Degoo Cloud Backup Review

Degoo Review

Data is the backbone of any project or business. Thus, loss or manipulation of data means loss of business. Only a single copy of data on your computer makes your business vulnerable. To avoid any instance of data loss, a 3-2-1 data backup theory is well-established and quite popular. According to this theory, one should always have three copies of every data he possesses. One is the original data, second should be a local backup and third should be backed up to an online server which should be quite far from the original data location.

Local backups are prone to the same vulnerabilities as the original computer data is. These are natural calamities like fire, flood and earthquake. Also, we can not deny the presence of thieves who may steal your computer and your local hard disks. Not everyone can afford to pay for the security guards, right? Online backup providers apply precautions while building their server farms to bear natural calamities like flood and earthquakes. They install the requisites to resist any fire-situation, and they have 24/7 security with camera surveillance.

As online businesses have grown around the world, so has the security breaches. Black hat hackers have derailed the worldwide economy several times. Most of the times ransomware were their preferred weapon. It was, because ransomware not only brings a halt to the business but also provide monetary strength to a hacker. A ransomware encrypts all the files and folders of a computer. A ransom is demanded in order to decrypt the computer's files and folders. The worst part, the ransom is demanded in cryptocurrencies, thus, one cannot trace the criminals. If the victim does not have sufficient money to pay the ransom, he is out of business. But, if you have an online backup, you can always restore your original files and folders. You will never have to pay for the ransom.

Thus, there is no excuse for not having an online backup.

While having an online backup is necessary, choosing the one that suits an individual's requirement is quite tough. There are several online backup services available and everyone claims to be the best.

This article helps you to decide whether Degoo, one of the cloud backup services, should be your cup of tea or not.

Degoo Cloud Backup Review


Degoo is a Sweden based company which means it inherently applies a high level of privacy for its users. It was started in 2012 and aims to provide cloud storage service to its users. Degoo also boasts to have the top-secret service provider, explaining that no matter what the situation is, the user data can never be accessed by any third party. It has also revealed its top-secret security notion on its website. This disclosure builds trust and the users get well aware of the efforts Degoo has put to keep their data safe.

Yes, Degoo has applied several layers of security to make sure that no one else can peep into its users' data. To know these security layers, keep reading this article.

Degoo Plans

Degoo is straight forward in its plans. Nothing is hidden or fuzzy. As soon as you sign up, you get 100 GB of space for free. This space can extend maximum to 10 TB even in the paid plans. So if you have more than 10 TB of data, Degoo won't be able to fit that in.

Degoo provides three plans viz.

1) Free Plan

i) Free 100 GB

As soon as you sign up a free plan, your account gets 100 GB of space on Degoo.

ii) One Desktop device

Degoo offers one desktop with the free account. But the desktop version is not available instantly in the free account. A user needs to refer at least 10 users to sign up for Degoo account to avail one desktop version.

iii) Unlimited Mobile

Mobile devices are not restricted with Degoo. You can add as many mobile devices you want.

iv) Extra space on referral

Along with the 100 GB that you get with a free account, additional 5 GB space can be increased with every referral. This additional space can be maximized up to 500 GB. Which means to get this 500 GB additional storage all you have to do is refer 100 friends to sign up for Degoo account.

v) Inactive account deletion

Yes, as a free plan holder a user's data is prone to deletion. As per the Degoo terms, a free plan user has to login within 90 days. A Degoo free plan account is deleted if it is found inactive for 90 days.

vi) Basic storage replication

Degoo provides good privacy and security to its paid users. But a free plan account does not get those perks.

To understand the Degoo privacy and security mechanisms, continue reading this article.

vii) No zero-knowledge encryption

Degoo resists providing some perks to its free account holders and zero-knowledge encryption is one of them. This means that the user does not hold the exclusive knowledge of his account. His login details are available with Degoo.

2) Pro Plan

i) $3/month

A pro plan costs $3 per month. If your requirements are more than what a pro plan offers, you can opt for the ultimate plan.

ii) 500 GB

As a pro plan user, you instantly get 500 GB as a storage space. Continue reading to know how to get additional space.

iii) 3 Desktop

With the pro plan, a user can map up to 3 desktops. He can upload data with all those desktops to the same Degoo cloud account.

iv) Unlimited Mobiles

Uploading from unlimited mobiles is the feature of every Degoo plan.

v) Extra space on referral

With a pro plan, besides the provided 500 GB, you can avail 10 GB per referred friend. With a pro plan, the maximum you get is 1000 GB i.e. 1 TB. Thus, if you can refer 100 friends to Degoo, this additional 1 TB can be yours.

vi) Storage forever

Being a paid plan of Degoo, a Pro account neither considers the user account activity for account survival nor it has any expiry date.

vii) Enhanced storage replication

Degoo offers a very secure platform to store its user's data. It even boasts that no one can peep into its paid user's data even if the storage disk is compromised. The Degoo security mechanism is revealed further in this article.

viii) Zero-Knowledge encryption

A Degoo pro user gets the perk of having a zero-knowledge account. This means that the pro user of Degoo holds the exclusive login knowledge of his account.

3) Ultimate plan

i) $9.99/month

The Ultimate account of Degoo costs $9.99 per month. If the features of the Ultimate plan does not appeal to you, then you should consider some other cloud storage service. This is the maximum Degoo can offer.

ii) 10 TB cloud space

10 TB is the maximum Degoo can offer to its user as instantly available cloud storage. If you have more data and you require it immediately, Degoo does not offer it.

iii) Unlimited desktop

Degoo does not apply limitations to its ultimate users in terms of the number of mapped desktops. Yes, you can add an unlimited number of desktops to your Ultimate account. Just keep a tab on the storage space of your account, which is limited to 10 TB.

iv) Unlimited mobiles

Adding unlimited mobiles is a feature of every Degoo plan.

v) Extra space on referral

If 10 TB is not enough for you, Degoo promises to provide you additional 10 GB for every referred user to Degoo. With this option, you can extend your storage to 1000 GB i.e. 1 TB. Which means if you can refer 100 friends to Degoo, you can avail this 1 TB of additional space.

vi) Storage forever

As a paid member, the Ultimate user's data is not vulnerable to deletion due to inactivity. You don't have to login just to makes sure that your Degoo account survives.

vii) Enhanced storage replication

Degoo provides the maximum security to the data of its paid users. Keep on reading this article to understand how Degoo protects its user's data from evil eyes.

viii) Zero knowledge encryption

As a paid member, the Ultimate account user holds the exclusive access to his login details. This article further details how Degoo applies the zero knowledge mechanism.

ix) Photo storage maximizer

An Ultimate account user has exclusive access to this specific feature of Degoo. No other account user avails this feature. This feature is available on the android app. As per this feature, the user can upload his photos from mobile to the Degoo cloud, as a backup. After the backup of the photo is complete, the local copy of the photo (on mobile) is compressed to maximize the mobile storage.

It's worth to mention that a user can install Degoo on unlimited devices then download and view the files stored on the respective cloud account but only the specified number of desktops per account, can upload the data to the cloud. However, you can upload from unlimited mobiles on any account.

Degoo Features

Now that the Degoo plans have been quite detailed, it's the time to have a look at various features it offers.

1) Free Huge space

Everyone likes freebies, isn't it? Degoo marks its strong presence among the cloud storage services by offering 100 GB free storage to its every user as a freebie. As a free user, this storage is instantly available for mobiles only. However, if a user refers 10 friends to sign up for Degoo account, he also becomes eligible for a Degoo desktop version. Which means he can not only upload from the mobile but from one desktop as well to the 100 GB Degoo cloud storage account.

2) Zero-Knowledge

A cloud backup storage is used as a precaution for data damage. This backup turns out to be a saviour when a ransomware is installed or in cases where data is lost due to mishandling or hardware failures. The user can restore the damaged data from the cloud and continue as if nothing had happened to his data.

However, what if an authorized agency forces the cloud storage company to disclose the account details and data of a user. Abiding by the laws of the country, the server authorities may have to disclose the account data.

Being a Swedish company, Degoo applies very high standards of security for its user's data. Degoo also boasts its security as a top secret service, which makes it technically impossible for anyone to peep into the user's data except the user himself. The mechanism of Degoo security also makes it stand out of the crowd.

Degoo considers its user's data privacy as a topmost priority. Degoo applies the zero knowledge functionality to its paid accounts, thus, the user holds the exclusive knowledge of his account. All the files are encrypted with a randomly generated military standard AES 256-bit encryption. This encryption along with the encrypted file is stored and encrypted with a passphrase known only by the user. This zero knowledge is applied at various layers viz.

i) Key Derivation Function

A paid user also sets up a passphrase with Degoo account. This passphrase is used to generate a key using an algorithm PKCS 5 V2.0 Scheme 2. This derived key is used to encrypt both the AES 256-bit encryption used to encrypt the files and the AES 256-bit encryption to encrypt the metadata about the stored files.

It's worth to mention that Degoo does not store the passphrase. It stores only the key generated using the passphrase. To decrypt the data, again the passphrase is needed. Thus, in a situation where the server location needs to abide by a law, even then Degoo is not able to get into the user account.

However, this does not apply to the free users of Degoo. Free account holders don't get the option of a passphrase.

ii) Military Standard AES 256-bit Encryption

Degoo uploads the data to the servers in blocks. Every block consists of 8 MB of data. Before the data leaves a user's device, it is encrypted using a randomly generated military standard 256-bit encryption key.

A user constant AES 256-bit key is also generated to encrypt the metadata about each file. All the symmetric encryptions performed by Degoo use the AES/CBC/PKCS5 padding.

iii) RSA-4094 Key Pair

All the randomly generated AES 256 bit encryption keys are again encrypted by the public RSA-4096 key. A corresponding private RSA-4096 key is required to decrypt the AES encryption upon the file download.

All user's encryptions and signing keys are only uploaded to the Degoo servers after they are encrypted by the user's passphrase.

iv) Reed Solomon Codes

Degoo backups are encoded into blocks. Each block consists of 8 MB of data. Every block of data is coded with the Reed-Solomon error-correcting code. With this encoding 4 chunks/shards are produced from every block of data. The original data is scrambled into these shards. This scrambling further enhances data security. This Reed-Solomon encoding uses 4/3 data redundancy, which means any 3 shards are needed to derive the original block of data.


Each uploaded files produces an HMAC signature which is used to verify the data integrity when downloaded. Apart from the block level signature every shard also produces a HMAC signature. This is used to verify the integrity of data at shard level.

vi) Cross-Continent storage replication

This feature pushes the Degoo account's security to another level. Degoo uploads the user data to multiple data centres and storage providers.

Remember, how Degoo uses the Reed-Solomon code to scramble data into shards. Any three shards are needed to reconstruct the original block of data. To maximize the data security, Degoo uploads only one shard of a block to a data centre. Thus, all the shards of a block are stored on different data centres or storage providers.

This provides maximum security to the data in a situation where the storage provider has to abide by the country's law or himself wants to peep into the user's data. But the storage provider has only one shard and three shards are needed to reconstruct the original block of data. Thus, even after someone gets access to the hard drive of one storage provider and breaks the military standard AES 256 bit encryption still he cannot get the data.

3) Access files from unlimited devices

Every Degoo plan provides uploading from unlimited mobile devices but it restricts the free and pro user's number of desktops. While a free user can upload from only one desktop after referring 10 friends, the pro users are limited to three desktops. However, Degoo provides a great facility to its every user to view and download any file stored on his Degoo cloud account from unlimited devices. Yes, you can install Degoo on an unlimited number of desktops as well and view and download the backed up file from the mapped desktop or mobiles.

4) Mobile-Savvy

Degoo's mobile app is fantastic. Yes, they are.

You can instruct Degoo to upload the mobile data only when the mobile is being charged. This option drastically saves the mobile battery.

Also, you can instruct Degoo to upload your data only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi. This option saves your mobile data.

5) Auto upload

Degoo mobile app can automatically upload the photos in the photo folder of your mobile. All you have to do is instruct Degoo to do so.

Always have a backup of even your latest photos with Degoo.

Degoo Pros

1) Unlimited mobiles

No matter which plan you choose, Degoo is generous enough to let its users map unlimited mobiles to their account. Yes, no restrictions on the number of mobiles you can upload your data from. This comes handy for the people who switch their mobiles regularly but want to stay connected to their database.

2) Generous Free Storage Space

Degoo offers 100 GB of free storage space to its every user. Yes, that's more than sufficient to store a mobile's data.

3) Mobile apps

A mobile app is an add-on for any cloud storage service. And Degoo has that add-on for both the Android and iOS. Degoo's mobile apps are actually fantastic and full of features.

4) Referral Programs

Started in 2012, Degoo is a new entrant in the cloud storage industry. Thus, to expand its user base Degoo offers a referral program to its users. Referrals can provide desktop versions and storage space to the user. Degoo provides per referral 5 GB for free user and 10 GB for Pro user. The maximum a user can refer to is 100 referrals. Thus, an extra 500 GB for a free user and 1000 GB for Pro user.

5) File Compression

This feature is for the Ultimate users only. After Degoo uploads a photo of an Ultimate user, it compresses the local copy of that file which results in saved storage. This process is done automatically.

6) Encryption

Although detailed in the features section, its worth to mention that Degoo provides a very high level of security for its user's data.

Degoo Cons

1) No Linux Support

Linux machines are considered to have the best flexibility to deal with cyber attacks and malware. Thus, they are the preferred choice for savvy's not because Linux is free but because what they can do with Linux. Today, when there are hundreds of Linux distros available only an incompetent cloud storage service will not provide support for Linux.

Degoo falls under the category which does not provide support for Linux. This signature marks the incompetency of Degoo. Also, Degoo loses several Linux lovers each year.

2) Limited Storage

Degoo offers three plans to its users and the maximum storage it can provide is 10 TB. Although it provides unlimited desktops with the Ultimate account, but 10 TB may not be sufficient for enterprises who require the option of unlimited desktops.

3) No web interface

A desktop client and a mobile app is a good place to interact with the cloud data but a user feels limited with those. Absence of a web interface restricts the user to go to his desktop to interact with his own data. If in a situation where a user's mobile is unavailable, and he is away from his computer, he can't download his data instantly. He has to first download the desktop client then only he will be able to get his own data. It's good that at least Degoo offers to download data from any desktop using the client. But this can be a big issue for a user who does not have a permission to install the client.

4) No scheduling

Degoo offers a default automatic backup every 24 hours. Yes, you can not schedule your data as per your own timings and that is a huge limitation. All a user is offered is either to take backup immediately, or wait for that 24 hours threshold to be reached. It does not matter how good a backup service is, backups fail at times for some technical reasons. Thus, a user-defined scheduling is required to take backups.

5) No continuous backup

A continuous backup saves a user from any unannounced power failure or any mishaps like a hardware failure. If a cloud backup service provider provides a continuous backup, the current editing file is continuously backed up to the server. Thus, a file lost due to a power failure or a hardware failure can be restored up to the recent edit from the cloud.

Degoo, however, does not provide the continuous backup. Thus, an unannounced mishap can make even the Degoo Ultimate user lose his current editing file.

All the major cloud storage providers guard the current file. But Degoo leaves the current file unguarded, which is a huge setback.

6) No versioning

It happens to everyone that a major edit is done on a file and then weeks later it is realized that the edit was just a big mistake. A good cloud service is supposed to take care of such instances by providing a feature called versioning. A user can go to the cloud storage and find the version of the file before the mistake was made. Versioning lets a user roll over the big editing mistakes.

Every big player in the cloud storage industry offers versioning. But Degoo lacks this feature which makes it lag behind several service providers, at least in features.

Our Rating: 2.5/5

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Degoo Frequently Asked Quesitons

1) What is Degoo lock screen rewards?

Lock Screen Rewards by Degoo is a mobile app to earn some extra space for your Degoo account. By installing this app, Degoo lock screen will become the default screen lock for your mobile. For every 10 hours a user keeps this lock activated, he earns 500 MB of additional space on his Degoo cloud account. There is no limitation on how much space you can earn with this app. This app is available on Google Play Store.

2) Degoo upload speed is too slow?

By default, Degoo upload speed is slow. This is just to let your bandwidth and computer resources remain available for you. In case you are not working on the computer and want Degoo to upload with the maximum speed you can choose the Turbo mode.

To do so, while the files are being uploaded on the client interface, there is a Help option on the bottom of the interface. Clicking this Help option show the option to Enable Turbo Mode. Go ahead and click the turbo mode and your upload speed will increase drastically. As a word of caution, this option also utilizes the CPU to the maximum so use this option only when you are not planning to do any work on the computer.

3) Can I use Degoo on my Blackberry?

Yes, you can use Degoo on your blackberry as well. You can download the Degoo app for blackberry on the Amazon app store.

4) How can I upload files from Windows or Mac to Degoo?

First, install the Degoo client on the Windows or Mac computer, then follow the below procedure

i) Login to your Degoo account

ii) Go to My Files tab

iii) Click the Upload Button available on the bottom right

iv) Browse to the desired folder location

v) Select the folder and click Add folder to Backup

vi) Go to the Upload and Downloads tab to manage and monitor the progress

vii) Done

5) How can I upload files from Android to Degoo?

The Android app of Degoo allows a user to either upload by a category or by selecting specific files. These both procedures are described below

a) Upload by category

i) Open the Degoo app on your Android mobile

ii) Select the Menu button

iii) Select the Uploads option

iv) Enable the Categories that you want to upload

v) Upload progress is shown at the bottom of the screen

vi) Tap the status bar to bring the pause icon

vii) Done

b) Upload custom files and folders

i) Open the Degoo app on your Android mobile

ii) Select the Menu button

iii) Select uploads

iv) Select Upload files

v) Select files or tap-hold on desired folders

vi) Select Add after selecting the files and folders

vii) Upload progress is shown on the screen

viii) Done

6) How can I restore my files from Degoo on Windows and Mac?

You can view and download your data stored on Degoo account from any computer. First, install the Degoo client and login to your Degoo account. Then follow the below process to restore the data

i) Select My Files tab

ii) Select the files and folders you want to download. You can press Ctrl or Shift button for multiple file or folder selection.

iii) Click Download after making the file and folder selection

iv) Browse to the destination folder and click Select as Download location.

v) Go to the Uploads and Downloads tab to manage and monitor the progress

vi) Done

7) How can I restore my files from Degoo on Android mobile?

You can restore the files on the Android device by following the below procedure.

i) Select the Menu button

ii) Select Files from the list

iii) Select Devices

iv) Select the device whose data you want to download

v) Navigate to the files you want to download

vi) Long-tap the first file you want to download

vii) Select other files for download

viii) Press the download icon

ix) On the next screen change the download location if you wish to

x) Select the Download button

xi) Monitor the download progress through the status bar

xii) Done

8) How can I rename a file on Degoo cloud using Android app?

Degoo cloud file management functions only for the data uploaded from the current device. If you want to rename a file or folder which was uploaded from another Android device you need to use that mobile for this function.

To rename a file using Android app, follow the below procedure

i) Click the Menu icon

ii) Select files from the list

iii) Select Devices

iv) Select the first device, the bold-faced one. This is your current device.

v) Navigate to the file you want to rename.

vi) Long-tap the file.

vii) Select the options icon on the top right

viii) This will list the file management options

ix) Select Rename

x) Done

9) How can I create a folder on Degoo cloud using an Android device?

Degoo Android app only allows you to create folders to the cloud database of the current mobile only. If you wish to create a folder for any other mobile's database you need to perform the process from that phone only.

To add a folder on your current mobile's database on the cloud, follow the below procedure

i) Open the Degoo Android app

ii) Click Options icon

iii) From the drop-down select Files

iv) Select Devices

v) Select the first bold-faced device. This is your current device

vi) Navigate to the directory where you want to create a folder

vii) Click the arrow icon on the bottom right of the screen

viii) From the popped-up options select Create folder

ix) Enter the New folder's name

x) Click Create

xi) Done

10) How can I unlink an Android device?

If you want to free up space on your Degoo account or an Android device is simply not being used, you can unlink that mobile. Unlinking a mobile deletes all the data uploaded from that mobile. So, unlink only a device if its data is not to be used in the future. This action can not be undone, so make sure that you want to unlink that device.

To unlink an Android device, follow the below procedure

i) Open the Degoo app on your Android device

ii) Select the Menu option

iii) Select Files from the drop-down list

iv) Select devices

v) Your all the mapped devices will be shown

vi) Click the options icons on your desired device

vii) Click Unlink

viii) Select Yes to verify that you want to unlink and delete all the data of that device

ix) Done

11) How can I log into Degoo client as a different user?

As a default feature of Degoo client, once you log in, you can not logout. There is no feature to logout. The Logout feature has been intentionally kept absent to let the backup process run in the background without logging in every time. However, if a user needs to sign in as a different user, there is a workaround. The whole process is divided into three parts i.e. closing the Degoo, renaming the Degoo folder and reinstalling Degoo. These are detailed in the below procedure

i) Right-click the Degoo icon on the system tray

ii) Click Close

iii) Open windows explorer

iv) Go to C:Users%username%AppDataLocal

v) Rename Degoo folder to something else

vi) Now reinstall Degoo

vii) Once the installation finishes Degoo shows a login screen with an option to login as a different user

viii) You have only 5 seconds to click on Login as a different user

ix) If the 5 seconds are over and you have missed the train then delete C:Users%username%AppDataLocalDegoo

x) Reinstall Degoo

xi) After installation, you will get the interface to enter the login credentials

xii) Now you have logged in as a different user

xiii) To revert to the original user, close the Degoo client

xiv) Rename or delete the current Degoo folder

xv) Rename the original folder to Degoo

xvi) Launch Degoo

xvii) Done

12) Degoo client can't connect to the server?

Although Degoo has officially announced that they have fixed a bug which usually resulted in connectivity issues for the client. Thus, installing the latest version of Degoo will mostly solve the problem. You can also choose to update the client from the interface.

If you are still getting the connectivity error, then it must be your antivirus or the firewall. Degoo establishes an encrypted connection to its server. A firewall or the antivirus tries to decrypt the connection to understand the behind processes. If they fail, they drop the connection which results in a connectivity error. Whitelisting Degoo in your firewall and antivirus makes sure that the connection doesn't get dropped.

13) How can I uninstall Degoo on Windows?

If you no longer wish to use the Degoo cloud storage service, you can uninstall it by following the below procedure

i) Open the Control Panel

ii) Click Uninstall program

iii) Select Degoo

iv) Select Yes to make sure that you want to uninstall

v) On new window select Yes to make sure that you don't want to backup with Degoo

vi) On the new window, Degoo asks the reason and a chance to improvise, select Skip and continue with uninstall

vii) On the next screen, Degoo asks if you want to remove the Degoo settings too. Thus, if you do not want to reinstall Degoo, select Yes and let the uninstallation run.

viii) Done. Degoo is uninstalled.

14) How can I delete my Degoo account?

Before proceeding, you must understand that deleting the Degoo account also deletes all your backed up data from the Degoo cloud. This action can not be undone.

To delete your Degoo account login to delete Degoo account page and follow the instructions. This will delete your account and your data from Degoo.

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