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Livedrive Review

Finding a decent online backup is hard enough on its own these days and when you need backup along with online storage space, the task becomes even more difficult. Although there is a plethora of online backup and storage services available, but finding a reasonable one that is offering incredible features in good price is not that easy. Livedrive is among the backup and storage services which is known for its amazing features, great speed and even greater backup and recovery services. This article is directed towards the detailed review of Livedrive.


Livedrive came into being in December 2008 since then it has been providing an amazing online backup and storage services to its users and has gained immense popularity in this field. It was founded by j2 Global with the aim of providing online backup and sync storage services. It offers unlimited backup space to its users and more than 2000 GB of online storage space. It also offers freedom of access and you can access the drive via mobile phones and tablets. The main target of this service is small businesses and home users.

Although it offers some amazing features but its pricey plans prevent it from making it to the best storage services. Livedrive is not even in the top best backup services and that too because of some of its odd functionality and expensive plans.

However, it do offer great speed and recovery options especially for Europian users because its servers are located in UK. Although it does offer amazing speed to the users of other countries and state but the people of UK are in luck here.

Livedrive has an edge in offering not only the traditional online backup features but the space offered is also unlimited. Along with that, it offers great ease of use and extreme privacy due to its compliance with the European privacy laws. But it lacks zero-knowledge encryption which is quite important in backup and storage services. Moreover, it also lacks the two-factor authentication. Users and regular customers also have some serious issues with the payment and support service of Livedrive and due to that it is often rated as a poor service to invest in.

We are going to look at the detailed and comprehensive review of Livedrive. We will go through its pros and cons, the features of Livedrive, review and rating for the features rated separately. A review video is also given in case you are not interested in reading the whole review. A pricing section is also available so you can have a look at its packages. Moreover, important frequently asked questions are also discussed later in the article. Finally the review is summarized giving a final verdict whether you should invest in it or not.

Pros & Cons of Live Drive

Pros and cons give you a helpful insight in deciding whether to spend money on a service or not. You can just look at the pros and cons and weigh a software or service. Below are listed the pros and cons of Livedrive:


1. Unlimited backup space

2. Incredible versioning feature

3. Sync storage space

4. Good dashboard feature

5. Easy to use and user-friendly

6. Mobile and desktop versions


1. No zero-knowledge encryption

2. Only effectively protects a single computer

3. Expensive

4. Non-availability of live backup

5. Slow performance in data uploading

6. Non-availability of two-factor authentication

7. Not secure enough

8. No option for full disk backup

9. Non-availability of block-level backup

10. Card details are needed for free trial

11. Cannot perform backup based on file type

Features of Live Drive

Below are listed some of the incredible features of Livedrive:

1. Online Backup

Livedrive promises its users to keep their data safe and secure on their cloud storage. If you sign up for Livedrive, it automatically start keeping a copy of your important data on their servers so that in case of any mishap you can recover all your data without any trouble. Even if your PC is broken you can easily restore the files. This is especially useful for businesses where keeping their data safe and secure is the ultimate goal and Livedrive makes sure of that.

2. Instant Access to Files

You can view your backed up files anytime anywhere. Livedrive gives you access to all your photos, videos, files and media an instant access so that you can view them or download them at any time. You can get access to your files either through logging in to your account on their website or using their iOS, Android or Windows apps.

3. Simple Restoration of Files

With the Livedrive account, you have the ability to easily download the backed up files and media. If there is any hardware damage or a natural disaster like flood or fire in your area or even in the case of accidental deletion or theft, the files are safely present at the servers and you can easily download them. It keeps as many as 30 previous versions of files so that even if you have made any accidental changes you can revert it back.

4. Backup a NAS drive or a Second Computer

Livedrive offers an amazing add-on using which you even backup your NAS drive or other computers. With its Pro Suite product, you can backup up to 5 Mac or PC users. You can also backup your mobiles and tablets with this add-on.

5. Livedrive Briefcase

Livedrive briefcase is a special folder where you can put your files so that you can edit or view them later from any device, smartphone, PC or tablet. It offers more than 2000 GB of storage space where you can keep your files for a later editing or viewing. It also offers security to your briefcase files.

6. Easy file sharing

No need for emails now as you can share your files easily through briefcase either privately or publicly. If you want to share your briefcase files privately, a unique username and password is generated for you to share with your recipient so that they can access the files securely. For public sharing, a link is generated which you can post on social media or send via email.

7. Ease of Use

The user interface of this service is simple and straightforward. You can access the control center of this service using the system tray icon. The control center interface is also elegantly designed having its main menu on the top and the content is shown on the remaining window.

The web application of Livedrive show you a list of all the devices that you have connected and the files that you have backed up. It also provides access to the Briefcase as well where you can edit and view files easily. You can also view the important support information using the web app. You can navigate between the different features using a menu located on the left side. It don’t have many features so you won’t get confused.

A mobile app is also available for Livedrive that lets you access your backed up files and media in a fast and easy manner. It is available for both iOS and Android. The shared files can also be viewed from the mobile application and you can even open your music files as well.

The desktop app of Livedrive is somewhat lacking behind from the rest of its two counterparts because it kind of get stuck in the middle irritating the users. The app get stuck while uploading or downloading files or folders from the drive but it is also necessary as Livedrive make you choose files or folders that you want to backup.

8. File Backup & Restoration

Livedrive automatically selects a few of your folders for backup which usually includes desktop, documents, and pictures, music, and videos folders. However, it does exclude some of the files so you need to manually select the files that you especially need to backup. One thing that hurts the reputation of Livedrive is that it does not support backup by file type which is available in most of the competing backup services. Backblaze is one competitor that offers this facility including a much simpler user interface.

You can schedule the time for backup according to your needs. You can set them for daily backups or you can schedule it to scan the drive for changes made after a few hours so that the modified files can be backed up. That totally depends upon the needs of the user or the business.

You can also restore the files that you have backed up using a desktop app on a computer or a web app. You can either select individual files or folders to restore or you can restore all the files available at once.

9. Speed

Backup speed usually depends upon the amount of data you have to upload for backup. Initial backups are usually slow whereas its downloading speed or the restore speed is usually higher. Moreover, the uploading and downloading speeds also depends upon your proximity to the UK servers and the speed of your internet connection. According to the speed test done by, Livedrive took an hour or so to upload a folder of size 1GB which it should take more or less 24 minutes in theory. The location was Belgrade, Serbia. The downloading time, however, was quite close to the theoretical time of 2 minutes. The uploading speed was 6 Mbps whereas the downloading speed is much higher i.e. 83 Mbps. If you are struggling with the bandwidth consumption, you can alter the settings by selecting “settings” and then choosing “advanced” and then choosing “Bandwidth”.

10. Military Grade Security

Livedrive make sure that your data is highly secure and fully protected that is why it uses military grade security. It encrypts the data during transmission and also provides on-rest encryption to make sure that your data is safely backed up at their UK servers.

You can set a password for your Livedrive account so each time it starts you have to enter the password to access the files on it. This is especially important if someone steal your laptop and tries to restore the information backed up on your Livedrive account.

The information listed on the security page of Livedrive mentions that it possesses three layers of physical data security. In order to detect and prevent intrusion attacks, the data centers are being monitored 24/7. All data centers are also ISO 27001 certified as well.

11. Privacy

It doesn’t provide zero-knowledge encryption which is considered as its low point but it uses AES 256-bit encryption to encrypt the files before uploading them. Due to the absence of zero-knowledge encryption, it is not considered completely safe. It is mentioned in its privacy policy that your personal information can be share with the external advisors, legal and regulatory authorities and any other legal persons. It is also mentioned that it is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation which is consiederd an adequate protection for the European users.

Livedrive also does not use a two-factor authentication system. So that if someone steal your password, he can access your account and all your files. Therefore make sure to create a strong password.

12. Support

Livedrive offers a good support to its users in the form of a forum where people can ask their questions and get replies. Moreover, there is a feature that shows service status which is also of great help to the users. If you could not find an answer to your question of the FAQ forum, you can always submit your ticket to the support team. The timing for the support team is Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. They usually give a response to a query in about an hour which is good enough though the support can be improved by making telephone support and online chat available to the users.

Pricing of Livedrive

The pricing details of this service is as follows:

Livedrive Picing
Livedrive packages

Traditional backup plan from Livedrive will cost you £5.00 per month and provide you with an unlimited backup for a single computer along with the access to the files using the mobile application. In order to get NAS feature you have to pay an additional amount of $6.33 per month but you will have additional facilities like versioning, restoration and encryption of files. You can have at least 30 versions of a single file available.

If you want the Briefcase, you will have to pay £10.00 per month to get 2000 GB of sync storage space. You can also directly share your files using Briefcase which is available for both mobile and desktop applications. You can also backup your phone data as well including photos and videos. Briefcase also keeps up to 30 versions of your files in case you want to restore a previous version.

The Pro Suite package combines the above described two packages allowing you to use the sync storage space along with the backup facility. The sync storage space will be 5000 GB with unlimited backup space and you can get all this in £15.00 per month. Pro Suite subscribers also get an additional feature of NAS backup support and they can access it by adding the network folders on to the drive in their backup selection using the “account settings” option.

Livedrive is not cheap when it comes to pricing and even with the Pro Suite package that combines the amazing features of its other two plans, you can get an enterprise backup, sharing and syncing solution in almost competing price.

Review & Rating

Overall, Livedrive is a mixture of some good features but lacks some necessary features.

The rating of the software is as follows:

  • Ease of use (79%)
  • Features (80%)
  • Pricing (70%)
  • Security (80%)
  • File backup and restoration (77%)
  • Support (80%)
  • Speed (76%)
  • Privacy (80%)

Review Video

Here is the review video for Livedrive:

Review Video for Livedrive

Livedrive Coupon Codes

Below are listed some of the coupon codes that you can use to get some discounts on Livedrive packages:

1. You can get the Briefcase plan in just $13 using this offer.

2. You can get a Livedrive reseller with a 30 days money back guarantee in just $59.95 with this offer.

3. Livedrive Professional Briefcase plans can be availed using this code in just $12.66.

FAQ for Livedrive

Below are listed few of the questions asked frequently by the users:

Where are Livedrive servers located?

Livedrive servers are based in UK.

How to cancel Livedrive account?

In order to cancel your Livedrive account, you simply need to visit this link and fill out a cancellation form.


Livedrive is a great online backup and sync storage service by j2 Global. It offers some pretty great features like military grade security, high privacy, Briefcase, direct sharing, etc. making it a worthwhile investment but it lacks in some features. It does not offer two-factor authentication and zero-knowledge encryption compromising security and privacy. Moreover, its prices are also comparatively higher. But still I would rate this service a 4 out of 5 stars or 80%.











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