Dropbox Review, Pricing & Coupon Codes

Dropbox Review

Finding a reasonable storage space on local drives and even external drives is quite tough these days. And sharing them with your peers, colleagues, and subordinate is even more difficult. You cannot always keep these drives with you. Well thanks to technology, you don’t have to. Cloud storage company Dropbox is an amazing platform that allow you to keep your valuable data online making file sharing a less complex. Cloud storage does not only provide online storage space for you but also ensure safety and protection of your valuable files. This means that you can keep and share your important data on cloud storage without any worry.

But there is a plethora of cloud storage platforms available online, which one should you trust? Dropbox is one amazing cloud storage platform giving you amazing features and in astonishingly reasonable price.


Dropbox is considered one of the best cloud storage and file sharing platform today with its amazing services. It is an American file hosting service having headquarters in San Francisco, California. Dropbox surfaced in the market in 2007 and till now it has gained more than 50 million users securing the second spot in the best cloud storage platform list while Google Drive maintained its first spot having more than 1 billion users. Although the competition is hard enough, yet it has managed to maintain its position as the second best cloud storage service.

Dropbox couldn’t beat Google Drive because it lacks some very important features like the zero-knowledge encryption. Moreover, it has also undergone a major breach in 2012 degrading its position as compared to Google Drive. Other than that, it is an amazing cloud storage service with perfect features like ease of use, availability of desktop, mobile and web versions, integration with Office online and an amazing native note taking app.

It may not be as competitive in terms of pricing as the other cloud storage platforms but still its feature set worth the investment. You will see a detailed review of Dropbox, including the pros and cons of this service, its features, and its pricing. Moreover, this service is also given reviews and ratings so that you can decide whether it is worth the investment or not. In the end, the frequently asked questions are listed in case you have any query regarding this service. So let’s dive into it.

Pros & Cons of Dropbox

Below are listed the pros and cons of this cloud storage platform:


1. Provides Dropbox Paper service

2. Smart sync

3. Fast sync

4. File versioning

5. Ideal OS support

6. Office Online integration

7. Smooth file sync

8. Integration with various apps

9. Action history can be viewed

10. Amazing feature set for Pro users


1. No zero-knowledge encryption

2. Expensive

3. Unreliable free version

4. Could offer more privacy and security

Features of Dropbox

Below are listed some of the amazing features of this service:

1. Store & Access Files, Anytime, Anywhere

With Dropbox, you can store all your important files at a single place and can access them with ease and comfort. No matter whether you are working on your computer, laptop or tablet, you can bring all your files at one platform. The changes you make on any device is synced automatically across all your devices and you can continue working without any hassle.

2. File Sharing

It also offer you easy file sharing feature, which means you cannot only store your files online but can share it with your peers as well. Even if your peers don’t have a Dropbox account, they can still access the file you shared with them. The features that file sharing provides include file link sharing, folder sharing, upload links, links expiry dates, folder permissions, and link passwords. For file sharing, you need to set permissions of each user you are assigning access to. You can share links directly by copying and pasting or sending them via email. You also have the ability to protect your links by setting expiry date, using a link password, disabling downloads, etc. One amazing facility of Dropbox is that the files are automatically synced so you and your peers can stay on the same page.

3. File Syncing

It has an amazing sync feature which allow you to sync the files and folders that you choose. In order to do that, you need to place the file or folder that you want to sync in the sync folder which is then automatically synced to cloud and the connected devices giving you a single updated copy of your file at all times and at all places. In fact, Dropbox is the one who invested the sync model that even competitors are using today. The features that file syncing provides include selective syncing, older syncing, block level syncing, and bandwidth management.

4. Dropbox Paper

In Dropbox, you can create your very own collaborative workspace where you and your team and collaborate to form a piece of work. It is not like an ordinary workspace but an advanced version of that. You can work with videos, images, links, Pinterest boards and even codes to finalize your project. To put it in simple words, it is a document editing service which is shared by you and your team members so you can work together while being at remote places.

5. Dropbox Showcase

This feature allow you to package your work beautifully so that you can share it with your clients and subordinates. It gives you an opportunity to impress your boss with something unique. With the Dropbox Showcase, you can keep an eye on who has seen what and can track the progress of your work, all with this single feature.

6. Dropbox Business

You can even manage your team using this amazing feature known as “Dropbox Business”. With this feature, you can organize the files and folders of your company, track team activity and can even secure the access to shared data with team members. In short, team management is made easy with this feature.

7. App Connection

With its amazing Online Office collaboration, you can work on your favorite platform while share it using the Dropbox features. With this amazing feature, you can keep working on your favorite apps and tools as Dropbox is integrated with them.

8. Security

It ensure security of your data by giving you control over who can access your files. You can delete the files if you lost your device or recover it when needed. Moreover, it offers data encryption along with transmitted data encryption with the highly secure encryption protocol (AES 256-bit). It also offers two-factor authentication and a US based server location. It uses TLS protocol to prevent attacks like man-in-the-middle. Moreover, data at rest and in-transit are both protected as well.

9. Free Trial for Beginners

It offers free trial for beginners which means you can enjoy all the Dropbox Professional features for up to 14 days without spending any penny. But after the expiration of the free trial, you have to pay the subscription free to keep getting its services. However, Dropbox does offer free off-site file storage and sharing options which does not include professional services but the basic features.

10. Ease of Use

This platform is known for its simple and easy to use interface which adds even more to its value. It offers a good user experience with an ability to interact using the desktop, mobile or web app. You can simply access the desktop version of Dropbox using the system tray icon. With this icon, you can open its web app, its sync folder and Dropbox Paper. Moreover, you can view your recent files and notification from this system tray icon. If you need to change the settings, you can click the settings icon to open the preferences. Everything is displayed using symbols and icons making the desktop app quite easy to use.

Similarly, you can use the menus on the web app to navigate between Showcase, Paper, your homepage and your files. You can see your files in the form of a list or grid. With the easy drag and drop facility, click on the icons and right-clicking options, web app is made quite simple for the users.

Same goes with the mobile app. It is pretty simple and straightforward and lets you automatically backup your gallery. You can also share and save your photos and videos from mobile for offline access.

11. Speed

Mainly the uploading and downloading speed of Dropbox depends upon the quality of your internet connection plus your proximity to the Dropbox servers. Dropbox has its servers in U.S. According to various experiments done by cloudwards.net in Serbia, its uploading and downloading speed was quite great with an average of 6 megabits per second uploading speed and 100Mbps downloading speed. The time taken by uploading was around 28 minutes for a 1GB file and around 3 minutes for downloading.

Thanks to the block-level sync feature, the uploading speed is much less if a part of the file is already uploaded. Only the new and modified parts will be uploaded, not the whole file.

12. Privacy

This platform has no availability of zero-knowledge encryption which means poor privacy. Its servers are based in US so it has to adhere to the state laws. The laws like CLOUD and USA Patriot Act may breach users’ privacy. Moreover, because of its connection with the PRISM project, it has its history with it as well. In its Privacy Policy, Dropbox hasn’t mentioned about the General Data Protection Regulation. It says that it complies with GDPR but it isn’t mentioned in their privacy policy.

13. Excellent Customer Service

Dropbox team offers an excellent customer service to its users. You can directly consult the help center and read the articles to find about the problem you are having or you can ask your own question in the forum if you didn’t find an answer to your question in the help center. If you are using a Basic or Plus account, you can also send an email to contact support. Moreover, you can also contact the technical support on Twitter as well.


This service is not very competitive when it comes to pricing. Its plan starts from $8.25 for a 1000GB package of one month for a year. The pricing details of the Dropbox packages are listed below.

Dropbox Review, Pricing & Coupon Codes 1
Pricing details (Pic Courtesy: cloudwards.net)

In the Plus Plan, you have to pay $9.99 each month or $99 per year in which you will get 1TB of storage space, Microsoft Office 365 integration, standard cloud storage features, version history of a month and email support.

If you plan to go with the Professional package, you have to pay $16.58 per month or $198.96 per year to get 2TB of storage space, extended version history, access to chat support, Dropbox Showcase and smart sync features and shared link controls.

Standard and Advanced plans are made specifically for teams. In the Standard plan, each user is given a shared storage space of 3TB with the features of advanced transfer tool, a team folder, HIPPA compliance and a centralized billing option in $15 per month or $150 per year for each user.

The Advanced plan give each user an unlimited storage space with the advanced team features like administrator roles, phone support, single sign-on and log editing in $25 per month or $240 per year for each user.

Before subscribing to any of the subscription plans, you can use up to 2GB of free storage space on Dropbox to test its service but you won’t be getting the professional features in the trial version.

Review & Rating

The rating of this file storage and sharing service is as under:

  • Ease of use (92%)
  • Features (92%)
  • Pricing (60%)
  • Security (68%)
  • File syncing and sharing (90%)
  • Customer Service (87%)
  • Speed (83%)
  • Privacy (58%)

Review Video

Here is the review video for the service:

Dropbox Review Video

Coupon Codes

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People have asked a lot of questions regarding Dropbox and its services. Here are a frequently asked questions that you may find helpful:

What Dropbox do?

Ans. A desktop version of Dropbox is simply like a folder on your computer except that the files you put on that folder is automatically saved on the cloud and synced online to all the devices signed in with the same account. Dropbox keep your files synced at all your devices at all times.

What is Dropbox Paper?

Ans. Dropbox paper is actually a document editing service by the company using which you can collaboratively work with your team mates to create a single document. It gives you a unified platform where you and your team can work together on a same file.

What is Smart Sync feature?

Ans. The smart sync feature of Dropbox makes use of block-level sync to upload only the parts of the files that are modified, not only the whole file which is already uploaded. This speeds up the syncing and uploading process.

Where Dropbox files are stored?

Ans. Dropbox files and folders are stored locally on your hard drive. Only the files that you choose to save online is uploaded and saved on the cloud servers. This is known as Selective Sync.

Where is admin console in Dropbox?

Ans. Admin Console is a feature of Dropbox Business. In order to see your admin console, you need to login to your account at dropbox.com and then click on the admin console in the left sidebar.

Which Dropbox app is free?

Ans. You can get a free trial of 30 days for Dropbox Plus in which you will get a 2TB of storage space and a smart sync feature.


Dropbox is an amazing service for file storage and sharing with some pretty great features and easy to use interface. Although it doesn’t live up to the price factor as compared to its competitors but due to its features it has maintained its spot in the cloud storage and sharing service. Its amazing features like Paper and Showcase make it unique from the similar services. Although it does lack at some points in security and privacy which can be improved, its speed and good customer service beats the competition. Google Drive still remain to be on top because of its features, pricing, security and privacy. Moreover, Google is already known for its ease of use. The overall rating for Dropbox will be 88% which is considered good enough if you want to invest in it.


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