DirecTV vs AT&T TV: A Comparison

Choosing the ideal TV service for your household can be hectic work and you need to compare some of the best and market competitive products and select one that suits best to you. DirecTV is one of the best and leading TV service provider in the US, and so is the new AT&T TV.

You will get the best programming and pricing options along with many extra services on both of them. AT&T TV is relatively new in the market so here we have got you a small comparison of both the streaming giants in the US and how DirecTV and AT&T TV services compare so that it might be easier for you to choose the service that is best suited to your unique requirements.

AT&T DIRECTV vs AT&T TV – Table Comparison

TV Service FeaturesDirecTVAT&T
Technology usedSatelliteInternet
National coverageNationwideNationwide
Number of channelsUp to 330+ / HD 200+Up to 155+ / plus Local Channels
4K Ultra HDYesYes
3D HDYesYes
DVR equipmentGenie HD DVR® Included
Record up to 5 shows at once
500 hours of Cloud DVR
Unlimited simultaneous recording
HD storage (hours), standard DVR200 hours500 hours
StreamingUp to 5 simultaneous streamsUp to 3 concurrent streams
Activation fee$19.95$19.95
Agreement needed24 months24 months
Introductory priceFrom $49.99/moFrom $49.99/mo

Pricing Options

Of course, pricing is the one option that everybody has eyes on while comparing two of the best services. Both DirecTV and AT&T TV have a wide range of packages and all those available packages give you the best of the best while keeping the price to the lowest end. 

The basic package price for both companies start at $49.99 per month and then goes upward depending upon extra service and premium channels included in the package. We think this is where you should keep your eyes on and try to take the best offer possible with the lowest pricing. We should mention that bundling AT&T internet with either DirecTV or AT&T TV has extra benefits and rewards.

TV Service and Options

AT&T TV is internet based and offers advanced IP network service with high quality along with the whole AT&T ecosystem and you can get AT&T TV, AT&T high-speed internet (with fiber optic technology and Wi-Fi), and AT&T Wireless phone service, all of them together in a bundle. 

On the other hand, DirecTV is a satellite based TV service that provides more service at a more affordable rate with best in class quality. 


  • TV streaming and cloud DVR service.
  • AT&T TV has more than 230 HD TV channels and we see the list growing with each passing day.
  • If you have an internet connection, you can easily DVR your content from anywhere.
  • More than 40,000 on-demand titles.
  • More than 5000 apps including Netflix, Pandora, Disney+, etc.
  • You will get one free AT&T Over-the-top (OTT) device.
  • You can stream AT&T TV from anywhere and from any device like your smartphone, tablet, or computer as long as you have an internet connection.
  • You can easily schedule unlimited recordings to watch anytime, anywhere that too simultaneously. 


  • Watch DirecTV anywhere in the home on any device ( Also Check out How to Watch Dish Anywhere on Roku ) ( Also Check out How to Watch Dish Anywhere on Roku ).
  • 4K Ultra HD channels.
  • Get access to all the local and movie channels.
  • Special International programming.
  • Many packages to get you more than 200 high definition channels.
  • Many extra features like DirecTV Anywhere, Whole-Home DVR, DirecTV Cinema, and many mobile and TV apps.
  • With Genie DVR Whole-Home service, you can record on DVR storage on 4 different screens in the house at the same time.

Do keep in mind that both AT&T TV and DirecTV are provided by AT&T and are not technically competitors but to compliment each other in a way that they provide different services and packages to gather as much user base as possible on each side of the spectrum. 

Because each of these offerings under one company, you get a diverse number of options as customers and nobody misses out on anything and there is something in each price category for someone to like. 

Which is a better choice?

The answer to this question is very subjective and personal. These comparisons are here to help you make the best decision for yourself and only you can do so. We think the individuals who are more into sports, business, or international programming may find AT&T TV a little boring and includes not so many great options. 

On the other hand, DirecTV has all those above-mentioned programmings widely available. The next thing to look for as a consumer is the discounts of special offers provided by both services from time to time. From our perspective, both services are very reliable and with many pricing options, and are some of the most innovative and high-quality TV services available nowadays.

We recommend that you first make sure of the availability of your selected service in your area and location, there will not be many problems as both AT&T TV and DirecTV are available nationwide. All you need to do is to go to the AT&T website and enter your complete address there to check for the service availability. 

Then you will be prompted to choose from AT&T TV and DirecTV, Digital Home Phone, Internet, so select the service you want to check the availability for. Next, all you need is to carefully check every detail that is attached. 

Is AT&T TV replacing DirecTV?

Actually, both are very different services, and the area targeted at a different audience so that AT&T may be able to catch a bigger audience by providing services for more people and cater to the needs of more households. So AT&T TV will not be replacing DirecTV, they will both work in their own domains and will remain available to the general public.

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