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Jottacloud Review

Jottacloud is a Norwegian Cloud storage company that provides storage and backup and synchronization. Jottacloud photo app is incredible with awesome privacy policy.

Electronic devices can hang up any time making your desired data unavailable and inaccessible. Jottacloud is an app that helps you store data on cloud, backup your data and sync it when required. Jottacloud where provides you free trial and easy access to your files, makes sharing of your photos and albums an outstanding experience, but on a negative side, it takes time in giving response to your questions, it sometimes gets slower when dealing with large files and it doesn’t provide private encryption too. Along with that, you can not upload entire drives because it supports upload of single folder at one time.

Jottacloud offers free sign up for a month. You can use 5 GB of storage and can test the services of Jottacloud.


Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is becoming very common now a days. Cloud storage is a service model in which data is stored to be backup when required. The data is stored on a network usually internet. This system is an alternative to the storage in hard drives or local drives. Users are supposed to pay for this.

In case of Jottacloud, as it is a Norway based company the data is stored in the data centers of Norway. Any of files can be stored like:

  • Photos
  • Presentations
  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Videos

These files can be accessed using a browser, a tablet, a computer or mobile phones. Jottacloud organizes our folders and files. Addition, deletion and renaming can be done very easily.

Back up

It is a process in which data is copied and stored so that it could be regained in case if it losses. Jottacloud backs up folders from your computer which you select. Jottacloud ensures that the files must be replicated immediately to be stored in the cloud. This process keeps a copy of your desired files which you can re-obtain if data losses accidentally or mistakenly.

On Jottacloud files are kept in trash safely even after thirty days of deletion. In this due date if certain data is required to be recovered, it is possible to do that very easily. Several important files can be selected to be accessed while you are offline. It means that files can be accessed even without an internet connection. These files can be uploaded by using a phone or a browser.

Along with that, Jottacloud helps you redo the changes you made to your files. It saves the latest five versions for you in the history so that you get them when needed.


Jottacloud offers free trial of 30 days for individual accounts only. During these 30 days 5 GB of data can be used. With that, Jottacloud has introduced a plan for the whole family. According to this plan 5 TB of data can be used by up to five family members for only € 10 per month. With one subscription 5 family members get the chance to back up their files and photos. Every family member gets a separate account; therefore, the privacy of every individual is maintained. Charges can be paid on monthly or yearly basis by a single account keeping other family members free from worries of payment. This offer is cheaper than two individual subscriptions. Two individual subscriptions will cost you € 15 per month.

If you subscribe personally you need to pay € 7.5 per month. This will give you unlimited storage. Below information is provided on Jottacloud site;

Pricing -  Jottacloud
Pricing – Jottacloud

Jottacloud for family enables you to store the photos and memories of the whole family safely. It also helps you share pictures with your family. Selfies and snapshots are kept private and they can be streamed to your Apple TV and phones when needed.

Jottacloud for business offers different rates based on the size of the business. If your business is small you can one Terabits of storage for € 7 per month. Two users can use this storage. If business is large one Terabits of storage will be provided to unlimited user for € 10 per month. The information on the site goes in the following way;

Business Subscription
Subscription Plans

With the business services of the Jottacloud things have become easy to manage and share. Single billing for the whole team saves time and efforts. This time and effort can be utilized in other productive activities. Large files can be shared without any problem with colleagues, friends and business partners. With the help of Ms office now files can be worked on from multiple devices.

Up gradation of Jottacloud Subscription
How to Upgrade your Jottacloud

Usage of Jottacloud

You can sign up to Jottacloud using your email address and password and free subscription will be provided to you. In case you wish to continue using Jottacloud you can upgrade your account using the upgrade option there.

A desktop app will be used to setup the backup plans for your computers. Jottacloud can also be used on iOS and Android. A bar will show you Back up, restore, transfers and setting tabs. Back up can be set up to continuous or scheduled back up using the setting tab. Setting tab can be further used to control the speeds of downloads and uploads and a proxy can also be selected using the tab.

Usage of Jottacloud
Usage of Jottacloud

Transfer tab can be used to upload and download files. The speed of Jottacloud is a moderate one.

Jottaclud is relatively difficult to be used as compared to Back Blaze and Carbonite but its simpler than iDrive.

Backup and restoration

First of all, open the desktop app and click on the backup tab.It will help you set your backup plan for yourself. From here, you can add folders or drag folders to the application window allowing the back up to be started. Backup will go according to the setting you have selected. Continuous and scheduled backups can be selected. Folders can also be deleted from this section. Both add folder and delete folders options are at the left bottom of the page. You can add and drag documents, movies, photos or any other files.

The limitation with the back up plan of Jottacloud is that it can only upload individual folders. When you will try to upload entire files and drives it will run into malware. The scheduler of the back plan has not too much options as compare to many of the other better tools in the competition however, the days on which backup has to be run and when to start back up can be selected. Notification related to the back up are not provided and once the back up starts you can not stop it any point.

One of the major flaws of Jottacloud is that it can not perform incremental back up. In incremental back up the modified part of a folder gets copied instead of the whole folder. Conversely, other back up tools like Back Blaze, Crash plan, iDrive and Carbonite do offer incremental back up services.

Files can be restored relatively easily, for that click the restore tab. When you will click this tab all the files that have been backed up will be listed down. From the list select the required folders, you can also select multiple folders using shift plus select buttons. After selecting the folders press the download buttons to begin the restoration process.

When files are deleted from Jottacloud they are kept in the Jottacloud Trash Bin for 30 days after their deletion. After 30 days they are deleted automatically from trash. Files can be restored from trash. The files which have been changed recently can also be restored.

Restoration of small files go smoothly and Jottacloud performs a well job in this regard however, if large files are restored problems may arise.

Jottacloud and Ms Office

Jottacloud and Ms office are integrated now. You can work on your documents even without Ms office installed in your personal computer. The files that are stored in Jottacloud can now be edited and rewritten. Jottacloud helps you:

  • Coordinate with your partners.
  • view your documents.
  • Allows addition and deletion.

The applications which can be operated using Jottacloud are;

1. Ms word online

2.Ms PowerPoint online

3.Ms Excel online

Jottacloud in MS Word
Jottacloud in MS Word

Ms office online works in the same way as Ms Office. More than one individual can work on a single document. Documents can also be shared.

Photos and videos

Jottacloud stores your photos safely. It organizes the pictures regardless of the device from which they are uploaded like PC, Mac or phone. Organizing pictures has always been a hectic activity but Jottacloud has made it comfortable for you. As pictures get uploaded they are saved in an organized manner. You can have a full control of your pictures. One of the great features of Jottacloud is that it frees up space in your phone by deleting those pictures and photos which have been successfully uploaded to Jottacloud. This feature reduces the burden of deleting individual pictures and videos which most of the people think is a painstaking task.

Also, the pics stored on Jottacloud are kept in original size and quality, that means no adulteration is made to your pictures.

Jottacloud can be downloaded for Apple TV and pictures can be watched on a big screen at your home.

Earlier named Jottacloud photos has now been renamed to Jottacloud only with a new icon. It has the following improved attributes;

  • Better user experience
  • A modern design has been added
  • Reliability has been increased
  • Files can be stored by date, size or name in both ascending and descending order.
  • Files can directly be edited in the app.
  • Jottacloud now enables you to upload photos from other apps.

We know that sharing pictures and videos with friends and family is exciting. Jottacloud helps you share your albums with your dears. Jottacloud will notify you if someone adds pictures to your album. Similar notifications will also be sent if someone quit or follow your albums. These notifications will be received on your phone or desktop.

Following versions support album notifications.

Jottacloud Photos for iOS version 1.1.0

Jottacloud Photos for Android version 1.1.0

Jottacloud for Desktop version 3.1.61


Jottacloud helps you scan documents by your phone which are stored on Jottacloud. Documents include;

  • Documents
  • Receipts
  • Business cards
  • Whiteboard notes

Microsoft office is coordinated with Jottacloud therefore, you can work on PowerPoint, Ms word and Excel. Jottacloud provides you a great experience to edit your documents the way you want. By collaborative editing, files can be edited by a number of users at the same time.

Sharing and collaboration

Several ways of sharing and collaboration are offered by Jottacloud photos. Your friends can join you, follow you and add photos to your album too. Ms office Online being integrated with Jottacloud offers ‘collaborative editing’ which makes possible edition possible by multiple users at one time.

There is no size limit of data that must be shared. Data of any size can be shared and only a public link has to be shared via email or text message.

Security and Privacy

In order to make your account more secure and safe two factor authentication is required on Jottacloud,which means that in order to login from a different device you have to enter a security along with the scheduled information. This keeps your account protected from the people who might get access to your password.

Jottacloud is a Norwegian company therefore, data is not kept under US surveillance. Norwegian laws are among the world’s best privacy laws.

Jottacloud provides you with the log in history, list of devices and list of browsers that have accessed your account.

You can access Jottacloud using your Facebook account or google account too.

Customer services

Jottacloud does not provide satisfactory support to their customers. Help center is the point where you can interact with the Jottacloud team. The response from the team is slow to very slow. In some cases, it may take days but in others it can also take weeks to get a response from the team.

Various articles in the help center are about the topics which people find easy. At the end of each article it is asked to write a response if things are not understood.

One of the other methods of getting support is an invisible forum that is not attached to the main site. On this forum you can have a regular response from the team. The lack of responses on the help centre shows that this company is lethargic in providing support to its customers.

Terms and Conditions

When you start using Jottacloud you agree to the terms and conditions of the Jottacloud. You become bond to the privacy policy and other conditions by signing a legal agreement with Jottacloud.

According to the agreement you can set up an individual, family or business account. Individual or family accounts cab be subscribed for a period of one or twelve months. The subscription will be renewed until and unless it is cancelled by the owner of the account. Credit card can be used to pay the charges. Once the payment is made it can not be refunded.

If we talk about the family account, it will be subscribed on the name of the family administrator. He would be responsible to make the payments of the family account. He is also required to approve the members of the family by registering an email address or a mobile phone number. The family administrator is not entrusted with the rights to approach the individual accounts of the members. Individual privacy is ensured in this manner. Administrator can have access to the data which has been shared with him. Administrator of the family can terminate the subscription. Stored data in Jottacloud would be deleted after 90 days of termination.

If business account will be set up business administrator would be having the similar responsibilities as the family administrator.

You can move from an individual or family account to free account and you can also move from free account to an individual or family account by the up gradation process.

The age limit for having a business or family account is 13 years. If Jottacloud finds that the subscriber is less than the age of 13, it reserves the rights to delete the account at that time.

Jottacloud reserves the right to amend the terms and privacy at any time. It can also change the price of subscriptions, end the services or modify them too. The users will be notifies via an email about the changes that will be made and changes will be implemented after 30 days of notification.

Alternatives to Jottacloud

There are many other software’s in the market which offer similar services to the Jottacloud. Some of them will be discussed in this section depending on that you can decide which one you are going to choose. The alternatives are following;

  1. iDrive
  2. ARQ backup
  3. BackBlaze
  4. Carbonite
  5. Crash plan
  6. Google Drive
  7. One Drive

Some of the alternatives will be discussed in detail in the following section.

1. iDrive


iDrive is a backup providing software that has a great experience of twenty years in its respective field. It is a California based company. iDrive makes your data secure your data by various measures. These measures are:

  1. Encryption
  2. Periodic network audits
  3. RAID based storage
  4. Physical security measures.

Encryption is a process in which the message or our data is coded so that only the owner of the data could avail it and illegal means of availing the data could be reduced. On iDrive your data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption while transferring and storing the information. Security has been increased on iDrive by introducing a security pin. You can set a private key for your account and you can use it while you sign in your account. This means that only you can have access to your account. Other software’s like Google drive does not offer this kind of privacy. This initiative has further improved the security of your personal and sensitive data.

Various reviews are carried out periodically by third parties so that the system could be kept protected against the threats of the network.

RAID stands for “redundant array of independent disks”. RAID is a storage method in which the data is stored in various hard disks to protect the data in case if it collapses. The concept of RAID was introduced by David Patterson, Randy Katz and Garth A. Gibson in one of their reports.

RAID works by keeping the data on several hard discs and allowing the input and output operations to coordinate in an integrated way to appear to the operating system as a single logical hard disc. This increases the performance and improves fault tolerance.

The data centers in United States are equipped with modern security systems like video camera surveillance, smoke detection, fire extinguishing set up, cooling and security breaching alarms.

Pros of iDrive

The pros of the iDrive are the following;

  • iDrive can be used and installed relatively easily.
  • It can be operated on Mac, Android and windows.
  • Encryption by 256- bit AES encryption is a distinguishing feature.
  • Provides you a continuous back up.
  • A single account can be used to backup several devices.
  • Data can be accessed anywhere regardless of the device being used.
  • It provides a free version of 5 GB.
  • iDrive meets various standards of privacy and security.

Cons of iDrive

  • 5GB storage is not adequate.
  • It is slower as compare to others
  • It can upload only 10 GB
  • It overcharges you once you exceed your storage limits.

You can visit for further details.

Arq® Backup

AEQ Backup
Aeq Backup

Arq® backup is one of the alternatives of Jottacloud. It backs up files every hour which have been selected. Backups are stored in an account whose password is only known to you. The data remains safe as it is encrypted when it leaves your devices. The storage of backups is open and documented therefore, we can call it a transparent software. It can be used to backup various accounts like;

  • One Drive account
  • Google cloud storage account
  • Dropbox account
  • Google drive account
  • Wasabi account
  • AWS account
  • Back blaze B2 account

Arq® cloud back up charges $ 5.99 per month. You can access Arq® using link.

Pros of Arq® backup

  • Encrypts the data
  • Simple to use
  • Duplication is excellently implemented
  • Encryption password is only known to you.

Cons of Arq® back up

  • Arq requires to register for an extra Amazon account after signing up and installation.
  • Arq’s selection option offers selection of a single file at a time. More files can’t be selected at a time.
  • When backup is large it may take a little more time.

3. Back Blaze

Back Blaze is one of the alternatives to the Jottacloud that is used for personal and business backup and cloud storage. Once Back Blaze is set up, you do not need to worry about its operation because, it automatically backs up your data to the cloud server. You can run back blaze on Mac and window systems. Data can be exchanged between the two operating systems without any difficulty.

As different backups employ different methods of protecting the data of their customers, Back blaze uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) military grade encryption. Only after encryption the data is sent to the cloud server which remains safe and secure. A schedule can be set up for backup or continuous backup can also be obtained. Back blaze offers a program called as ‘‘Hard Drive Restore Program’’. According to this program you can have your data in a hard drive and flash drive by FedEx in any place in the world. What you need to do is that you must pay for the hard or flash drive. Once your files are recovered you can send back the drive and can get the refund of your money.

BackBlaze charges $ 5 per month. You can access Back Blaze here .

Pros of Back blaze

  • Unlimited backup is provided by Back blaze.
  • It recovers data by hard drive restore program.
  • Data is made secure by encryption.
  • Customer support service is fast and efficient
  • It is easy
  • Prices offered are reasonable

Cons of Back blaze

  • The file restoration process can be made lesser time consuming.
  • It takes too much time to install
  • Search bar is absent to find folders.
  • Uploading is quite time taking

Above were some of the alternative options you can go for instead of jottacloud. Now wee will discuss the pros and cons of Jottacloud in detail.

Jottacloud Pros

  • Free online backup plan
  • Pricing
  • Offers unlimited storage for only few Euros
  • Sharing and collaboration.
  • Security and privacy

Free online backup plan

Jottacloud offers free online backup plan through which you can get a 5 GB of free storage. It is mentioned on the website that additional GB's can be obtained but it is ambiguously stated that how to get those Gigabits. One of the very common methods of gaining free GBs is friend referrals. You can invite your friends, relatives and other known people to use Jottacloud and in reward you will be given extra free GBs. You can get up to 100 GBs of free storage. When you opt for free trial Jottacloud does not ask for billing information.

Jottacloud asks for very basic information like company name, email address and password. A thirty days of trial is offered to all new business accounts along with all the proposed features. 10 GB of storage is offered to two registered users.


Pricing of Jottacloud is affordable and reasonable as discussed in the features. If Jottacloud is tried for trial purposes it does not charge at all however, if we go for long term usage there are different plans and packages. For small business accounts it costs 7.5 Euros per month and for large business accounts it costs 10 Euros per month.

Offers unlimited storage for only few Euros

Jottacloud offers unlimited storage to personal accounts for only seven Euros per month.

File sharing and collaboration

As stated earlier files of any size can be shared using Jottacloud and a public link of that sharing can be sent via email or text message. Collaborative editing is also possible with Jottacloud.

The built-in sync folder enables the business users to collaborate and share projects efficiently. Files can be shared by the business accounts and individual usersusing mobile apps and web interface too.


The speed of Jottacloud is neither fastest nor the slowest. It shows quite better results in speed testing. If 9 Megabits per second is considered to be the normal speed Jottacloud will be showing 3 Mbps of download or upload speed. So, speed can be called as satisfactory.

Web and mobile options

Computers, tablets and or clouds can be synchronized with Jottacloud. That means you can have an easier access to your photos, files and other documents regardless of the device you are using.

Security and privacy

Security is ensured on Jottacloud as it is based in Norway therefore, United states rules are not applicable on it. Data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. A private key can also be created by the account owner, this facility is available with many other companies too.

Cons of Jottacloud

  • Customer care and support
  • Zero knowledge

Customer care and support

Most of the users of Jottacloud keep on complaining about the customer support systems. They say that responses are rare and time taking from the support team and topics covered on the site are inadequate.

Zero knowledge

Jottacloud does not offer zero knowledge; it is a process of protecting data before it leaves our computer by encoding this data. Other alternatives of Jottacloud like Back Blaze and Arq backup do encrypt the data.

Other cons of Jottacloud are;

  • It provides 5 GB in free trial
  • You cannot upload entire drive

In a nut shell it can be stated that Jottacloud works in case of photos and albums. It is also a nice app if you need to deal with small uploads and downloads. It provides easy services at reasonable prices, so if you want Jottacloud visit


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