Blinking Light On Roku – 5 Ways to Fix it!

We have covered Roku in detail before on our website here. Now we are back with how to solve blinking light on Roku problem.

How to fix blinking light on Roku problem

Blinking light on roku remote may mean a few things about your equipment’s status. If you are struggling to connect your remote with your setup box, you may be one of the many disgruntled people around the world. However,  luckily understanding how your equipment’s reacts to a range of technological issues will help you save a lot of time and effort and we are here to help you with just that!

Let us look at all the detailed options of things you can do if you see a blinking light on Roku.

What is the meaning of a flickering roku light?

Roku users are familiar with the difficulty and confusion that comes along with getting a non-responsive remote. For them to navigate their favorite shows they need to have a functioning remote control because all streaming players are linked together,and because of this factor, all the controllers made by the Roku team are very user-friendly and besides an on screen error message, you will even see various lights each indicating why they’re blinking light on Roku indicating an issue on a streaming equipment.

Typically, a flickering green light on the remote roku indicates that your controller is not operating whilst the lack of a blinking light on Roku or yellow light on the remote roku means that your device is not receiving any power.

When any of these errors has emerged, you should try different troubleshooting measures before you dive into Last Resort to buy a new remote control.

Before we speak about basic troubleshooting strategies, let us address which type of controller you have. Users typically have either an enhanced remote point anywhere or a normal infrared controller. Enhanced point anywhere the remote controllers are the most sophisticated instruments of this business because they allow you to make controls to your streaming player from anywhere in the meanwhile Infrared controllers needed a direct line of sight to turn from one channel to another. If you see a blinking light on Roku remote you are most likely to have an upgraded location somewhere in the controller.

Now let’s look at the troubleshooting approaches that you can perform on a remote control. These are fairly basic strategies but we hope they can fix blinking light on Roku problems for your streaming.

Method 1 to fix blinking light on Roku

Time modify or upgrade old batteries is the number one explanation for a malfunctioning controller. If you’ve had your device for quite a while now, it might even be essential to change your batteries. But before you buy a new set of batteries, attempt to modify the battery compartment  and if you find your controller is too hot it means that there is a battery leakage in your remote.

Method 2 for fixing blinking light on Roku issue

Do a hard reset if your batteries are not the issue. You will execute a hard reset on your streaming device and reboot the system settings after doing so.

To do this procedure you can follow the instructions:

  • Open the battery compartment of your gadgets
  • Remove the battery and power cable from the streaming box.
  • Wait 5 minutes until the power cord is wired back in.
  • Switch on your TV and wait for the Roku home screen.
  • When you see this, put the battery back to the battery compartment.
  • Wait for a device to connect your streaming player for at least 30 seconds.

Method 3 to solve blinking light on Roku

Connect your streaming equipment again

If you still see a flashing green light on the Roku button, you can reconnect your controller to your Roku streaming unit.

Often, due to a pairing mistake, the remote can trigger flickering light so that the next step you can take is to attach the system to the TV.

Method 4 to resolve blinking light on Roku

Alter the settings of your network

For you to watch thousands of shows on the TV screen, the streaming system has to have a secure internet connection. If you find you’re having trouble with this, you should do the following.

  •  Log in to your router’s admin account.
  • If you’ve never checked your login details before you should use the default information in your user guide or the back of your modem.
  • Once a wireless link has been signed, select one with a secure communication specifically with a 2.4 GHz spectrum or a 5ghz wireless network.
  •  Save your modifications and reset the modem

Method 5 for blinking light on Roku

  • Download the program for the controller
  • You may download and install the Roku Controller program if none of the troubleshooting techniques we described are working out for you.
  • You don’t need to stress about it because it comes with all the functionality of a handy remote controller.
  • However, if you want to use your cell phone as a control, you will need a reliable Wi-Fi source in your house.

You can also just get a new remote and connect your device with a streaming device by doing the following.

  • Download the remote program on your smartphone
  • Using the software switch to Settings
  • Choose Remote and Devices option and select your computer
  • Pick the remote control and obey the  instructions shown to you on your screen to pair the new controller.

For more information, check out the video below:

For more information about Roku, check out their official website here.

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