DirecTV Best Features

DirecTV is one of the best digital satellite service providers in the US, providing the best and reliable entertainment experience and movies-on-demand content to the local consumer. The service is provided by At&t and they also have their services available as the options of bundles of At&t internet, At&t TV, and At&t phone.

At&t as a company is leading the way for digital services in the country with their state of the art infrastructure, advanced and innovative technologies, and effective products and feature-set to provide the best to the consumer. DirecTV has some feature-set and services that are top class in the industry, so we have detailed some of the best features here for you.

DIRECTV Features

DirecTV has a highly competitive feature-set and they compete in the market with full control. Here are some of the most outstanding features from DirecTV:

DirecTV Everywhere

This feature as the name suggests will allow the users of DirecTV to watch it through their app or browser on any device or any screen they want to online. All you need is a strong internet service and a DirecTV subscription and you can easily watch and get instant access to Hollywood hit movies/films, on-demand shows, and even live TV channel of your choice. You will also have HD DVR storage available and can record previously watched shows and can watch again without even internet service. With a wifi connection, you can stream live TV on your smart phone or tablet.

DirecTV Cinema

This one is the best feature from DirecTV for movie lovers as watching new hit titles or premieres in theaters has become a little difficult this year. So having a cinema at home is a big yes, where you can watch Netflix or can select and order the new releases of any movie at anytime on any screen, even on your mobile device with a pay-per-view release. All the content you watch here will be 1080p HD quality so no compromises there as well to hinder your best viewing experience or your movie night.

DirecTV On-demand

With DirecTV on-demand you get instant access to all the real-time or previous TV shows or movies and you can rewind up to 72 hours of your live TV to catch your favorite shows. The best thing about this one is that even if you do not set up your DVR you can still access the content if you have an internet connection.

Whole-Home DVR

As the name suggests, this will enable HD DVR service on all the TVs in your house and you can schedule a recording on one TV and then can watch on the other TV unline the other DVR services.

Additional Features Available

There are many additional features that may seem very minor but these small features make a huge difference in the overall experience of the whole At&t DirecTV service. These features are:

  • TV Apps: Yes, all their TVs come with preloaded third-party apps that you can use if you have an internet connection, and then you will be able to access more premium and live content like the live weather channel or NFL network.
  • Sports: This one is for all the sports fans out there, in this feature you get all the premium sports channels through Genie HD DVR. 
  • Mix Channels: This one is quite fun where you will be able to watch eight channels spontaneously on one channel where you can watch multiple events and live streams at once.

So this is just to give you an idea of how feature-packed the whole At&t DirecTV service is, plus they always keep on adding new features through different packages. If you want to know more about current DirecTV packages and what they are offering with the fully updated price list, you can check our other article here

What Can You Watch With DIRECTV On Demand?

With DirecTV on-demand, you can actually watch anything available on the TV.

What are My DIRECTV Equipment Fees?

The equipment fee for DirecTV is $9.99 per month which is excluding all the other package fee or charges.

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