AT&T Services – Frequently Asked Questions

A common consumer has knowledge about traditional TV or phone service but the industry is changing so very rapidly with each passing day and we are seeing revolutionized ways of consuming data and entertainment. 

High-speed fiber internet is also a very necessary piece of this puzzle. Due to increased demands of high-speed internet and changing industry standards, At&t has introduced many smart and advanced technologies like At&t Fiber internet, At&t TV, and At&t phone services. 

Due to these new additions in the At&t services, you must have many questions on their usability or their functionality, well this article is all about your frequently asked questions from you regarding At&t Internet, At&T TV, At&t Phone and DirecTV.

AT&T Services FAQs

At&t offers a range of digital services to its US customers. These services include At&t TV, phone, internet, VoIP etc. Customers often have questions regarding one or multiple of these services. Below I have tried to answer all the frequently asked questions about these services.

AT&T General Questions

How to Pay At&t Bill?

There are quite a few options to pay any of your At&t service bills and these are:

  • You can pay your At&t bill directly through your bank account using your debit or credit card, from a checking or savings account, or through a promotional gift card from At&t. There is an option to choose paper billing or paperless billing and all these services are free to use through the At&t website. These services will not cost you anything from At&t but there can be additional fees or service charges on transactions from your bank account so keep that in mind. You can pay for any of your bills by going to the At&t website, logging in, and selecting the ‘Make a Payment’ option. Or you can use the fast payment option and you won’t have to log in but will only need your active At&t phone number or account number. You can use your MasterCard, Visa, American Express Card to pay for the bill online.
  • There is another option to pay the At&t bill and that is AutoPay. This is similar to the previous process but in this one, you will allow At&t to use your bank account or your debit or credit card to pay for your monthly bill automatically each month. You can set this AutoPay from the At&t website by logging in and selecting the option of AytoPay.
  • Another way to pay your bill is through your smartphone. You can use the myAt&t app on your smartphone and pay the bill exact same way as you would from their website. You can also call them by dialing *PAY(*729). Then press 1 for your bank account and 2 for credit or debit card and then insert your payment info and you are good to go. Your payment will be verified and you will get a confirmation number.
  • You can also opt for At&t Text-2-Pay service where you will get a text message from At&t 6 days before the due date for the due balance on your account and you only have to reply to the message and your payment will be deducted from the account you have set up for this service.
  • There is also a bill-paying service called eBill through your financial institution, where you can pay your bill through your credit union or your bank.
  • You can opt for the At&t mail service for the payment of your bills. You will get a paper bill at your mailing address and you can pay the bill and return the first page of the bill to At&t and for wireless, you have to go to the At&t website and check for the correct mailing address by putting your zip code in.
  • You can also opt for an in-person bill payment service where you will have to go to At&t authorized payment locations to pay your bill. Now in order to find the authorized payment location near you, go to the At&t U-verse Central website > Accounts > Payments > Ways to Pay. You will get a bunch of payment locations near you with their address, names, and hours of operation. Keep in mind that credit card payments are not accepted on these in-person billing locations and you have to go with photo ID proof to ensure that it is your account you are paying for.

How to Redeem Rewards Online?

This is a simple process, you just have to go to the At&t Rewards center website and enter your redemption ID in the reward center box, the ID will be given on your reward notification letter below point number 2. You might also be asked to put your account number depending on your service, so do so and your reward will be redeemed online.

How to put At&t Services on hold?

There can be many users who might want to go somewhere on a family trip or they have traveling kind of business, in this case, you might want to hold your services while you are not at home. Well, At&t provides a few types of service suspension options like, if you are on a military deployment somewhere else, or on a disaster relief team or you have a vacation or any family stuff out of the city. 

You will be able to requests this hold if you have been using At&t services for at least 30 days and also keep in mind that the At&t service hold will also have monthly charges.


What are the At&t TV options?

First, At&t offers you a language option and you can choose one of two plans, English TV or Spanish TV. English TV has 4 packages to choose from which are: 

  • Entertainment
  • Choice
  • Xtra
  • Ultimate

While Spanish TV has only one package called ÓPTIMO MÁS. With all of these packages, you will get access to 500 hours of DVR storage, on-demand Netflix and Pandora access, and Google Play services like apps, music, movies, and games. You can also get International add-ons to enjoy other language packages besides Spanish. They have Brazilian, Vietnamese, and Korean add-ons and you can check and apply for At&t TV service from their website. 

How to Find and Change Add-ons for At&t TV?

There are a number of extra channels and services that you can add to your At&T TV, like SHOWTIME, HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, EPIC, etc. All these services will be added as an add-on to your At&t TV and you can also get movies extra pack that will give you lots of new labels, family favorites, and new releases. These add-ons also include new languages like Spanish, Brazilian, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Now in order to get these add-ons to your At t TV, just go to myAt&T account > My Services > At t TV > Manage Packages. Here you can make all the changes that we were talking about above, and you can also make changes to your devices and can also add more devices to your package and at the end press submit to confirm your selections. 

How to use Google Assitant with your At&t TV?

At&t offers free Google Assistant with its At t TV devices and honestly, it is the best feature of At t TV devices. You can simply do anything on your At&t device and TV through voice commands only. Now in order to activate google assistant on your At&t, first you must have a google account. Now when you are done with your Google account, you need to put your Google account credentials when you are setting up your At t TV device for the first time. But don’t worry you can add your Google account later on as well from the settings. After this, you can use your remote control as a mic t command your google assistant for anything.

How to order and check the order status of At t TV?

This is a simple process and you can just go to the At t TV website and check for the availability and simply select your favorite package and just order it. You can also opt for the premium package which includes premium channel access and international add-ons. 

Now when you have ordered your At t TV, you can check the order status by going to the website, logging in, and then going to the “My Orders” tab. Select the TV order and you will see the status of your order. You can also choose to have SMS updates by dialing *6737# from your phone or you can also call 877 782 8870.

How to Set-up At t TV?

The set-up process for the new At t TV device and remote control is very easy and simple. You will get your device, HDMI cable, and power adapter in the box, you just have to plug the device in your TV with HDMI cable and power it with a power adapter and you are good to go.

Then you only have to start the device and sync your remote Bluetooth with your device and start the setup process which includes login in with your Google account and enabling services.

AT&T Internet Plans: Service You Can Count On

What are At&t Internet Plans?

At t Internet plans include AT&T fiber and DSL internet services. These plans have many tiers and they start from the Internet 10 package which gives you 10 Mbps download speed and then you have Internet 50, Internet 100, Internet 300, and Internet 1000 with their respective download speeds in the respective Internet speed tiers. You can check more details about these plans in our comprehensive At&t Internet article here. They also provide At t Wi-Fi service with all their Internet plans.

What is the difference between DSL and Fiber Optic Internet?

As we have I have explained in the comprehensive At&t Internet article, DSL uses old metal-based (usually copper) wires to transmit data from one place to another while Fiber Optic uses new state of the art technology of fiber optic cables and uses light to transmit data which decrease the data losses to a minimal as the signal or data is transferring at the speed of light.

At&t also uses Fiber Optic technology to provide internet to their residential customers and all their packages from Internet 100 and above use fiber optic connections which results in no data losses and exact download speeds as given in the package, like in the case of Internet 100, you will get 100 Mbps internet speed.

What is the fastest At&t Internet plan and how much it costs?

The fastest of all the At&t internet packages is their Internet 1000 which provides 1000 Mbps of internet upload and download speeds. The claims of 1000 Mbps are not wrong at all and they do provide you the best in class internet speed although Maximum network service capability speeds may vary from their own Internet Speed claims but our own tests have shown the Internet 1000 package delivering 940 Mbps download and upload speed consistently.

How much At&t Internet costs and what are their unlimited Internet plans?

At&t Internet service starts at an introductory 12 months price of $35/mo. for their basic Internet 100 package and your plan will be bundled with At t TV or DirecTV. Do not forget that $35/mo. is a 12-month introductory price from promotional offers and it will be revised after 12 months. But all of their Internet plans except the top of the line Internet 1000 have data caps and are not unlimited internet packages and their data usage cap is 1TB.

To get unlimited data on any of your At&t Internet package, you will have to pay $30/mo. extra along with $10/mo. of equipment charges/activation fee for all the internet speed tiers. But there is one more thing if you maintain a bundle of Internet and TV on one combined bill, you will get unlimited data on any of At t Fiber for free.

AT&T home phone FAQs

What is At&t Phone?

At&t Phone service which was formerly called At t U verse voice is their phone service that provides local and international calling service with clear and high quality and very good rates and packages for the US customers. You can get extra perks and services if you get this package included with your home internet bundle and At&t TV bundle.

We have an article with details on their International Calling services, bundles, and rates here.

What is the difference between AT&T U-verse TV and DIRECTV?

At&t Uverse is an internet-based TV service that At&t provides and includes with your At&t Internet package while DirecTV is also a TV service provided by At&t but it is a satellite-based service. We have a detailed comparison and overview of both At T U Verse and DirecTV in our article here.

How to change the Aspect ratio and Video quality on my TV?

To do so, you need to go to the setting of the U-verse TV, go to Menu > Options > System Settings > Aspect ratio. You can choose aspect ratios between 4:3 standard definition, widescreen standard definition, 720p High Definition, or 1080i High Definition.

For getting an HDTV service, you have to subscribe to the At&t HDTV service and have a compatible 1080p or 1080i HDTV.

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