How To Reset Roku Without Remote in 3 Different Ways?

Reset roku without remote

Roku is one of the best streaming players out there. Here we have compiled an easy guide to let you reset roku without remote.

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How to reset Roku without remote

To reset roku without remote is certainly one of the most difficult problems a Roku owner faces.
Each roku streaming player comes with a convenient WiFi enabled remote that allows you to watch the latest blockbusters and most-anticipated programs on your TV screen, but missing or destroying your controller will lead to extreme headaches.

Luckily, there’s a way there’s a wide variety of strategies that can be tried to keep watching your beloved programs without playing a hundred bucks on a new remote display.

Do you not feel like streaming your shows anymore because of your bad streaming experiences? Do you want to gift your Roku device to somebody else?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you might make a factory reset on your roku stick or setup box. We recommend that you do this before calling this company to buy a new player via customer support.

This will result in the following

Disconnect your Roku computer and your account
Delete all the settings for customization
Enable your streaming system to its default settings
Doing a factory reset to change your device back to its default settings is quite a simple procedure that even a person without prior experience can conduct this by just following the measures below to reset roku without remote.

Tap the home menu on your controller and choose Settings to pick the device, then Advanced Settings to factory reset, then execute the directions on the screen.


Even without a functional remote control, you can do different strategies on your own to keep watching your favorite show at home. If you’re curious how to restart the roku stick without remote control, you can do the following methods as well.

Method 1:

the oldest streaming players in this company has a physical reset button located at the bottom of the back of the computer you can start the process by clicking the reset button.
the primary distinction in how to reset roku without remote control is that you can push the physical button with your finger, but the configuration box is a small pointing object due to the pinhole reset button.

If you have located the hardware reset button, you should do the following:
Physical reset button for a period of 10 seconds.
Make sure your streaming device is on.
A flashing warning light shows that your system is running a factory reset.
When the light stops blinking only then it means that the device has finished reset

Anyway, if these following measures don’t succeed, you can do a hard reset on your streaming device and then later follow these instructions.

Push the physical reset button for around 15 seconds, with just a power cord inserted into your system
After this time, disconnect the power cable from the streaming device,
Let the reset button go and attach everything back to your streaming device


If your smartphone and roku are linked to the same wifi network, then download the Roku app from the App store or Google Play store available on Apple and Andoind devices respectively.
Download the app on your smartphonephone or laptop.
Once you open the software on your unit and select the remote option.
Connect it with the streaming player, and start the factory reset from advanced machine settings.
This software has the same feature as the real Roku remote, which also helps you to play, pause and switch channels on a streaming player, except if your Roku system and smartphone are not on the same Wi-Fi network, you will need to use a mobile hotspot.

Here are measures on how you can do that:

Move to your phone settings and tap Mobile Hotspot
Next, pick a mobile hotspot configuration and in the Wi-Fi network make sure you chose WPA2 PSK as a protection mode to save your settings
Turn on hotspot to install roku app and tap the remote choice.
Connect your streaming device to the same Wi-Fi network and enter the correct password and run the factory reset from the advanced setting framework.

Reset Roku without Remote method 3

Method 3:

if your streaming device is an Ethernet model, you can also execute a factory reset roku without remote control by following these directed instructions:

Move 1: Link your HDMI Ethernet and power cable to your streaming player and wait for the notification to say connect remote to your computer.

Move 2: Go to your wireless network settings tab and connect to Roku 142-567AB, a figure that generally varies from one device to the other.

Step 3: go to Remoku TV using a computer browser after you see The Set Up screen on your device.

Step 4: Connect your Remote and execute factory reset from advanced device settings

When you run this method, make sure that you use a wired connection before setting up your Wi-Fi network configuration, otherwise you will have to reset your request and player using the physical reset buttons and repeat all of the above instructions.

For more details watch the video below:

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