DirecTV Packages, Features, And Prices

Entertainment through movies and TV shows has been on the rise for many years now and this year has marked the highest International consumption of visual media as all of us movie lovers were staying home doing nothing but going through TV channels over and over again.

At&t has this media consumption need of its customers in mind and they have the solution for this in the form of DirecTV. DirecTV is a satellite-based television service provided by At&t to residential customers in the US. They are one of the world’s largest providers of digital media and they have the best in class technology for this as well.

They broadcast satellite digital transmission to home consumers and they have a large number of programming options available. There are hundreds of HD channels available on the satellite, and you might think the service is similar to that of a subscription TV or private video service but the technology At&t is using differentiates it and makes At&t an advanced provider. 

They use a satellite dish, receiver, and decoder and in the end, you feed a DirecTV entertainment access card to start streaming your favorite channels. You can buy a DirecTV package and enjoy all the numerous channels and best quality streaming services. 

At&t not only has access to all the cable network local channels, movie channels but also gives you access to some of the best quality and premium channels in the US and not only that, but they also offer an international viewing service that no cable company is offering. 

DIRECTV Packages

The best of DirecTV can only be enjoyed and utilized when you get a DirecTV package from At&t. But don’t worry, their packages are packed with features and services that will cater to the needs of all the consumers and customers. 

Also keep in mind that bundles that we have explained before here, are a totally different thing and packages are not the same as bundles. In bundles, you can get a variety of services like internet, TV, telephone while the DirecTV packages that we are talking about here are custom tailored only for TV usage.

DirecTV has years of experience and consumer feedback and now they select only the best channels according to the feedback and experience they have. Currently, they are offering packages in English and Spanish languages and we have explained the details and offers of all the At&t DirecTV packages down below.

DIRECTV Base Packages – English

At&t is offering six English language DirecTV packages right now at different pricing and discounts. These packages have different perks and rates and do keep in mind that At&t has a 12-month promotional period where you get a different lees price of the package and the prices are then adjusted after 12 months to a new rate to new monthly fees.

Select Package

This is the most basic package for At&t DirecTV and this package offers more than 155 channels and you will get a Genie HD DVR that is accessible in four rooms of the house and you will get a limited trial of 46 movie channels. The promotional 12-month price of this package is $59.99/month while the regular price is $81/month. 

Entertainment Package

This one is a step up from your previous package and includes all the entertainment you want like sports channels, Disney channel, cartoon network, and 160+ channels in total. This package also gives you a 46 movie channels three-month trial and a Genie HD DVR four-room service where the promotional package price is $64.99/month while the original package price is $93/month.

Choice Package

Another step up from previous ones, this one will include everything that was included in previous packages like Genie HD DVR and movie channels trial but it will include 185+ channels in total along with an NFL Sunday ticket feature. The promotional price of the package is $69.99/month while the original price is $110/month. A regional sports fee also applies.

Xtra Package

A four-room genie HD DVR service, and movie channels trial along with 235 channels in total at very low price with similar NFL Sunday ticket feature as well. The promotional price of this package is $79.99/month and the original price is $124/month and also keep in mind that regional sports fee also applies in different markets.

Ultimate Package 

This package is also called Movie Lovers package where you not only get 250+ channels but also NFL Sunday ticket Max, Encore, Esquire network, and much more. Not only that, you will get all the previous package features like Genie HD DVR, DirecTV On Demand, and keep in mind the regional sports fee that applies in certain markets. The promotional price of the package is $84.99/month and the original price is $135/month.

Premier Package

This is the best and top of the line package from DirecTV where you will get 330+ channels, NFL Sunday ticket, all premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Disney and also all the features that are listed in the previous lower rate packages. The promotional price for this package is $14.99/month while the original price will be $189/month after 12 months.

DIRECTV Base Packages – Spanish

DirecTV offers four packages for the Spanish language. The details are below:


This is the value package for Spanish where you will get 125+ channels, in which 60 are Spanish channels and 60 are English channels. It will include all the famous channels like Nat Geo Mundo, Disney Channel, and many more. The price for this package $60/month.


This package comes with 200+ channels, where 80 are Spanish and 120 are English. The package price is $81/month.


This package comes with 235+ channels where 85 are Spanish and 150 are English channels. The price for this package is $104/month.


This is their most premium Spanish language channel that offers 350+ channels with HBO Latino, MAX Latino, Cinemax Latino, and all the premium channels. This has 110 Spanish language channels and the price for this package is $173/month.

So these are all the packages that At&t offers to consumers and keep in mind that you can customize these offers as well to add features and channels of your choice. Now At&t also offers you to have some add-ons to your packages as well where you can opt for International channels or At&t wireless bundles or you can add more languages like Korean, Vietnamese, and Filipino.

You can also add an additional sports package to your already subscribed package and that will add premium sports channels which will give you NBA League Pass etc.

So all in all, At&t DirecTV is a good satellite-based Television service option for US consumers..

You can also bundle the DirecTV with your Internet and Home Phone service and to know more about them you can access our articles here and here.

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