DISH Flex Plan | Everything you Wanted to Know About

Are you searching for a flexible DISH Network package? No worries… you have just stumbled on your destination. Today, we’ll share one of the most popular and flexible packages of the DISH Network i.e. DISH Flex plan. The DISH Flex pack offers the flexibility to add your own set of channels and packages besides the default provided ones.

The satellite TV operators often announce various deals, discounts and promotions to allure the leads and convert them into their customers. However, today, such tricks don’t last long, as consumers have many options to choose from and usually the one providing the best quality along with the deals and promotion wins the race.

DISH Network has always been ahead of the pack due to the implementation of the latest hardware and software technology along with extraordinary customer support and awesome deals. To back the statement, we have JD Power’s TOP rating given to DISH Network for 3 (three) years in a row, for customer support.

DISH Network definitely seems to go the extra mile to serve its consumers.


DISH Network Flex Pack

dish flex plan

DISH has 4 regular packs viz. America’s Top 120, America’s Top 120 plus, America’s 200, America’s Top 250.

Apart from these regular packs, DISH offers a flexible pack as well, called the DISH Flex pack. This pack is offered at $59.99/mo.

By default, this consists of 50 channels and DISH offers the flexibility to add more channels and packages as per the customer’s need. The cost of additional packs will be added to the monthly bill of $59.99.


Additional Packs of DISH Flex Package

Let’s have a look at the additional packs of the DISH Flex Package


Local Pack

The Local pack is sold at $12/mo and offered as per availability in the area. CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC are some of the popular channels of this Local pack.


Variety Pack

The variety pack is offered at $6/mo and consists of 6 channels viz.

  1. Bravo
  2. Crime & Investigation Network
  3. Investigation Discovery
  4. Freeform
  5. Black Entertainment Channel (BET)
  6. Lifetime Movie Network (LMN)


Kids Pack

The Kids pack is offered at $10/mo and consist of 8 channels viz.

  1. Baby TV
  2. Boomerang
  3. Animal Planet
  4. Disney Channel
  5. Disney Junior
  6. Disney XD
  7. Nick Jr.
  8. Nicktoons


National Action Pack

The National Action Pack is offered at $12/mo and has 9 channels viz.

  1. Crime & Investigation
  2. AXS TV
  3. Motor Trend
  4. ESPN
  5. ESPN 2
  6. Fox Sports 1
  7. 4K
  8. TV Games Network
  9. TV Games Network 2


News Pack

The News pack is offered at $10/mo and has 7 channels viz

  1. Bloomberg Television
  2. Weather Channel
  3. FOX News Channel
  4. CNBC
  5. FOX Business Network
  6. MSNBC
  7. BBC World News


Stars & Stripes Pack

The Stars & Stripes package pack is offered at $10/mo and has 8 channels viz

  1. Crime & Investigation
  2. Cowboy Channel
  3. Reelz
  4. getTV
  5. Destination America
  6. American Heroes Channel
  7. Smithsonian Channel
  8. STARZ Encore Westerns


Heartland Pack

The Heartland pack is offered at $6/mo and has 12 channels viz

  1. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  2. The Cowboy Channel
  3. Ride TV
  4. Hallmark Drama
  5. OWN
  6. UPtv
  7. Game Show Network
  8. PixL
  9. Baby TV
  10. Discovery Family
  11. RFD-TV
  12. Hallmark Channel


Outdoor Pack

The Outdoor pack is offered at $4/mo and has 4 channels viz

  1. Sportsman Channel
  2. Outdoor Channel
  3. World Fishing Network
  4. Outside TV


Regional Action Pack

The Regional pack is offered at $12/mo and has 8+ channels viz.

  1. Pac-12 Network
  2. ACC Network 
  3. Big Ten Network
  4. Longhorn Network
  5. World Fishing Network
  6. Outside TV
  7. FOX Sports 2
  8. SEC Network

Besides the above 8, you also get the regional sports network


Sirius XM Pack

The Sirius XM pack is offered at $6/mo and features 70+ music channels. Some of the popular ones are

  1. Vinyl
  2. Hits 1
  3. The Pulse
  4. The Bridge
  5. The Highway
  6. Pop2K
  7. Prime Country
  8. 60s on 6
  9. 70s on 7
  10. 80s on 8
  11. 90s on 9


Premium & Add-on Channels

DISH also offers premium and add-on channels with the Flex Pack. These channels and their costs are

  1. Showtime – $10/mo
  2. Starz – $10/mo
  3. Starz ENCORE – $6/mo
  4. DISH Movie Pack – $10/mo
  5. EPIX – $7/mo
  6. FOX Soccer Plus – $15/mo
  7. Latino Bonus Pack – $10/mo



DISH Network offers 4 regular packages to its consumers. Besides these regular packages, DISH offers a Flex package as well. This package gives the flexibility to the customers to add various packages as per their taste. DISH offers the Flex package at $59.99/mo