DISH TV International Packages

Channel offerings are a big part of the whole package and experience that broadcasting companies provide to their customers and the whole viewing experience depends on it. That is why all the national and international digital broadcasting companies try to implement more and more advanced technology and do equipment upgrades, the addition of extra tech as well as add more local channels, premium channels, and international programmings to provide the best viewing experience and deals to their customers.

Dish International TV

DISH Network L L C has a huge broadcasting network and they have Dish International package that includes many International channels from Dish satellite TV, we bring this detailed article for you on all the deals and current offers from Dish network L L C in terms of international programming and international tv channels.

They are the best in the budget satellite tv segment with affordable prices and therefore some might think that they have a limited number of channels or variety available but that has changed recently as we saw a big expansion in their catalog and they are back in business giving competition to other companies with the addition of on-demand movie rentals on their huge movie catalog as well as new international packages.

Here are the summaries of all their international packages:

The Starting Packages

As the name suggests, these are some of the International basic packages for viewers to add flavor to their programmings by adding basic international channels to their programs. Keep in mind that you cannot subscribe to any international package from Dish as it is not a standalone service and you need a core tv package to subscribe to an international package. 

Now in order to get any of these starting packages, first you must have a subscription to the core dish tv package and after that, you can add Dishlatino, Chinese basic, or International basic for a monthly price of $15. There are channels from all categories, like movies, sports, and news, and has something for everyone. 

These packages will only add English language channels from around the world along with local channels like basic Dishlatino will add English channels from Latin countries, Chinese basic will add east Asian English language channels to your base package. 

Arabic Language Packages

In the Arabic language category, Dish satellite tv has a lot to offer like Arabic music, Arabic videos on-demand, on-demand movie rental, and devotional channels. The best and most premium Arabic language package is the Arabic Elite Super Pack.

This super pack includes dozens of Arabic language channels like Al Jazeera and BBC Arabic to all the live sports and TV Shows.

East Asian Language Packages

Dish has a total of six East Asian countries from where they offer same-day broadcast and tv channels, these packages are:

  • There is one package for Japanese viewers with three channels, Family Gekiyo, Bloomberg Television, and MLB Network channel.
  • The Vietnamese viewers have My Viet Pack that includes TVB VietNam.
  • Cantonese viewers have three packages: Jadeworld Package, Gem Pack, and Cantonese NowTV Pack. 
  • Filipino viewers have the GMA Pinoy Pack that includes music from DWLS and DZBB while also airing Filipino dramas on GMA.
  • Taiwanese package gives you programming from China and Taiwan with 17 channels included in the package with programmings from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with all categories except the premium movie channels.
  • For Chinese viewers, there is a basic Chinese package but along with that, there is a range of other packages including Mandarin Great Wall Pack, Drama Pack, Family Pack, Elite Pack, Phoenix Pack.

South Asian Language Packages

South Asian communities are mostly from India and Bangladesh so most of the Dish International South Asian packages are focused on those regions offering packaged in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu languages.

  • The Hindi packages are very diverse in all the south Asian packages. These packages are Hindi Movie Pack, Hindi Mega Pack, Hindi Elite Pack, Hindi Premium Pack.
  • The Bangla pack has most of the Bengali and Bangla programmings along with some popular Indian channels as well.

Pan-African Packages

For the African community, there is one package called Pan-African Bouquet that includes most of the popular Pan-African channels and content like Afrotainment and some music channels from African Artists and some French language channels as well.

European Language Packages

The European packages offer various languages and options with Dish International which are:

  • German languages package is called the German Mega Pack which includes some channels with German music and movies with major European news and politics channels.
  • Portuguese Luso pack is for Portuguese viewers which includes all the top news channels with some sports programmings. 
  • French Bouquet pack has all the popular French news, music, movies, entertainment along with Tivi5 Monde and kids’ programmings.
  • The Polish Super Pack is for Polish viewers that has popular Polish programmings.
  • There is a complete lineup for Spanish viewers with the DishLatino package, we have discussed DishLatino in detail here.

Israeli Packages

There are three packages for Israeli or Hebrew viewers with breaking news, sports, and general entertainment content. The packages are The Israeli Network, International World Package, and International New Package.

Does Dish Network have a bundle package?

Yes, Dish offers many bundled packages that add lots of discounts to the original prices. You can even bundle your favorite packages together when you are ordering Dish services.

How can I watch international TV channels?

If you want to watch international TV from your Dish Tv, you can order and add-on to your basic tv package from Dish ( Also Check out How to Watch Dish Anywhere on Roku ) ( Also Check out How to Watch Dish Anywhere on Roku ). We have explained all their International package in the above article.

Does DISH Network offer senior discounts?

Yes, there is a military veteran discount offered by Dish.

Is dish or DirecTV better?

This is a very subjective question, both services and providers are doing a great job at what they are offering and we have covered their services in detail here and here, so you can check them out and decide for yourself.

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