Worried about how to connect Roku to WiFi without remote? Simple Guide 2021


Want to know the way for connecting your Roku to a Wifi without a remote? Worried that now that you have lost your remote you cannot connect your device to a wifi connection? Well, worry not! There are other ways you can use to connect your roku device to a wifi without the remote.

How to Connect your Roku to a WiFi without a Remote ( Check our guide on how to reset Roku without remote ) ( Check our guide on how to reset Roku without remote )? It’s simple. Ensure you have an Android gadget and a decent Internet connection to connect the Roku device to Wi-Fi without a remote.

To read more about what type of remote your Roku device uses, read here.

USE MOBILE HOTSPOT to connect Roku to Wifi without remote:

  • Open your Mobile and move to the Settings. 

Click the Mobile Hotspot button, after which you’ll pick Set up Mobile Hotspot.Worried about how to connect Roku to WiFi without remote? Simple Guide 2021 1

  • Click OK alternative as soon as the Mobile Data Usage warning comes up on your screen . (note: ensure that you have enough data on your device)
  • After that, put in the Wi-Fi network name and set the Security mode as WPA2 PSK. 
  • Save and add the Mobile Hotspot connection you have made. Connect to the hotspot at the end.
  • After that, from the Google Play Store available on all android devices, download your Roku application on your cell phone.
  • Open the application on your gadget after the installation is finished.
  • Click the Remote symbol accessible at the lower part of your screen.
  • You will see a remote in the following screen which resembles an actual remote.
  • Utilize the keys accessible on your remote in the screen and try connecting to your Wi-Fi.
  • Visit the Settings menu. Locate the wireless network connection.
  • Enter the password, and the gadget will then get connected to an Internet connection to enable Connection of your Roku with a Wifi without any Remote. 


The measures given here will assist you with connecting the TCL Roku TV to the Internet. Ensure you have the necessary prerequisites to do as such. 

  • Click the Home option accessible on the remote. 
  • Choose the Settings choice you will find on the screen when you scroll towards the bottom.
  • Using the assistance of your Right-Arrow button, pick the Network choice and then the Wireless choice. 
  • After this, your device will start searching for available network connections. 
  • From the options shown on your screen, choose your network connection.
  • Enter the password and connect to the network.
  • Your TCL Roku TV andthe Internet connection are now connected.


You can connect Roku Stick to Wi-Fi utilizing your mobile hotspot. Ensure two cell phones are ready with you in which the Roku application is installed one either of the gadgets

  • On the phone, go to the Settings option and click on Mobile Hotspot.
  • Connecting your Roku with a Wifi without a Remote requires opening your Hotspot menu by choosing Set up Mobile Hotspot alternative. (This step depends upon your Android device).
  • Press OK when the mobile data warning comes on the display.
  • Put in your SSID along with your security key and also your alternate Wi-Fi network data on your Roku gadget that you have saved.
  • Connect the other mobile device and the mobile hotspot .
  • Start the Roku application on the other mobile device and look down on the screen and press the Remote symbol. 
  • Launch the Roku gadget and open your Network Settings option on it. 
  • Change network settings and coordinate with the other fresh Wi-Fi network to which it needs to be connected to.
  • Now connect to your network used by the Roku device that and turn off the Mobile Hotspot on your mobile phone.


It is possible to Connect your Roku to a Wifi without needing a Remote. It includes some guidelines along with two cell phones. You can utilize the Roku application as a substitute for the actual remote. When you connect the two gadgets to one network, it makes it possible to utilize the mobile device as a substitue. Follow the steps below to know the procedure for Connecting your Roku and a WiFi without any Remote:

  • Open your Applications. Then tap the Settings button on your mobile.
  • Choose an option for the network. The names of the menu can vary in regards to your OS.
  • Click on Set Mobile Hotspot. That should bring up the Hotspot menu.
  • Establish an identifiable name for the network and a strong password to protect it.
  • The freshly made hotspot must be Saved and check the settings you’ve made. Click the OK tab
  • Open your Roku app. Press the Remote button on your phone in your Roku app.
  • After that, connect your other smart phone to your mobile hotspot. Now, open your Roku application.
  • Visit your Settings. There, adjust them according to your new fresh network you want Roku to connect to.
  • Switch the mobile hotspot on and link to the network your Roku is linked to.
  • Now you will be able to use your mobile phone as your device’s remoted instead of a hardware remote.


To start off, your Roku 3 system and the mobile hotspot must be connected.This allows you to begin utilizing the mobile like a remote computer meant for the Roku 3. Instructions for connecting your Roku to a WiFi without remote control are:

  • In the Settings area of the mobile phone, pick the Mobile Hotspot feature.
  • In the Hotspot window that appears, press the Set Mobile Hotspot button.
  • The screen should show the view of your cellular data use information. To proceed, press the OK option.
  • Put in the info regarding the Wi-Fi network which is saved on the Roku 3 computer.
  • Enter your SSID network, and type the key after scrolling through the screen.
  • Mobile hotspot that you created previouslymust be saved, and then press the OK option to start it.
  • Now update the version of Roku app on your mobile device to connect your Roku and your Wifi without a Remote.
  • You will now see the Remote icon on the screen foot; press it to proceed.
  • The remote structure would be identical to your remote Roku hardware.
  • This remote is alsp user friendly since all its functions are similar to that of an actual hardware remote.


First step in a Roku content streaming system set up is that it must be connected to Internet. The connection of your Roku computer to the Internet canbe done via a wireless or Ethernet network. Please remember the name of your network and its encryption passwords. The procedure for attaching your Roku computer to a wireless network is given below. Following this method will help you connect Roku to Wifi without remote.

  • For first time connectionof Roku to your network: when the window that asks you to select a connection mode, choose the Wireless alternative.
  • Your Roku system can automatically identify surrounding wireless networks.
  • Choose your SSID after the list of available network displays on the screen.
  • If your network name or access point is not available in the list, choose the Search option to access all Wi-Fi networks.
  • When your Roku system declares it’s link to your network, put in the WEP or WPA key and then connect it.
  • When the system connects to your network, every available notifications will be shown on the phone.
  • Execute the process of upgrading and wait until it is over.
  • Connect Roku to your wireless network following the first setup: Incase you wish to connect your Roku computer to a fresh wireless network, press the Home button.
  • Select Settings and pick Network, then press Set Up Connection button.
  • Click Wireless and don’t proceed till your Roku system detects the wireless network.
  • Press the key and standby until the system and your network are linked.

Solution for connecting ROKU to WI-FI without remote CONNECTION ISSUE:

Sometimes, you might face issues while connecting your Roku device to wifi. Here are steps on how to eliminate these problems without worrying yourself too much.Your Roku device generally shows Wi-Fi connectivity problemsanappropriate connection between the Roku system and the home network fails. Ensure that the power cords are properly attached to a wall socket. If you continue to getting the error pop-up, continue with the guidelines below:

  • Attach the power cable and the wall socket from switched on Roku device.
  • Check that the Roku system and the computer are wired to the same network.
  • Each error code is an issue in Roku. Read the mistake and solve the problems correctly.
  • Error messages saying that you are unable to connect to a wireless network occurs due to network difficulties.
  • Ensure you have used the right name of the wireless network and given the correct password.
  • Now your router will grant you access to the internet.
  • Place your Roku system near the router or wifi device to improve the signal power.
  • If you want to check the coonection status or speed of the link, go to the settings menu on your Roku computer.
  • Select—> Network-> Connection check. Now monitor the status of the connection and calculate the speed of the connection.
  • If the problem persists, you need to restart your Roku.
  • To restart Go to Settings—-> Select System—-> Press Restart. Also, unplug the power cord out of the wall socket and plug it back in.
  • Wait a few minutes for the system to restart.
  • If the problem is not entirely resolved, please contact the technical support team to get it fixed.
  • If your Roku system has an Ethernet port, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect your router and device.
  • If you still can’t connect to your router, restart the router. The steps given above should help connect Roku to WiFi without remote link, if not then contact the technical support.

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