Dish Latino Packages, Features Explained

As we have explained about Dish Network and how they have retained their subscribers base in America by providing new options and channels with up to date deals and offers to their subscribers. Dish TV is a satellite base live and on-demand content streaming service, and due to no cable television network, it offers more high-quality TV experience and channels. 

As Español population is the second biggest in America and we have big numbers of Spanish Language viewers, and almost all the Live TV and streaming service providers offer exclusive Spanish packages to cater to the needs of their Spanish viewer population.


Dish TV offers Dish Latino along with its English Channel Packages for its Spanish, Latin America, or Mexican viewers and here we have explained all of their Dishlatino packages, offers, and features for you.

They have a total of five Dish Latino packages but that is not all and they have some add-on channel packages as well in Dish Latino where subscribers can add more packs and services to their subscriptions. So let’s get into the details of all these Dishlatino packages and add-ons.

DISH TV Latino Packages

As mentioned above, there are a total of five packages for Español or Dish Latino viewers as:

DishLATINO Básico

The most basic package for the Spanish language from Dish Network is DishLATINO Básico, with only 50 channels included in the package with 30 Spanish and 20 English channels. If you do not have much use of English TV programming in your household then it might be a good option as it has a very limited range of English channels and español channels are limited as well. The price for this package is $39.99/month.

DishLATINO Clasico

The second package that we get after the basic one is this Clasico package which is somewhat reasonable and you get plenty of options and choices in terms of Spanish and English channels. It gives you 180 channels for $41.99/month. Once you subscribe to this package you also get the option to add more local channels to your package without any additional charges. 

The channel packages include 45 Spanish Language channels, including the big Telemundo network of general news and entertainment in the Spanish language, CineLatino for movies, ESPN Deportes for Spanish sports, and a total of 70 SiriusXM channels for all the music entertainment in Spanish. And it also has all the basic English language channels.


Next package on the list of DishLatino Plus, which includes a total of 190 channels for a monthly fee of $46.99. The basic channel lineup for the Spanish language remains the same as what we have mentioned in the above Clasico package like the Telemundo network plus a few new channels are added to this one. The new channels include the Syfy channel, Nick Jr., Antena Tres Internacional, and Nuestra Tele. Now, this package will work best as a basic family package because it the most balanced package with channels including entertainment for kids, premium movie channels, and something for each member of the household.


Till now, we have seen packages with bad and good Spanish language channel inventory but English channels have always been ignored in these Latino packages until now. This DishLatino Dos package is basically the same package in terms of Spanish channels as that of the above Plus package but it adds a considerably good amount and quality of English channels to the Plus package, like Disney Plus, Foor Network, Animal Planet, and Discovery.

These are just some good channels mentioned here, there are many more good English channels added to this package. The package gives you a total of 225 channels at a rate of $64.99/month.


The best, most premium, and most comprehensive Dish Latino TV package are this DishLatino Max, which offers all the channels and features of all the previously mentioned packages along with 60+ Spanish language channels including all the top-rated channels from Latin America. 

The channels included are Discovery en Español, Telemundo, Disney, Univision, CNN en Español, all the Dish music channels, FOC Deportes, and a total of 270+ channels. The price of this package is $79.99/month. 

Add-on Latino Packages

Now all the packages that we have explained above are basic TV packages for the Spanish language, and as we have mentioned before, they have some add-on services as well where the current Dish contract owners or subscribers can add more channels of packs. 

Latino Bonus Pack

Just like a starter basic package, this one serves the basics of a starter add-on which adds a new array of Spanish channels to any of your existing packages. It will give you 34 new Spanish language channels for $10 per month. If you have a basic Dish Latino then you will be adding channels like Telemundo, Discovery Familia, History en Español and Disney XD.

Colombian Pack

As the name suggests, this add-on pack will add all the best Colombian channels to your package for just $2 per month extra. The pack will get you all the best Colombian live and news channels like Caracol TV and Nuestra Tele, plus many entertainment channels as well.

México Pack

This add-on pack will add a total of 13 new Mexican channels to your already subscribed Dish Latino package at $5 per month extra. These new channels include AZ Cinema, AZ Corazon, El Financiero, Teleritmo, and Mexicanal.


This add-on is a special treat for Southamerican viewers from Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, and Bolivia. A total of 12 new channels will be added to your already subscribed Dish Latino package but this add-on requires an internet-connected Hopper.

República Dominicana

This add-on will add the best and most popular channels from the Dominican Republic to your package for $5/month. The channels include all the popular live news and entertainment options like Telemicro Internacional, and TV Qisqueya. 

Spanish Speakers Rejoice

The final add-on for Dish Latino is this Spanish Speakers Rejoice and it is the best and top-class add-on. It will include a huge variety of both English and Spanish language channels.

So these are all the Spanish Language packages and add-ons that you can get with a Dish TV Latino subscription. If you want to know more about Dish TV Anywhere, which is a mobile app with all the Dish TV digital services, you can check that article here.

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