Dish TV Services: Everything You Need to Know

As we are seeing a rise in the newer entertainment companies and as the competition is getting stronger, it is becoming difficult for small companies to stay profitable, but there are some exceptions and we are seeing some of them are still going at it and growing stronger due to their loyal customer base and good marketing plus services.

Dish TV or Dish Network is one of those digital service providers who is going strong in the American household with their good packages Internet bundles, Dish bundles, High-Speed Internet Plans, and many more options. Here we have you covered on the basics of the Dish Network and their services and will redirect you to our more extensive guide on each individual service if you plan to get one.

What is DISH TV?

Quite simple just like the name, Dish TV is a satellite-based television service provider. But don’t worry that doesn’t really mean those huge and ugly dishes on your rooftop, Dish network has made huge progress in this department and so the new and modern dish receiving antennas are very compact and can easily be mounted just like anything behind your TV.

Then all you need is a Set-top-box with a viewing card installed which can be done by a technician and you are good to go. Here the question arises, why would someone want to use Dish TV or any other TV service that is satellite-based in this era of Internet services.

This is because satellite services and their subscribers can have access to way more channels, all the channels that have a contract with the company. With Dish TV, you will be able to access more than 700 channels in total in standard and premium channels subscription. 

Features of DISH Satellite TV Service

So here are all the offerings from Dish TV, we have briefed them all here and have linked out to our more extensive guides so that you find your favorite offerings, options, and plans from Dish network, plus keep in mind that the availability of all these services depends on the area:

DISH TV Packages

Dish TV offers America’s top class packages, and all packages from Dish TV come with a 2-year price guarantee. Dish TV also offers an HD DVR option with Hopper Duo smart and is also compatible with Pandora, Netflix, and YouTube premium. And in total it has more than 28000 video-on-demand titles and thousands of movies from all the major streaming services. 

Their most basic package gives you 190 channels for $59.99 including all the popular channels like ESPN, FX, AMC, Comedy Central, CNN, and premium sports channels, and this package is called America’s Top 120.

Here are all the other packages:

  • America’s Top 120 Plus
  • America’s Top 200
  • America’s Top 250
  • Dish Outdoor Packages
  • Dish Latino

DISH TV International Packages

With such an extensive local channels library, Dish also has one of the largest international channels libraries with lots of good package plans. The Dish is offering 270 international channels in 28 languages, ranging from south Asian to middle easter to European to east Asian to South American. 

We have all of these international packages explained in a detailed article here. These packages are:

  • Arabic Language Packages
  • Pan-African Packages
  • East Asian Language Packages
  • South Asian Language Packages
  • European Language Packages
  • Israeli Packages
  • Dish Latino

The company is actively making efforts to provide the best experience to their US customers so that they can have the best programming from all over the world. And their international packages provide the best of each region consistently all over the world.

DISH Anywhere

As internet streaming is taking over the entertainment industry by storm, and Dish is always changing and improving themselves with time, they have their own live-streaming app called Dish Anywhere. This app allows you to watch thousands of movies and TV shows right on your computer or smartphone or tablet instantly, at any time.

You can access all of these dish services with or through their smart app. We have described everything about the dish anywhere app in our detailed guide here.

DISH Fiber

High-Speed Internet Plan from Dish TV is called Dish Fiber, they have laid out fiber optic cable network in a very short time and now they are the providers of one of the best and fastest fiber optic internet. This is a bulk internet solution for multifamily communities. 

DISH TV Equipment

Oh the equipment area is top notch and this really shows the quality Dish Network is committed to provide. They have had decoder box, DVR combo, and the hopper. And due to progressive nature of the company, these equipment have gone through many iterations and now they have the most advanced kit of equipment in the market. 

Sling TV

Dish started Sling TV back in 2015 and now it operates as a standalone live streaming television service. It has two basic packages, Orange and Blue starting at $20 per month. Sling TV is also compatible with all the streaming devices like iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon Fire devices.

Does Dish Network have TV and Internet bundles?

Yes, Dish network has you covered in all departments of digital services and provides the industry best TV and internet bundles.

Does Dish offer satellite Internet?

No, internet provided by satellite would be very slow. Dish provides internet through fiber-optic cable with their extensive and thoroughly laid out fiber-optic cable network. 

Does DISH Network offer senior discounts?

Yes, there are many discounts with Dish network. They offer discounts like senior citizen discounts and veteran discounts.

Is Netflix free with Dish Network?

If you are subscribed to the Dish premium TV packages through Dish Anywhere, you can have on-demand programming from many online streaming services and Netflix is one of those services.

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