Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps

Have you ever lost your Firestick remote control and couldn’t stream movies. Well, today we’ll discuss how you can binge-watch movies and TV shows on Firestick and Fire TV even without its physical remote. All you need to have is a firestick remote app on a mobile device and it will work as a remote for FireTV. The Amazon fire stick remote app can be used the same way a physical remote is used. Due to the availability of the Alexa feature, these firestick remote apps are also used as Alexa remote app. During the article, Firestick and Fire TV will be used interchangeably as the same process can be applied to both.

Since Amazon has launched its streaming device firestick, in April 2014, there has been a shift among streamers to go completely online. Being online is no more limited to browsing websites and social media platforms; movies and Live TV categories (just to name a few) are also added to the list.

Firestick comes with a remote and a power adapter. You need to supply power to the firestick through the adapter and insert the device to any display device with an HDMI port. Then grab its remote and see the magic yourself. In a short span of time, firestick has captured the streaming device’s market and the credit goes to its low-cost, easy-setup and flexibility.

Today we’ll discuss one of its flexibility parts.

The Firestick Remote

The remote that comes with the firestick is the medium through which you can communicate to the device. It has power, navigation, select, home, play/pause, volume control buttons on it. It also has an Alexa button with a mic symbol displayed on it.

firestick remote app

The power and volume control buttons work only if you have connected the device to a TV. The power and volume control buttons of the firestick remote, replace the TV remote control’s respective buttons. In case you have connected the firestick to a monitor then the power and volume control buttons will not function. You may have to pair a firestick remote with your TV.

There may be some apps that are not that compatible with the remote handling mechanism. For such apps, the mouse toggle app comes in handy.

And if you ever find your firestick remote non-functional, we have a detailed firestick remote troubleshooting guide for you. We have included several reported firestick remote non-functioning issues by the community.

Amazon Firestick Remote App

In case, even if the troubleshooting guide couldn’t bring your remote back to life, then you may have to purchase a new remote.

Or, what if you have kept the Amazon Fire TV remote somewhere safe and then forget it forever. 

A new remote is required in both the above situations.

But, wait…

A hack exists in this situation.

There are several Amazon Fire TV remote apps available for handheld device like mobile devices and tablet devices. Such apps are so intuitive and user friendly that they can completely replace the Amazon Fire TV remote and you can keep enjoying your entertainment services.

Such firestick remote apps also aid in situations where you need to type in long URLs. Typing long URLs from the remote is tiresome but doing it with a mobile is just a breeze. 

These apps are available at all the popular handheld app’s stores like Android, iOS & kindle. You need to install the app from your respective store which follows a quick and easy setup and you’re done.

But before that, the firestick needs to get prepared to communicate with the app. 

Prepare Firestick for Firestick Remote Apps

First things first, the firestick and the handheld device should be on the same network. If you are using firestick with wifi and mobile with mobile internet or another wifi network (not the one being used by firestick), the app will not be able to detect the firestick. This will result in a non-functional remote app. So make sure that both the firestick and the mobile are using the same wifi network.

Some of the apps discussed in this article require certain settings on Firestick. So, we need to do a couple of settings on the Firestick.

Follow along…

Enable ADB Debugging on Firestick

Press the Home button on the Amazon Fire TV remote & click Settings icon

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 1

Click My Fire TV

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 2

Hit Developer options

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 3

Switch ON ADB debugging

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 4

Firestick IP Address

Some of the remote apps will require Firestick IP address. So it’s better to note it down beforehand.

Here is the process to get the IP address of your firestick.

Click settings on the Home of firestick

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 5

Open My Fire TV

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 6

Hit About

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 7

Select Network & note down your IP address shown on the right. 

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 8

Best Firestick Remote Apps

Here we have put the two most popular firestick remote apps with their setup and three honourable mentions. So this section presents a total of five apps.

Amazon Firestick Remote App (Official)

Amazon already visualized the situation of losing the remote or a non-functional one thus provided an app to communicate with the Firestick/Amazon Fire TV.

This app does not require ADB debugging. So, in case you have lost or have a non-functional Amazon Fire TV remote, use this app.

On your handheld device’s app store, search for Amazon Fire TV. Select the app to install it on your device.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 9

After installing the app, we need to bridge communication between the firestick and the mobile.

Make sure that the firestick and the handheld device are using the same network.

After installation, open the Fire TV app. The app searches and lists all the Fire TV or Firestick devices connected to the same network and displays them with the name given at the time of set up. You can choose your preferred Firestick/Fire TV from the list.

Or, there is an option to sign in to the Amazon account, however, it is not mandatory that you sign in to the same account as your Firestick/Fire TV.

When you find the preferred Firestick/Fire TV, tap on it. As soon as you tap on the Firestick, you are presented with a screen to enter a 4 digit code.

This code is displayed on the target firestick screen. See the code on the firestick screen and enter it on the app.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 10

If you have input the correct code, the app will take you to the remote interface for the target Firestick/Fire TV

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 11

The interface of the app is the same as the physical remote with some differences. Let’s see them.

On the top-left, there is a setting icon. In the top-middle, the Alexa mic icon is given. And on the right end, there is an apps icon.

On the bottom there are Back, Home, Options, Backwards, play/pause and Forward buttons.

By default, the official Amazon app displays a blank canvas in between the top icons and bottom buttons. On this screen, you can swipe to control the navigation on the firestick. You need to swipe to navigate and tap to select within this screen. However, in case you don’t find controlling the firestick comfortable with this screen, the app has an option to change that as well.

To change the navigation mechanism follow the below process

Go to the settings icon on the top left

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 12

Tap on App Remote Settings

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 13

Switch ON Directional pad

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 14

Now the screen will show the navigation buttons and a select button in the center.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 15

You can press the navigation buttons to roam around the firestick and press the middle round button for select function.

Let’s explore the top icons of the app.

On the extreme left, there is a settings icon, which helps to cycle through the directional pad ON/OFF.

In the middle, there is an Alexa feature. You can tap the Alexa mic icon and control your Firestick/Fire TV with your voice commands. With Alexa, you can open an app, perform a search inside the app, ask for time, set a reminder and many many more things just like you do with the physical remote.

And just beside the right of the Alexa icon, there is an apps icon. After tapping, this icon drops down all the apps installed on your firestick. You can select your prefered icon to open.

To the extreme right, there is a keyboard icon. This helps you type in the text fields. This feature is so much of use, that you will almost love it. We know the pain of entering the long URLs with a Firestick remote. From now onwards, you can use this keyboard to type the URLs comfortably.

The bottom buttons are self-descriptive and work the same as on the physical remote.

Cetus Play

The Cetus Play Firestick remote app is developed by CetusPlay Global. It is available on all the major app stores for download and installation. In stores, it is available with the name Fire TV Universal Remote Android TV Kodi CetusPlay. Search for Cetus play, then match the name of the app and install it.

The installation may fail the first time. This is normal with this app, so don’t worry. The app will get installed in the 2nd or max the 3rd time. For us, it failed once and installed on the second try.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 16

To get the app working, make sure that the Firestick and Fire TV are on the same network.

Let’s go through the step by step setup process of Cetus Play 

Open the app & Allow to give necessary permissions to access the media.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 17

Tap Get Started in case you see this page for too long.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 18

Let Cetus Play scan for the Firestick & Fire TV devices within the same network. It shows all the found devices in a pretty nice display with relative distance between the mobile and the devices. Select your device by identifying its IP address. We have shown the process to find out the IP address of the device above, in this article. Also, don’t fall prey to the Ad displayed as a device, by this app. Make sure that you select the correct target Firestick/Fire TV. 

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 19

Beware of the ads. Yes, the app is filled with ads and you need to make your way out. After selecting your preferred device, you’ll see the connecting  … message on the screen.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 20

On Firestick you get to see a message prompt. Select Always allow from this computer and press OK.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 21

After Cetus Play has connected to the device, you get to see connected on the screen

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 22

Can you see the Remote Panel on top-left? Tap on it to go to the remote panel.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 23

Over here, you’ll see Cytus Play asking for a 4 digit code.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 24

On your Firestick/Fire TV device a 4 digit code is being shown.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 25

Enter this code in the app

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 26

Switch to your target device & click Allow

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 27

Switch ON for Allow for this source and click OK

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 28

The screen redirects to the Developers Options page. Over here, click Install unknown apps

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 29

In the list, Find Cetus Play for TV and switch it ON by clicking on it.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 30

Now you’ll see the below screen as a confirmation that Cetus Play can communicate to Firestick/Fire TV properly.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 31

On your mobile, you’ll see the remote panel like below

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 32

Let’s see what’s in the remote panel. We’ll cover the main ones only.

On the top-left, there is a Menu icon. On the right, there is a keyboard and a 4-square icon. These won’t affect the Firestick/Fire TV screen. The keyboard icon lets you type in the text fields of firestick. Just make sure that the keyboard is displayed on the Firestick as well.

Below is the image of menu icon on the top left.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 33

The 4-square icon lets you change the type of remote navigation. You can cycle through to see which one you need.

Most Popular Firestick Remote Apps 34

Coming to the remote part, On the top-left, there is a Home icon, then volume control then Power button.

At the bottom, we have a menu icon, RAM boosting and a back button.


1) The volume & ON/OFF buttons on Cetus Play remote panel do not work with Firestick/Fire TV devices

2) Cetus Play works well even with the Android TV

Honourable Mentions for Firestick Remote Apps

Now that the most popular Firestick remote apps have been discussed, let’s quickly visit the three honourable mentions.

Harmony Remote

Harmony remote can be used to communicate with Firestick/Fire TV. While other apps connect to the target device via Wi-Fi, this app leverages Bluetooth. You can also password protect this app to prevent any misuse.

AnyMote Universal Remote

This app is compatible with several devices, firestick device inclusive. It communicates to the target device via Wi-Fi. All you need to pair it to the device and see the magic yourself.

Kore Remote

Kodi fans are all around the streaming world. The Kore Remote app is specifically designed to remotely control the Kodi app. Yes, this isn’t a complete Firestick/Fire TV remote app but the popularity of Kodi made us mention it over here.

If you are a Kodi fan, don’t miss this one.


Amazon’s Firestick/Fire TV brought a new air to the streaming world. While the firestick remote is robust enough to handle rough usage, however, there are times when it just stops working. Also, a couple of times we just can’t find the misplaced remote. The Firestick remote apps are a solution to such instances. We have detailed the two most popular remotes with a complete setup guide. Apart from the two remotes, a quick glimpse has been provided for three honourable mentions within the article.