Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working – How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It?

Sometimes a nap may be all you need to get refreshed. But, what if that doesn’t work? What if your stress doesn’t let you sleep or take a rest. A favorite movie does quite a good job in such a situation. But, repeating the same movies on your pen drive, again and again, is a bad idea. What about the streaming services? Yes, they are full of HD quality videos. And the best part, new content is always available. But, you may not enjoy those full HD videos on your big screen smart tv. 

Have you heard about firestick? Yes, it can do this miracle for you. It can bring all your streaming services with tons of movies to your big screen so that you can get relieved from your stress in seconds.

What is a Firestick?

Innovations in every industry are rapidly replacing big boxes with smart pocket-sized ones. In the streaming industry, Amazon Inc. has also invented devices like Amazon Firestick & Fire TV. This article will focus on Amazon fire stick. It is a pen drive shaped (a little bulkier than that) streaming device that can convert any display device having the HDMI port into a full-fledged smart tv with all the streaming services available.

Amazon has created its own store called Amazon app store for firestick, from where users can install various apps for streaming, gaming, music and whatnot. Amazon firestick is an android device. This means that you can install trusted third-party android apps on this device as well. Although there is no direct way of doing that, however, a little tweak will get the job done.

With the firestick, Amazon also delivers its innovative voice-based search feature called Alexa. Amazon launched Alexa in the improvised version of its 1st generation firestick remote. And since the 2nd-generation Alexa voice remotes gained popularity, Amazon has provided Alexa with all the subsequent generation firesticks.

Accessories with Firestick

The firestick comes with five accessories

1) An adapter as a power source

2) A connecting cable for the adapter to Firestick

3) A remote control

4) Two AAA remote battery

5) A small male-female HDMI connector cable

All you have to do is use the adapter to supply power to the firestick and plug it into the HDMI port of your TV then just grab the remote and enjoy your favorite movies.

But, before you do that, it’s a good idea to go through various firestick articles of this website so that firestick functions don’t look like an alien to you.

Guide for Firestick Remote

The content of this article specialises in firestick remote control. In fact, this article is your one-stop halt for anything regarding the firestick remote. This guide can assist you from the initial stage of setting up the remote for the first time to the occurrences when you see your device useless and want to throw away the non-functional remote into the bin. The tips and tricks throughout this guide can be your best friend when you will just be on your own.

Within this article, you will get to know how to pair & unpair the remote with your firestick. The reasons why your firestick has become non-functional is detailed along with the solutions. Plus, alternatives to the official remote are also provided within this guide.

Although this article is written for firestick remote, the concepts and process work very well with the firestick 4k, Amazon fire tv cube as well.

If nothing works from this firestick remote guide, the only option you have is to buy an official new remote from amazon for your firestick. But before that make sure that you have applied each solution to fix your firestick remote demonstrated within this guide. And there are quite high chances that you will fix your firestick remote, all by yourself.

Let’s get started and don’t forget to bookmark this page.

The Amazon Firestick Remotes

Before we move ahead, let’s have a look at the gradual changes in the build and design of Firestick remotes since its inception.

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 1

You see, not only the size of the remote has increased with years passing by but the Amazon think-tank has also incorporated several stunning features with every release.

As with any new device, users with every firestick remotes have also faced some problems here and there. However, most of the problems were just because they were not aware of the how-tos.

Firestick Remote Set up

First things first, let’s get your firestick remote set up complete. Get your 2 AAA batteries ready to place inside the remote. Next, slide the back of the remote downwards. With a little push, you’ll get it done. Now place your batteries inside the remote carefully, matching the nodes on the battery and the battery panel on the remote.

How to Pair a Firestick remote?

When you set up your firestick, the shipped remote gets automatically paired. However, in some scenarios, this may not be the case and you find your remote non-functioning. First, make sure that you have set up your remote correctly as detailed above. No battery or wrong placement of battery nodes may be the reason for the unpaired remote.

If all is well with your remote batteries, we have three scenarios for firestick remote pairing.

1) Pair your present remote

If you are completely unaware of how to use the remote with the firestick. This scenario to pair the remote is for you. After you have got the firestick plugged into the HDMI port and provided the power supply to the firestick through the adapter, the next part is to pair the remote with the firestick.

In this scenario no other remote is paired to the firestick, thus a message on the screen will flash and ask to press the play/pause button. Press that button on your remote and your firestick. This will result in a handshake between your remote and the firestick.

Done, your remote is now paired.

2) Pair a replaced or a new remote

This scenario applies if you have misplaced your original device remote and have bought a new compatible remote. The replacement remote needs to be paired with your popular device firestick. Follow the below steps to get your new remote paired with the device.

i) First, power off your firestick.

ii) Make sure your new remote has new batteries inside.

iii) Power ON the firestick

iv) Wait for some time for the home screen to load.

v) Try to check whether the remote is functioning. Sometimes the remote may pair automatically.

vi) If the remote hasn’t paired automatically, hold the HOME button on your remote for 10-20 seconds.

That’s it. This should pair your newly bought remote with the firestick.

3) Pair an additional remote, apart from the present one

Did you find your present remote old enough and bought a new one, but still attached to the old one. And you want to use both the remotes. Firestick is ready to handle that situation. In fact, the firestick/fire tv device can handle multiple remotes paired to it. To be precise, a firestick can be controlled from seven remotes at a time.

If you follow the below steps you’ll be able to pair both the remotes to the firestick.

i) Get to the Home screen

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 2

ii) can you see the settings icon on the right of the menu bar

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 3

iii) Select the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 4

iv) Click Amazon Fire TV Remotes

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 5

v) Select Add New Remote

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 6

vi) Now your firestick device will start searching for the new remote. Meanwhile on the new remote hold the Home button for 10 sec.

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 7

vii) On the old remote approve the pairing by pressing the middle button.

Done, the additional remote has now been paired.

How to Unpair a Firestick Remote?

There might be a situation where you want to unpair the remote from the firestick. Well, firestick has also got you covered for that too.

We can consider two cases for unpairing a remote from the firestick viz

i) You have more than one remote

You belong to this case if you are using two remote controllers for the same firestick. If someday you wish to unpair one of the remotes, follow the below process. Do note that during the unpairing process the other remote has to be used.

a) Get to the Home screen

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 2

b) can you see the settings icon on the right of the menu bar

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 3

c) Select the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 4

d) Click Amazon Fire TV Remotes

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 5

e) On this screen select the remote you want to unpair. Now press the menu button (with three horizontal lines) on the other remote. 

You have to press the key on the other remote, not on the one you want to unpair.

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 12

f) On the other remote press the Select button.

Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working - How to Pair, Troubleshoot and Fix It? 13

Done. This is how one remote can be unpaired if you have been using two remote controllers.

ii) You got only one remote

This is your case if you have two firesticks but only one remote. On a day, if you want to use another firestick that has no remote, you may want to switch the remote pairing. 

With a single remote, you can’t unpair it using the above process. You can follow the below steps to do so.

First, make sure that both the firesticks are not within the range of the remote. If they are then you need to first power off the firestick you want to unpair from. Yes, if that firestick remains turned ON, you won’t be able to pair its remote to another firestick.

After switching the firestick OFF, connect the other firestick to the TV, supply it power through the provided adapter. Then follow the above-detailed steps to pair the remote with the new firestick.

Troubleshooting Firestick remote not working issue

This section belongs to you if you have got troubles with your firestick. There are several reasons a firestick remote is not functioning well or lagging. We’ll together go through each reason slowly and you can stop when you get your culprit. But, for future reference, it’s a good idea to visit all the reasons along with the one which halted your 4k videos on the firestick.

Let’s move ahead and address the most common issues with the amazon firestick.

1) Reboot Firestick

For almost every device, rebooting is considered the first remedy to the trouble. See if rebooting works for your remote. Just switch OFF and then ON again your firestick.

2) Battery drained

A firestick remote is a power-hungry device, thus the batteries drain quite fast. And if you are using a cheap set of batteries, try putting in some fresh ones. Try my advice and don’t put in the batteries from some other being-used device or remote. Those may not be sufficient to get the firestick remote functioning. Replacing with fresh, high-standard batteries usually solves the problem.

3) Incorrect battery placement

Have you placed the batteries correctly inside the remote? A battery has a +ve and a -ve node. On the battery panel of the remote, connectors also have a +ve and a -ve node. Just check whether you have aligned the nodes correctly.

4) Battery residue

With cheap batteries, you’ll get a cheap result as well. This part of troubleshooting is for those who either use cheap batteries or have placed the unused remote for a long time with batteries inside it. You need to open up the back of the remote and pull out the batteries. Then minutely inspect both the connectors of the panel from where batteries release the power to the remote circuit. Have you found the reason for your non-functional remote? See, your battery has leaked and now blocking the power supply from batteries.

Let’s get this blockage off. You have to get a Qtip with isopropyl and clean up the residue. Make sure that you do it gently so that you don’t damage the connectors any further.

5) Signal Interference

If you have created a complex set of signal interferences where the firestick is surrounded by several other wireless devices, lagging or remote not working may happen. The best idea is to give some room to your firestick. 

6) Unpaired remote

It’s quite possible that your remote hasn’t been paired with the firestick. Maybe that’s why the remote is not functioning. For a quick pair-up, you can hold down the Home key for 10-sec and see if it works.

No success?

No problem, you can do a quick unpair then repair with the below steps

i) Power OFF the firestick

ii) You need to hold down the following three buttons on your remote for at least 20 sec. These buttons are

  • Left navigation on the ring
  • Home button
  • Menu button (the one with three horizontal bars)

iii) Remove the batteries from your firestick remote

iv) Switch ON your firestick and wait till you see the Home screen

v) Put the batteries inside the remote again.

vi) Wait for 60 sec

viii) Your remote has got paired. If it’s still not paired, hold on the Home button and finally it’s paired.

7) Got a third-party remote

This section applies to you if you have got a third-party remote i.e. not an official firestick remote provided by amazon. While a firestick is quite flexible with compatible third-party remotes there are chances that you have been cheated. A seller has offered you a remote claiming it to be compatible with the firestick, but it is certainly not. 

For your assistance, a list of third-party remotes has been provided in this article, southwards. Make sure you reach the finish line, to choose one from that list.

8) Distance

A firestick remote can communicate with the device only if it is within its range. The remote can function within 10 ft of distance from the firestick. Make sure that your remote is not far-far away.

9) Obstructions

The firestick remote works with the device through bluetooth not through infrared. This means that both the remote and the firestick need not be in the line of sight of each other. But, if there are obstructions surrounding the firestick like a cabinet around the TV or something like that, try to sort that out.

10) Remote is irreparable

In case nothing has worked till here, most likely your remote has gone irreparable. Consider buying a new official firestick remote from amazon.

Alternatives for your Official Firestick remote

It’s always good to have a backup. And it applies to the official firestick remote as well. Let’s get a backup for your official firestick remote.

Use firestick without a physical remote

Till now you must have been aware that a firestick can be managed by 7 physical remotes. But, there is an option to use a remote for firestick that is not physical. Yes, you can manage your firestick with your android/iOS mobile app as well. Just go ahead and get the official app for your mobile. The best part with the firestick remote app is that you get the keypad of your mobile.

Firestick Compatible Third-Party Remotes

If, for some reasons you don’t want to have the official firestick remote from amazon or just need a physical backup remote, here is a list of third-party popular replacement remotes for firestick.

Use firestick as your TV remote

Yes, you can also use your firestick remote as a remote for your TV as well. This pairing is done automatically and the power button, volume and mute button work as if it’s your native TV remote.

Note: If you are using a monitor as a display device, three firestick buttons viz. the power buttons, volume and the mute button will not function. These buttons don’t control the firestick anyway, instead, they replace the functionalities of your TV remote. So they will function only with your TV.