • Carbonite Safe Prime

Carbonite Safe Basic

Carbonite safe basic plan offers unlimited storage for backed up files. If you pay for this plan on monthly basis you need to pay six dollars per month. For annual subscription you will be paying $ 71.99 dollars per year which becomes $ 6/ month. If you subscribe for two years the annual charges to be paid are $ 136.78 which becomes dollar 5.7/month. Subscription for three years cost $ 194.37 which becomes dollars 5.40/month. You can save up to 5% on two year subscription while you can 10 % on three years of subscription. These savings are not only limited to the Carbonite safe basic plan rather this package is applied to all three back up plans.This plan is featured with unlimited storage, phone, email and chat support, 128-bit encryption and remote access files to computer files.

Carbonite Safe Plus

The Carbonite Safe Plus is a popular plan. This plan provides you unlimited storage for your backed up files along with external hard drive back up system. If we talk about the pricing of this plan it costs $ 111.99 /year for annual subscription which becomes $ 9.34 per month. Two years subscription costs $ 212.78/year which means that you have to pay $ 8.87 on monthly basis. Three years subscription plan becomes more reasonable with total cost of 302.37 per year. This means that your monthly charges will be $ 8.40 per month.

Carbonite Safe Prime

This plan offers unlimited storage for back up along with many other unique features. These features include external hard drive back up, courier recovery service and 256-bit encryption etc. These features make it quite expensive and on annual basis it costs $ 149.99 which makes a sum of $ 12.50 per month. For two years subscription charges paid will be $ 284.98 annually. On monthly basis you need to $ 11.87. Leaving the first two options if you opt for three years subscription plan your annual charges will be $ 404.97 while your monthly charges will be $ 11.25. Prices are in front of you, now you can decide which Carbonite plan you are going to select for yourself.

Use of Carbonite

The first thing which you need to do is the installation of the Carbonite on your respective device.

Once it is installed it works very smoothly on your computer without disturbing your normal operations on your computer. The reason behind this uninterrupted backup is that Carbonite uses one of the very important devices called as VSS ( Volume Shadow copy Service ) to copy the files at the back of your computer.

www. defines VSS as following

"Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is a set of Component Object Model (COM) interfaces in Microsoft Windows that provide the framework for doing volume backups and for creating consistent, point-in-time copies of data (known as shadow copies). Business applications, backup applications, fast-recovery solutions, file system services and storage hardware are put into coordination so that VSS can produce consistent shadow copies".

So, VSS allows Carbonite to work without reducing the efficiency and productivity of your Operating System.

Using Carbonite you can permit Carbonite to automatically backup everything on your computer like pictures, videos, user settings, desktop files, software, music, documents and other files etc. On the other side, you can select Carbonite to include nothing into your backup. In this case Carbonite is not going to backup anything of its own,rather you have to manually select files only these files would be added to backup. Automatic backing up by Carbonite is preferable as it saves our energy which gets dissipated in selecting the files.

Carbonite automatically backs up everything therefore, you just need to relax with a great peace of mind that every important piece of information on your computer is protected and secure.


Above image shows the main page of the Carbonite. Using this page you can see your personal details, your payment history and seek support if you want. You can view your backed up files by clicking view my backup. Using the Get my files back icon you can restore the files which have been backed up. For this you just have to select a file from your backed up files and navigate it your computer. Gradually and slowly you will have the required file in your device. Other things which you can do are you can add computers as well as reinstall Carbonite from the above shown page.

Things have been mentioned on this window surely in a different way but the images and simplicity of the words may keep nobody confused about the usage of Carbonite.

File and Backup and Restoration

As stated earlier once carbonite is installed it will start uploading files that exist on your device. Carbonite automatically backs up the files as it can work automatically without any efforts from your side. With Carbonite you can upload an entire file which is not possible with some of the other online backups. The initial backup may take time but gradually backup functioning will gain its normal speed. You can backup any kind of data like photos, videos, documents etc. When you make any change in your files the changes you made will be backed up instead of the whole files. This incremental back up saves our precious time. This kind of Backups are not provided by other soft wares like Jottacloud. Incremental back up is defined by t he website in the following way;

" Incremental backups were introduced as a way to decrease the amount of time and storage space that it takes to do a full backup. Incremental backups only back up the data that has changed since the previous backup".

Carbonite uses block level file copying algorithms to back up the changes from the hard drive to the cloud. This algorithm enables Carbonite to work smoothly without lowering the functioning of your computer.

Carbonite Backup setting
Carbonite Backup setting

Above image shows us the various options we can set for our backups. You can set up any of the back up options for your device. You can select continuous backup that is mostly recommended. You can go for backup once a day or you can opt the last one too which enables you to stop backup at certain hours of the day. If we talk about the options provided for backup in backup settings of Carbonite though they are fine but they could have been increased by providing other options like weekly, twice a day or monthly backup. If you want to stop your backup once it is started you can do that by clicking the pause my backup option.

At data centers your back up is kept protected by RAID ( Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks or Drive). defines RAID as;

"RAID (redundant array of independent disks; originally redundant array of inexpensive disks) is a way of storing the same data in different places on multiple hard disks to protect data in the case of a drive failure".

Carbonite keeps data on at least 15 hard drives.

Carbonite Restoration
Carbonite Restoration

As far as the restoration is concerned, it is as easy as backup. For restoration you have two options. You can restore a single file or restore everything on your cloud. For restoring a single file back to your computer the desktop client may help you sorting your file by name or by extension. Once the file is located you can easily restore it by clicking the download button. Not only single file can be downloaded like this but several files can be downloaded at the same time. For downloading everything in the cloud you will be asked first that whether you want to download the files in the original destination or a separate folder has to be formed on the desktop? Once this decision has been made rest of the responsibility is taken by Carbonite. Click the download button and Carbonite will provide whatever you want.

Carbonite takes every possible measure to maximize the satisfaction of its customers. Carbonite Versioning is one of the similar kind of measure in which the deletions you do or changes you make to your files accidentally or intentionally will be saved, so that you can access them in case if you want to retrieve them. File versioning is supported for windows only by Carbonite.

Carbonite saves the three latest versions of your files. Deleted files are saved for thirty days, in these 30 days the deleted files can be obtained by the Carbonite safe customers who reside in US through courier recovery method by Paying dollar 9.99 per recovery. All the customers of Carbonite can access their data by courier recovery method by paying various amounts depending upon the plan they are using. The hard disk has to be returned else its charges which are usually 130 or 300 will be given by the customer.


Carbonite takes a lot of time for the initial backup and complete restoration. Apart from these both activities the speed of normal activities depend upon the speed of your internet connection, the data to be backed up, the vicinity of your location to the server and extra.It can be said that Carbonite is neither too slow neither too fast however its speed can be enhanced by reducing the load on your device and reducing the number of devices connected to your internet etc.

Color usage in Carbonite

we know that every color has a different meaning and they can convey various information to the viewer. Not only this usage of colors make things fascinating and bewitching. Carbonite use colors to give several messages to their customers related to the backups. Green dot on a file indicates that the file has been backed up while orange dot shows that it has been selected for backup. In case of Carbonite green color is the sign of completion. A yellow dot on a folder tells you that certain files in it have been chosen for backup, while a green dot on a folder shows that all the files in that folder are backed up. when there is a half yellow dot on a folder you must understand that some files in that folder are backed up and rest of them are not.

Color coding
Color coding

To enable the color coding on your device you need to activate it in the backup setting section. If you will tick the show colored dots on files and folders followed by save setting then your setting will be activated in your device.


Carbonite uses data encryption to protect your data. defines encryption like this "In computing, encryption is the method by which plain text or any other type of data is converted from a readable form to an encoded version that can only be decoded by another entity if they have access to a decryption key. Encryption is one of the most important methods for providing data security, especially for end-to-end protection of data transmitted across networks".

Carbonite uses AES 128-bit encryption which is less stronger than AES 256-bit data encryption. Additionally, two factor authentication can be turned on to enhance the security. In this case along with the password an additional security key would be required to enter into your account. Physically the data centers have ample facilities to protect your data. The data centers are equipped with electric scanners, temperature controls, television surveillance, backup generators and continuous power supply. Guards also protect the data center 24 hours a day. These measures have made your data highly secured.


Privacy policy of carbonite is cool. The information that Carbonite collects from its customers include name, email address, telephone number, address, password and users name etc. Carbonite also collects banking information like debit card, credit card and various other payment methods. In short Carbonite collect the data which is shared with it while submitting the forms, uploading, downloading or it can be obtained from a third party. While using Carbonite you allow Carbonite to use, process and share your data for research, survey, reporting and other business purposes. Carbonite answers the question why it uses data by saying that it uses the collected information for marketing purposes, to abide by law and in certain cases to perform a contract.

Customer Support

Support can be obtained in the following ways;

  • First from knowledge base
  • Second from FAQ section
  • Third ask for technical support

The customer support of Carbonite is efficient and functional. The knowledge base of Carbonite provides vast knowledge covering many topics asked by customers. Usually the team responses within 24 hours. Team is comprised of competent and active members. Most of the customers seem satisfied with the support provided by Carbonite support team.

Alternatives to Carbonite

Software market is full of such products which products which act a substitute for Carbonite. A range of software can provide the same services as provided by Carbonite but certain differences distinguish each of them from others. The alternatives of Carbonite include names such as;

  • Backblaze
  • IDrive
  • Jottacloud
  • Arq Backup
  • Google Drive

Carbonite vs Backblaze

There are many features of online backups to be compared to reach at a correct backup systems for your computers or phones. Selecting a right backup service is crucial as it takes efforts and money. Following features can be compared in order to reach at a better conclusion for the selection of an affordable and effective backup system:

  • Carbonite plans are expensive as compared to the plans offered by Back blaze.
  • Back blaze offers only one plan while carbonite offers three plans basic, plus and prime.
  • Back blaze uses AES 128-bit data encryption while Carbonite can switch to AES 256-bit encryption which is more secure and safe.
  • Carbonite use color coding while Back blaze do not.

Carbonite and Jottacloud

  • Carbonite protects your data by encryption while Jottacloud lacks this quality.
  • Carbonite has an active support team while Jottacloud is quite lazy in providing customer support.
  • Carbonite is expensive Compared to Jottacloud.
  • Carbonite provides unlimited storage while Jottacloud is limited in that quality.

Carbonite vs IDrive

When we try to compare IDrive and Carbonite there can be a great competition between both. Both are famous names. IDrive's real -time backup for Mac makes it a strong competitor of Carbonite. The 10TB of storage space provided by IDrive under various plans is sufficient enough to store files of any size and quality. Lets compare both;

  • Carbonite provides its customer an unlimited storage space, this remarkable feature of Carbonite beats many alternatives in the game.
  • Carbonite can keep data in archive for up to 90 days and Idrive is incapable of doing that.
  • Color coding is the property that rests with only Carbonite, IDrive is deprived of it.
  • Carbonite can not provide full backup on mobile devices while IDrive does that very well.
  • Carbonite can not provide support for windows phone while IDrive does that.
  • One of the best thing that Carbonite can not do is that it can not save the latest 30 changes made to a file while IDrive has this unique feature,

Pros of Carbonite

  • Peace of mind
  • Tough encryption
  • Unlimited storage
  • Customer support

Peace of mind

Electronics where they have made life easier and comfortable at the same time, they have made data vulnerable to loss and susceptible to attackers. Therefore, a system is needed that protects your data so that you can obtain it when a disaster occurs to your hard drive. Carbonite many people think is a great peace of mind as it copies and saves everything on your computer. It runs behind the scene and smoothly performs its work. When you keep it on auto it will perform its function without demanding a penny of effort from you however, if you keep it on manual mode you need to instruct it about the files which are supposed to be backed up. So, let Carbonite perform its work while activating the automatic backup and sleep with a peaceful heart and mind.

Tough encryption

On carbonite your data is coded with AES 256-bit encryption so that only the authorized person could avail it. When private encryption is turned on then encryption switches to AES 256-bit data encryption which is more secure more safe.

Unlimited storage

Carbonite offers three backup plans and on all of them unlimited storage space is provided. As people are getting advanced and businesses are expanding the apace required by customer is also increasing. In this regard Carbonite is a great help and gives you unlimited storage space at reasonable prices.

Customer support

24/7 support is provided by the Carbonite team to its customers. As mentioned above there are three platforms from where support can be obtained i.e Knowledge base, FAQ section and technical support. Questions asked are promised to be answered within 24 hours by Carbonite.

Cons of Carbonite

Carbonite is considered to be one of the best products still it is not there with its loopholes. Carbonite can disappoint you in the following cases;

  • Speed
  • Pricing


We all are in hurry and we want all activities around us in a quick and hurried manner. And when it comes to a network speed no one can compromise on it. A low network speed where dissipates a lot of time at the same time, it drains your energy too because you need to perform certain things again and again.

If you talk about the backup speed of Carbonite, as stated earlier initial backup takes a lot of time. The backup speed may also depend upon the size of data to be backed up. The smaller the data the lesser time it will consume. Once all of the folders and files are backed up Carbonite starts working at a much faster rates.

Restoration speeds for normal functioning is normal but when you restore everything that is saved online it will make you wait for hours and even days which is quite annoying. One of the Carbonite article suggests the following steps to increase the speed of your downloads and uploads.

  1. First you need to directly connect your computer to the router.
  2. Secondly, you need to avoid uploading and downloading activities as your backup or restoration goes on.
  3. Thirdly, you need to reduce the load on your PC and the internet so that backup move on uninterrupted.
  4. Finally, you have to make sure that your internet speed is up to the benchmark.

If these steps are ensured hopefully Carbonite can satisfy you with its upload and download speeds.

Carbonite Pricing

Carbonite Pricing
Carbonite Pricing

Carbonite has recently increased the charges on all its plan. These prices are high enough to be paid. As the similar services are provided by other backup companies like iDrive and Back blaze at lesser and cheaper prices, its stupidity to go for higher prices.

So, keeping all the goods of Carbonite in mind if you want go for Carbonite you can visit .


1. Can Carbonite backup to an external hard drive?

Carbonite supports external hard drive backup on Mac and window operating systems. An external hard drive that is connected to your computer through USB can be backed up easily. Carbonite Safe plus and above can be used to backup an external hard drive. You have to right click the hard drive connected to your computer for window OS followed by clicking back this up. Your external hard drive is ready for backup.

2. Can Carbonite backup my iPhone?

Carbonite mobile can be used to access the files that have been backed up using Carbonite mobile. Carbonite mobile app is available foe iPhone, iPad and android.You can use Google play store to download Carbonite mobile app.

3. Carbonite how to restore files?

Restoration can be performed on window and Mac OS. For restoring files on Window operating system you should open Carbonite backup drive, it will show you all your backed up files. Select the files and folders and navigate. Once position is defined click the restore button and your download will start. Files can be navigated to the original position or they can also be downloaded into new folder too.

4. Can I use Carbonite to free up space on my hard drive?

No, because Carbonite is an online backup not an online storage. An online storage provides you the facility of freeing up space on your hard drive while transferring your data to online storage. So Carbonite can not help you in this regard.

5. Is Carbonite secure?

Carbonite use 128-bit encryption for protecting your data.

6. What does Carbonite Backup ?

Carbonite backs up almost everything on your computer like photos, videos, PDFs, other documents, email, music and settings. However, any file greater than the size of 4 GB has to be added to the backup manually. Videos are backed up automatically with Carbonite Plus and Prime, they must be added, manually for other plans.


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