Cannot find Roku IP Address? Powerful Guide 2021

It is easy to find roku ip address

It’s a simple three-step method for finding any Roku IP address from inside the system itself. Roku always gives access to its IP in its menus.

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One can have various number of different reasons for the need to find Roku IP address. It’s a vital detail for a machine linked to the network. It’s not that hard to locate an IP address for a laptop containing the amount of streaming applications like Roku does.

Follow the procedure below to find Roku IP address with the help of remote control.

  • Start the Roku TV. Your Home screen will show.
  • Look for the menu tab on the head of your screen.
  • In the menu bar, choose the Settings choice.
  • Bunch of choices will emerge. From these set of options you can change settings of the computer.
  • Search the networking button.
  • The Sub menu will also be displayed if you select the Networking connection.
  • In the Sub menu, look for the About button.
  • It will now show you the IP address of the Roku Device and also information information regarding further networks.
  • One can find other ways to discover Roku IP address.


You can find Roku IP address over your network in a variety of different ways. One easy approach is to make use of a Roku remote add-on called Remoku for Chrome. This is a web application that allows your PC to act as a virtual remote system to monitor the Roku device over your network.

Follow the instructions below to find Roku IP address without using your Remote.

  • Enable the search engine for Google Chrome.
  • Go to the Chrome Online Store now. It’s available on your browser under the Bookmarks bar.
  • Or put in the Chrome Apps in your Search bar to locate it. The App should be the top option.
  • In the Chrome App Store,locate Remoku app.
  • Choose the Add To Chrome option which seems blue.
  • To open the Remoku app,tap the icon on the Chrome Browser.
  • The remote virtual will be enabled.
  • You can find the app menu on the tip of the options.
  • Pick the Settings button which has every resources you need to link the Roku computer.
  • Check if you have a Roku System IP Address pattern suited to your network from the ones that appear.
  • Please note the given number of the Roku system onto the network.
  • The Remoku app should begin scanning IP addresses across your network to find your Roku device.
  • As the app tries to find the computer, it shows a message from which you can locate the IP address of the router.


The IP address is a way for your Roku system to connect over the Internet through the network. It gives your Roku device a special identity and a meaning. It occurs as a series of numbers divided by a complete stop. Get help for finding Roku IP address by following these three standard instructions.

Follow the procedure underneath to detect Roku IP address.

  • IP address of the Roku Stick can be found on your Mobile.
  • Link your mobile to your Wi-Fi network you’ve wired to your Roku Stick.
  • Launch Settings for your smartphone.
  • Look for the Wi-Fi network and press it.
  • The specifics of your Wi-Fi network should be visible; your IP address included.
  • Confirm that the starting four numbers on your smartphone along with your Roku Stick are the same.


The Roku Serial Number and the IP address are seen on the same screen. You have to go to the Settings choice on your TV to check for these information. To distinguish the IP address from your Serial number, please provide this information to Customer Service Support.

  • For finding Roku computer’s Roku IP address , begin by finding the Serial number provided inthe TV Settings menu.
  • Using remote, open the Roku TV Home Screen.
  • Go to the left side of your screen of your device.
  • The Settings choice will be shown to you, tap.
  • Visit the Network Settings and all your choices will be shown.
  • Tap on the About link. It will get all the details about your Roku system.
  • The Serial Number of the unit can be shown first on your list. The IP address will be seen at the bottom.
  • If your Roku IP address is unable to be found or incase the computer has public address, it is possible to have the Customer Service Support Serial Number and find Roku IP address.


Roku 1 uses a private IP address that can be used at times where you need to manually link to your computer. You can find Roku IP Address with or without using Remote.

The following steps will help you find Roku IP address of your Roku 1 computer.

  • Turn Roku TV on.
  • Start the Home Screen on your computer using your remote.
  • Your Home screen features a variety of streaming icons.
  • Find the menu bar on the left of your screen.
  • The menu bar shows options which allow changing the streaming parameters.
  • Click the Settings button.
  • The Roku 1 Configuration Screen appears containing options from which help you to change the System as you wish.
  • The network connect appears first on your menu.
  • Tap the Network Link.
  • From the Short menu, choose the About button.
  • From this segment, you will find the Roku IP address; a four-part integer, and additional network details of your computer.


Roku 3 needs a TV program that lets you stream content.Use the Chrome Web Store Remoku software to detect an IP address. It’s a virtual remote control that you can use to control the Roku system. Follow the procedure below to find the IP address of your Roku unit.

  • Open your favorite web browser. Check your web store.
  • An option of various links to the Online Store will appear.
  • Find a path to your Chrome Web Store.Double click it.
  • At the top left of your screen, look for the Search Box. Put in Remoku in your Search Box, which means Roku Remote (You may need to sync Roku remote) Chrome Extension.
  • Remoku should be visible in the search result along with the alternative Add to Chrome against the app.Click the + Add to Chrome option on the top right of the app window
  • The dialog emerges prompting you to install Remoku Extension.
  • Select Yes. The app must habeen added.
  • After that,the browser installs the program which displays as a R symbol in top right corner of your internet Browser.
  • For using the Remoku Extension, press or tap the R button.
  • Virtual Remote Control will now show on your screen.
  • Tap your Settings button on your device.
  • The details of the Roku Settings will show on your screen.
  • Tap on the Search button placed below on your screen.
  • The IP address of the Roku 3 computer will be shown on its own.


The Router Admin Interface helps you to find the computer’s IP address. It’s a quick way to obtain information is if you have knowledge of your Roku 2 hostname.

  • Link your Smartphone device to the Router to which you have attached the Roku 2 device.
  • Launch preferred search engine.
  • You should select Google Chrome browser, being the quickest browsers which is commonly used.
  • Look for the IP address of the router on the label athat is usually on the backside of your computer.
  • In the URL section, insert the router’s IP address.
  • The Router Admin page will open prompting to put in your Login Credentials.
  • Insert your default Username along with the Passkey which is mentioned on the User Manual/ Router Sticker.
  • From the Standard Home Screen, click Advanced tab.
  • The specifics of the network would show on the computer.
  • Scan the Host Name Status page along with the Roku IP address.
  • Next to the host name of your user, will be the IP address. Now finish all the steps mentioned above.

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