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The operational mechanism of almost every business has changed drastically as compared to a decade ago. Digital repositories have replaced the hard-copies and digital marketing has increased the sales many folds with lesser investments. The same goes for any project whether it's academic or a professional one. A digital platform is more comfortable and result oriented than the conventional one.

However, in tandem to the exponential usage of the digital platforms, threat to the data exposure has also increased. In fact, a user had more control to data safety measures using the conventional ways. But, the digital platform provides better results. Thus, using this new mechanism is a necessity to remain in the business.

A digital data is always prone to threats and a multi-million company may need to shutdown its business. These threats include but not limited to a hardware failure, data mishandling, unannounced power failure, natural calamities like fire, flood and earthquakes. Computers and external hard disks can provide quick bucks to local thieves. How can we forget the cyber criminals who can derail a well-running business overnight, even sitting miles away.

Apart from the data loss vulnerabilities, a project may face a monetary threat as well. Criminals have always misused any great invention. This has started happening with the cyber world as well. Today, cyber criminals can encrypt all your data on your computer or website and demand for a ransom, in order to bring back your business online. The ransom is always in the form of cryptocurrency (which is one of the applications of great cyber inventions of this century, called blockchain technology). Cryptocurrency is not a government regulated currency. The victim, or his government officials can never track where the paid ransom had gone.

While a business leverages the potential of a digital platform, it's also important not to undermine the possible risks involved with the technology. Thus, the privacy and security of data are necessary for the success of any project, whether at a local or global level.

This data security has to be applied at various levels to ensure that no stone has been left unturned. A single door, even slightly opened, may cost a fortune to the project. First, the data security needs to be applied at the local level in the form of a regular backup of every bit of necessary data. A 3-2-1 backup strategy should be applied which ensures that you never lose any data and never pay any ransom for the encrypted files. As per this strategy, every data should have three instances. One is the original data which lies on the father computer. The second copy should be taken on an external hard disk. The third copy should be saved miles away on a server which resides inside an infrastructure, quite resistant to natural calamities with high 24/7 security and surveillance.

Another layer is online security. This millenium belongs to information, and this information is gathered from data. Thus, a good pile of data can be quite lucrative to someone. There are individuals and even groups who can steal or distort the data by finding the loopholes in your security system. Thus, a robust firewall needs to stand between your data and those cyber-criminals.

Apart from these, human errors and mishandling can be decreased by installing business level password management utilities.

Various companies offer these services. It's important to choose a provider which suits your requirements. Keep on reading this article to dig deeper in this context.

While it's important to brainstorm every aspect of data security, applying the same is quite a Herculean task. Yes, it is. Because it's almost impossible to track down every front with a single piece of software.

Gladly, there are some softwares who promise to take care of every aspect of the security of the data. The user does not have to worry about a single dimension regarding the data security on the digital platform.

One of these multi-talented heroes is Jungle Disk. And yes, just as its name, the company itself trails quite an interesting history. Keep on reading the article to have more some food for thoughts.

This article is designed to dissect the multi-dimensional service provider, Jungle Disk. On its way, this article will explore the various features of Jungle Disk so that you may decide whether it is a hit-or-miss for you. But don't even stop there, because southwards, this article is packed with user curiosities about Jungle Disk. Those answers may give you more insight into the saviour.

Jungle Disk Review

Jungle Disk review

David Wright, the man behind Jungle Disk, found Atlanta the best place to start providing backup service to the individuals and business owners. It was 2006, when Jungle Disk was finally established and started functioning. However, in 2008 Jungle Disk was acquired by Rackspace Hosting, Inc. David, the founder had to leave Jungle Disk after the acquisition. It's worth mentioning, that Jungle Disk was one of the first backup service providers to use cloud backup and Amazon S3. In fact, David put quite a thought in the name Jungle. Using the Amazon S3 led to the word Jungle, to give a feel of Amazon Rainforest.

In 2010, Jungle Disk was shifted to San Antonio. During these years the development of Jungle Disk suffered because Rackspace was building a cloud infrastructure software program. It was 2013, when Jungle Disk was once again in the priority list of Rackspace. Its customer support was revived from ticketing to chats and phone support. In January 2015, Jungle Disk spun out of Rackspace and now is a privately held company in San Antonio. Yes, Jungle Disk started its march towards success.

In December 2015, Jungle Disk acquired SafetyNet, the first backup for Quickbooks online. Just three years later, in March 2018, Jungle Disk announced one more acquisition. It acquired TeamPassword, the password manager for collaborative projects.

Currently, Jungle Disk provides a cloud backup, a password manager and a suite to protect from cyber threats. It uses Amazon S3 and Google cloud storage to store its user's data. It can backup any data whether it's on your computer, external drive, NAS or mobile. It can even backup data from other cloud storage like Google drive, pCloud, Dropbox. Currently, Jungle Disk has a wide user base of 25, 000 customers. Jungle Disk services are dedicated mainly to business users.

This is just the warm-up, keep on reading to know more about Jungle Disk.

Jungle Disk Plans

Jungle Disk offers its services for small to mid-sized companies. Its plans are called cybersecurity suites. A company which has between 2-20 employees can avail a cybersecurity suite as per its requirement. Jungle Disk spreads the services of cloud storage, collaborative password management and network security through its plans. Jungle Disk has straight forward three variants of plans viz.

1) Cybersecurity Starter

Jungle Disk Starter plan

Cybersecurity Starter is the basic plan of the Jungle Disk. This plan does not include the collaborative password management tool and network security. Cybersecurity Starter plan's features are as below

i) $8 per employee/month

The Starter plan starts with $8 per employee per month.

ii) PC, Mac, Linux, server, mobile backup

With Jungle Disk, the user can take backup of any variant of computer. Is it your awesome Linux machine, a Windows PC, a Mac or a server? Or you have an Android or an Apple in your hand. Jungle Disk will take care of every data even with the Starter plan. Jungle Disk plans refer to users, not to computers. Which means a registered user can use any number of computers and mobiles in the plan.

For servers, there is a different plan of $5 per month per server.

iii) External device backup support

Jungle Disk understands that today a company's employees can not collaboratively work on projects without NAS and network drives. And the external drives support the portability and local backups of data. With Jungle Disk Starter account a user can backup all these external devices.

iv) Email Archiving

In a business every email matters. Thus, even if an employee has left the organization it is important to store his send/receive emails for a specific time frame. Also, the archived emails may be a saviour when quoting a very old work or communication.

Jungle Disk offers email archiving which enables the backup and storage of emails as well.

v) Phishing Alerts

Although today most users are quite aware of the phishing emails, still phishing incidents are a reality and people get victimised. Jungle Disk assures that suspicious emails will always be reported to the user.

2) Cybersecurity Standard

Jungle Disk Standard plan

Cybersecurity standard is the second plan of Jungle Disk. This plan does not offer the network security.

i) $10 per employee/month

The Jungle Disk standard plan is offered at $10 per employee per month.

ii) Starter Cybersecurity features

The Standard Cybersecurity plan already consists of all the features of Starter Cybersecurity plan of Jungle Disk.

iii) Secure Password Management

This feature is the highlight of Standard Cybersecurity plan. With this plan, a secure password management tool is provided. This tool helps the teams to generate secure passwords for various logins. These passwords can be shared among the team members. The admin can add or delete members in the team.

iv) Browser plugins

To speed up and ease the process of password generation and sharing, Jungle Disk provides plugins for most popular browsers Firefox, Chrome and Safari. A user has to login to his Jungle Disk account through the plugin. Then he can access the shared passwords of the team and share the passwords with the team.

v) Two-factor authentication

The password management tool Standard Cybersecurity adds an extra layer of security in the form of two-factor authentication. After entering the login credentials, a user needs to input the received code to access the Jungle Disk password management tool.

vi) Activity Logs

Logs of everything done is important. They provide a historical view, in case something needs to get caught up from the past. Or, just to identify the reason for a current problem. The password management tool provides the feature of logging activities. Email notification facility is also provided for password creation or modification for the team members. Addition or deletion of a member in the team is also notified to the team members.

3) Cybersecurity Complete

Jungle Disk Complete Plan

Cybersecurity complete is the third plan of Jungle Disk. This plan provides the full-fledged features to the user. Network protection if the highlight of this plan.

i) $16 per employee/month

The Jungle Disk cybersecurity Complete is offered at $16 per employee per month.

ii) Starter + Standard Cybersecurity features

This plan already consists of all the features provided in the Starter and Standard Cybersecurity plan of the Jungle Disk.

iii) Firewall

It's not safe to transact the data online without a firewall. While the home firewalls are quite limited to be used for a business purpose, the small and mid-sized companies can't afford the costly enterprise firewalls.

Jungle Disk ensures the online safety of its client data by providing a highly efficient cloud firewall as a part of its security suite. This firewall acts as a robust filter between the users' computers and the cyber world. When a user signs up for a network protection plan, a Cloud-Link device is shipped to the user free of cost. Additionally, the remote support for Cloud-Link installation is also provided free of cost. The virus signatures and other firewall algorithms reside on the cloud, thus the device is always updated with the latest algorithms.

The Network Protection subscription comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So, in case you don't find it not doing its job efficiently, you can always ask for a refund before the 30-day trial period is over.

iv) VPN

The Network Protection also provides Virtual Private Networks (VPN). This feature provides more privacy and work speed.

The user can manage his firewall protection and VPN's with the help of a web portal too. This feature comes handy when the user is far away from his office and needs to manage the team member's VPN or firewall.

v) Ransomware protection

A ransomware can derail a well-growing business overnight. The loss is not just in the terms of business credibility among its clients, but monetary as well. The victim needs to pay for a ransom to the attacker. And yes, this ransom may cost a fortune to the victim.

The Network Protection provided by the Jungle Disk takes well care of the activities on the computer in real-time. Thus, if by any chance a ransomware enters the user's network, it is blocked instantly. Of course, the user is informed about the blocked attack so that the user and his team can identify the activity that triggered the ransomware attack.

vi) Backed by monetary guarantee

Jungle Disk is so confident about its Cybersecurity Complete plan that it offers a monetary guarantee. This varies from $10,000 to $50,000 depending on the Network security plan user has activated.

The Cybersecurity Complete suite is offered in three plans for the Network protection. All the plans are offered per location basis. These plans are

A) Lite Network Protection

Jungle Disk Network protection Lite

i) $49 per month/location

The Lite Network Protection of Cybersecurity Complete is offered at $49 per month for one location.

ii) Backed by $10,000 guarantee

The Lite Network Protection offers a $10,000 guarantee in case the suite fails to block an attack.

iii) Upto 10 employees

The Lite protection can be used for maximum of 10 users. If you have more than 10 employees, consider choosing an upgraded Network Protection of Cybersecurity complete plan.

iv) Free OmniWAN firewall

OmniWAN is the next generation of advanced cyber security. It is a multi-layered security stack that inspects all the traffic using the half of a dozen leading security engines of the industry. All data is tunnelled through the omniNet cloud where a thorough screening process happens for the traffic. This happens for both the incoming and outgoing traffic. Any malware, suspicious link, threat or intrusion is detected and block in real-time. Every security-check happens to the cloud thus there is no chance that any threat can infiltrate to the user's computer.

OmniWAN also optimised the bandwidth by reducing the packet loss and stacking the traffic according to the preferences.

v) Data leak protection

The Lite network protection also promises to secure the privacy of the user's data. The Lite suite prevents any data loss or manipulation while data transaction.

B) Standard Network Protection

Jungle Disk Network protection Standard

i) $89 per month/location

The Standard Network Protection of Cybersecurity Complete is offered at $89 per month for one location.

ii) Lite features

The Standard Network Protection plan of the Jungle Disk offers all the Lite Network protection features as default.

iii) Backed by $25,000 guarantee

Jungle Disk offers a $25,000 guarantee to its Standard Protection plan users, in case an attack gets infiltrated to the users' network.

iv) Upto 100 employees

The Standard Protection plan is offered to a team of maximum 100 users. Thus, if you have a bigger team consider the next Network Protection plan.

v) Static IP

The IPs provided by the ISP are dynamic. They change every time the router reboots. A static IP is important to host a server. Without a static IP, the network computers will ping to another location from time to time while connecting to the server.

Static IP also helps keep track of the activity on a computer. This may help with logging and bandwidth tracking purpose.

The Standard Network Protection of Cybersecurity Complete plan provides the static IP to maintain the server.

vi) Port forwarding

Port forwarding also known as tunnelling, is used to forward a network port from one node to another. This process helps to bridge communication between two computers, if behind a router or firewall.

The Standard Network Protection of Cybersecurity Complete plan allows the port forwarding so that accessing a computer from outside the LAN will never be a problem.

C) Pro Network Protection

Jungle Disk Network protection Pro

i) $139 per month/location

The Pro Network Protection of Cybersecurity Complete is offered at $139 per month for one location.

i) Lite + Standard features

The Pro Network Protection offers all the features of Lite and Standard Network Protection by default.

ii) Backed by $50,000 guarantee

The Pro Network Protection guarantees a $50,000 insurance, in case the security of the client gets breached. This insurance cover reflects the confidence of Jungle Disk on its product.

iii) Gigabit network interfaces

The Pro Network Protection promises a high-speed LAN. This plan provides Gigabit Ethernet. With a Gigabit network, the data transactions over LAN are instant.

iv) Upto 4 LAN or WiFi networks

The Pro Network Protection also allows the use of upto 4 LAN networks or 4 WiFi networks.

v) Site-to-site & 3rd-party VPN

If a company has various branches, then any local branch can use the site-to-site VPN using its internet to connect to the LAN of the main branch.

The Pro Network Protection offers this site-to-site VPN facility so that the other branches can use the LAN of the main branch.

Jungle Disk Features

1) 10 GB Free

As soon as a user opens an account with Jungle Disk, 10 GB space per user is allocated on the cloud for backup. This 10 GB is a part of the Jungle Disk plan and the user does not have to pay for it. This is quite a sufficient space for a single user to get started in the office.

2) Choice of storage cloud

As Jungle Disk had tied up with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Storage, the user always has the choice of backing up his data to his preferred server. This applies to per user not just per Jungle Disk account. Which means, different users of a Jungle Disk account can use either AWS or Google server to backup their data.

3) Encryption

Jungle Disk takes the security of its user's data quite seriously. All the data is encrypted with the military standard AES 256-bit encryption. This encryption is done even before the data leaves the user's computer for the cloud.

Using a specific algorithm and with the help of user password, specific encryption keys are generated. Using these encryption keys, user's data is encrypted. This encryption key is also encrypted with the 256-bit encryption. To decrypt the data, this encryption key is used.

4) Backup from cloud storage

Jungle Disk does not limit its users to backup their data which is just present on their devices. It goes that extra mile to backup user's data present on a cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive. So, in case you want to have a copy of your cloud storage on the Jungle Disk as well, go ahead and take the backup.

5) External Device Backup

While a NAS serves the purpose to share the file among the office members quickly, an external hard disk supports the portability of the data. The network devices are used to map the computers and easily retrieve the files from other computers. No office, even with limited employees, require these data transaction facilities. Thus, a backup of these devices is also important to prevent any mishap.

Jungle Disk supports the backup of NAS, network devices and external hard disks as well. Which means that Jungle Disk is competent enough to take care of your every bit of data.

6) Server Backup Support

Servers serve as a data and network hub for any company. It works a hub because it has more processing power as it handles lots of processes than a PC can handle at a time. It can be used to whether allocate the appliances like shared printer, fax, internet to specific user or not. Any digital facilities to an employee can be assigned by using a server. It can be used as data storage and retrieval hub for the employees as well.

Jungle Disk supports backing up the server data. The server plan is $5 per user per month. However, it should be noted that the minimum cost for a Jungle Disk account is $8 per month.

7) Email Archiving

Archived emails provide a historical record of communication even after years an employee has left. This features can be used for an audit and revisiting a communication which has been buried down by the time. In case of hacked and deleted email accounts, this feature turns out to be a saviour.

Jungle Disk offers email archiving for office 365 and G suite. It provides unlimited email archiving and storage with its plans. It also offers an eDiscovery feature to easily search the required emails from the server. In case, your email account gets hacked and all emails get deleted all you need to do is restore them from the cloud server.

8) Share and Sync

Taking backup of data is important. But, at the same time sharing the data with someone is also a crucial part of a successful business. You cannot give your backup account credentials to someone just to give them a single file residing on your cloud storage. A sharable link accomplishes the purpose.

Besides, sharing, syncing is also a necessity. It's time-consuming to every time share a link to a specific person. Syncing is a feature which updates the files residing in a folder among the members. This process is done automatically as soon as a file arrives at the sync folder.

Jungle Disk provides both the features of sharing and syncing. One just has to keep a tab on the file size limit as Jungle Disk limits the sharable file size to 5 GB and sync folder capacity to 10 GB or 100,000 files.

9) Password Management

With the password management tool which is provided in the Standard and the Complete Cybersecurity suite, team members can share the passwords among them. Jungle Disk also offers the browser plugins for the popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Credentials of this password management tool are secured with two-factor authentication. On top of that, the members of the team are notified via email about the password modifications, team members addition and deletion as well.

10) Network Security

Jungle Disk offers complete network protection, which is the highlight of its Cybersecurity Complete plan. A user is provided with a Cloud-Link device and remote installation support free of cost. Any malicious activity is detected and blocked on the cloud itself, thus, the user's computers are never affected with any threat.

Jungle Disk Pros

1) Pay per GB

As soon as a user signs up an account with the Jungle Disk, every member of the account is provided with a 10 GB space on the cloud. After this 10 GB is occupied the user pays only for what he needs. Jungle Disk offers 1 GB at 15 cents ($0.15) after the 10 GB space gets filled up with the backup.

This is quite different from other backup service providers, who allocate huge storage space, of which mostly remains unused. In addition to this, even if a user occupies the allocated space, he has to upgrade his account to get more space. This upgraded plan is often more expensive than the one he just occupied.

2) Backup from any device

Yes, Jungle Disk is not biased with any device. It supports all of them. All your data on that awesome Penguin, Apple, Windows, Android and iOS can be backed up with Jungle Disk. All you have to do is install the respective client or mobile app for your device and you are good to go.

3) Unlimited versioning

A major edit on a file may seem to be a serious mistake after months. But, the file before that major edit is gone and now the user is out of luck. Having a backup of a previous version is quite a saviour in such situations.

Versioning feature of a backup service keeps the preferred number of previous versions of a file. Jungle Disk even with versioning goes to the extra mile and offers an unlimited number of versions to be saved on the cloud. Yes, there is no limit to the versions of a file you can have for a file. You can also instruct Jungle Disk to restrict the number of versions in order to save the space on the cloud.

4) Unlimited Deleted file retention

Once a user deletes a file on his computer, it remains alive on his cloud storage, this is a feature every competent cloud backup service provider offers. Usually, there is a limit to the number of deleted files a user can retain on the cloud. Even with the retention of the deleted file, Jungle Disk does not put any limitation.

Of course, you can instruct the Jungle Disk to retain specific numbers of deleted files to save your storage space.

5) Fast

Using the Amazon Web Services S3 and Google Cloud storage gives Jungle Disk the advantage of high backup and restoration speed.

6) Security

The military grade AES 256-bit encryption secures the user data from an evil eye in the cyber world.

7) Complete package

With the backup, password manager for the team and network security, Jungle Disk establishes itself as a complete suite for company having 2-250 employees.

Jungle Disk Cons

1) No single user plan

Jungle Disk is not for personal users. It is only for small to mid-sized companies. Because, while for a server Jungle Disk services start from $5 per user per month and one user is charged as $4 per month for backup, the minimum cost for Jungle Disk is $8. Thus, one can not use Jungle Disk services for just one server. Either he has to have two servers or pay the price difference i.e. 8 – 5 = $3. Same applies to the personal computer user. Either two computers have to be in the plan or pay the difference 8 – 4 = $4

2) Does not have own server farm

While there are some perks for using the Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud Storage like speed and choosing the preferred storage and server location in EU or US there is a downside as well.

Not using own servers for backup, means Jungle Disk (and its users) is forced to abide by any changes the cloud storage provider applies in future.

3) No continuous Backup

A continuous backup is a saviour in unfortunate incidents such as hardware failure or unannounced power failure. While a file is being edited, such incidents corrupt the file which may be very important. A continuous backup takes the backup of every edit of the current file. Thus, even a file is corrupted for whatever reason, it can always be restored from the cloud.

However, the Jungle Disk does not offer the feature of continuous backup. Absence of this feature may be a deal breaker for some users.

4) No Image Backup

There are times when the OS gets corrupted and the only way is to reinstall the OS. Even after reinstalling the OS, a user has to again install all the preferred applications to get back to business.

A good image backup software not only backsup the OS, but also backsup the installed applications as well.

Jungle Disk does not offer the image backup, thus absence of this feature may be a limitation for certain users.

Our Rating 4/5

Jungle Disk Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a Jungle Disk backup vault?

Backup vaults of Jungle Disk employ the file level compression and de-duplication to reduce backup time, size and storage costs. This is like an incremental backup. After the initial backup, subsequent backups save time and storage by backing up only the parts of the file that have been modified.

2) My server is appearing on the Jungle Disk Client?

It may take some time for all your servers to appear on the Jungle Disk client during the connection. If your server has not appeared on the server management client even after some time follow the below procedures

a) Try restarting the Jungle Disk Server agent service on your server. You can follow the detailed procedure to restart the server agent here.

b) Your firewall or antivirus may be blocking the connection. Try whitelisting the Jungle Disk server agent in the firewall and antivirus. Then restart the server agent o your server.

c) Try resetting/updating. the server license key. To do so, follow the below process

i) Login to your Jungle Disk account

ii) In the control panel go to Licenses

iii) Click the Reset link on the server you are trying to connect to. A new license key will be issued to you. Copy this new license key.

iv) On Windows connect to your server remotely by Menu -> Jungle disk folder -> license key tool and enter the new license key.

v) On Linux enter this new license key to the license file and save.

vi) Restart the service again.

This will solve the problem.

3) Can I import my current passwords to Jungle Disk TeamPassword?

Yes, Jungle Disk allows importing all your current data to the Teampassword database. To do so, follow the below procedure

a) Login to TeamPassword

b) Click https://app.teampassword.com/dashboard#import_data

c) Click step:1 Prepare your data

d) Click on "This Template" to open a spreadsheet sample

e) Copy all your csv data

f) In the spreadsheet leave the first column blank and headers untouched

g) Paste your csv data in this spreadsheet

h) Create a title for each of your passwords. This will be used for the search feature

i) Put a comma after each entry

j) Go back to Import data page

k) Click on step 2: Copy Prepared Data

l) Copy all the content of spreadsheet and paste in this window

m) Click on step 3: verify and manage sharing

n) Check that your all the data is correct

o) If there is any error, you can rectify it manually

p) Done

4) How can I close my Jungle Disk account?

Before deleting the Jungle Disk account it is important to mention that first, you must delete all your data on the Jungle Disk account. If you don't delete the data, you will be billed even after closing your Jungle Disk account. This is because Jungle Disk uses the third party Amazon S3 and Google cloud servers.

To close your Jungle Disk account, follow the below procedures

i) First, you need to cancel your license

ii) Go to this link and click Cancel against all the subscriptions

iii) On the same page, on top there is a warning asking you to delete your data as well. At the end of the warning, there is a link which says click here. Click that link to delete your data

iv) Finally you will be taken to survey. Fill that. Then enter your Jungle Disk account password and hit Delete

v) A data deletion message will be displayed

vi) Done

As the Jungle Disk bills are postpaid, you will get one bill even after deletion.

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