Sling TV: First Live TV Streaming Service

Multichannel Television Subscription services have gone through tremendous price inflation and that has affected their customer base and people have moved on to other sources of digital entertainment like live streaming services requiring only a good internet connection. 

Dish Network is the greatest giant in the satellite broadcasting world, but they also recognize and acknowledge the fact that the future market trend in America and all around the globe is the growing market of streaming and on-demand content services.

That is why they have introduced Sling TV as their market competitor for Live TV Streaming Services. This has paved the way for Dish to adopt and polish so many common features that are now available in almost all the streaming services. Here we have details of all the services that Sling TV is providing so that you can be sure if it is the right service for you.

Sling TV

Well, you might be thinking why do subscribers need a streaming service just to watch TV, when you clearly have many good deals in terms of on-demand entertainment content like Netflix and Pandora that offers much more, where you can stream so many things without any hassle and that also with fewer costs. 

Well, the answer is pretty simple, as many giant broadcasters such as Dish Network have their live TV channels stream up and running already and they just have to get that stream to subscribers by signing some right contracts, Dish TV implemented this idea for the very first time in the industry with Sling TV and then many other broadcasters followed suit and now there are many competitors in this field as well.

Basically, you will get a replacement for your multichannel TV with the new Sling TV subscription. You will move towards a more modern TV service with less bulk and more functionality, with a few setbacks as Sling TV will offer lesser channel options for subscribers. Below, we have explained a couple of basic Sling TV packages.

Sling TV Packages

To keep things simple as we are following a theme of simplicity, Sling TV offers only two basic packages for subscribers, these are Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Both the Sling Orange and Blue package starts at just $20 per month. 

The main difference is in their channel lineups as both of these packages are targeted at a very different audience. The name Sling TV might be a bit confusing to you but the service is compatible with both the major operating systems iOS and Android, it is also compatible with Windows devices and Amazon Fire and Kindle devices.

As Sling TV is all about internet streaming so you need a good internet connection. We recommend an internet connection with a minimum of 5 Mbps speed to have a smooth experience with HD content and smooth support for Cloud DVR. 

Sling Orange

This package is about all the general entertainment that a normal user wants, where you will find a full array of all the popular lifestyle, sports, and news channels. Some of the premium channels from Sling Orange are Disney Channel, Bloomberg, Lifestyle Extra, all three ESPN channels, and HGTV plus History.

Sling Blue

This one is more focused on the mature audience with an interest in live events and news, you will get many premium news channels along with some decent channels from niches added as well. The local news channels added to the blue package are Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, but with this one, you will get the NFL network instead of the ESPN network from the Sling Orange.

If you look into the value, both packages are almost the same and it comes to the preference of the subscriber while choosing any one of the two. The only major difference that you should know and consider is that Sling Orange is only restricted to one screen and does not support multiscreen simultaneous streaming. 

This drawback makes Sling Orange less attractive for families and is leaning more towards single subscribers. Blue package on the other hand gives you this support of multiscreen viewing with up to three screens at a time.

There is one more thing Sling TV subscribers can do, there is an option to buy a Sling Orange+Blue package that will give you best of both worlds, where you can get all the available channels in both the packages along with the ability to watch on three screens at the same time. This package will cost you $35 per month which we think is reasonable for the service.

Sling TV Add-ons

Along with the main packages, there are some add-on packages in the Sling TV as well. These add-ons give you the option to add many small channel packs into your existing package. If you have Sling orange or blue package then you are qualified to get any of these add-ons that we are going to mention here. 

These add-ons are:

  • Sports Extra package: This one will give you access to the whole sports inventory of Dish Network which has a total of 18 channels for a price of $10 per month. The channels include NHL network, Stadium, NBA TV and many more.
  • Kids Extra: As teh name suggests, this one will include 8 kids channels in your package for $5 per month and these channels include Disney XD, Disney Jr. and Nicktoons among many others.
  • Heartland Extra: This one is a light add-on which will add some outdoor sports and American Lifestyle channels in the lineup. You will get the Destination America, the Sportsman Channel, the Cowboy Channel and many other for $5 per month.
  • The Comedy Extra: This one will add a total of 9 top-rated entertainment channels to your lineup including MTV, Paramount network, and TruTV for $5 per month.
  • News Extra: This add-on will give you 10 top news channels from all around the world for $5 per month extra. These channels include BBC world news, Newsmax TV, HLN and many others. 
  • The Hollywood Extra: This one will give you all the Hollywood gossip and entertainment for $5 per month extra and the channels included in teh lineup are Sundance TV, CineMoi, Reelz and many more.
  • The Lifestyle Extra: This one will give you all the general entertainment content with the channels like BET, VH1 and some cooking channels for $5 per month extra.

Now if you want to go all out and wanna have all the channels in the whole Sling TV lineup, with all the above mentioned add-ons, well you can do that too. With their Total TV Deal you can get a Sling Orange+Blue package for $35 per month and then you can add all the above mentioned add-ons for an extra $20 per month. This will make a total bill of $55 per month with all the Sling TV inventory, which we think is not a bad deal.

It will also give you a Cloud DVR Plus for Sling TV as well, with which you can store up to 50 hours of content on the cloud.

Sling Latino

Just like the parent company, Sling TV is not forgetting the Spanish community. They have specially curated and added the Sling Latino package in their lineup. The Sling Latino basic package has more than 20 Spanish channels including many popular programmings like ZEE Mundo, Cine Latino, Familia Discover, Azteca and many more. 

Keep in mind that this is the Sling Latino basic package that has no add-ons available right now and can only be purchased if you are an existing subscriber of either Sling Orange or Blue package. This one costs $10 per month extra and there are many other add-ons for other languages like Central America, The Carribean, Mexico and South America.

With all the above mentioned services Sling TV is providing, we think it is just the right time that you ditch your cable TV for a more modern and internet based streaming service. Sling TV is basically a leader in the industry of streaming TV subscription services, YouTube premium and Hulu are catching up fast but there is still a reasonable gap.

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How does Sling TV work with DISH?

Sling TV is basically the internet version of Dish TV. Sling TV is a sub brand of Dish Network and due to the decades of expertise in TV services of Dish, Sling has an edge on the market competitors. D

What is Heartland extra on Sling TV?

The Heartland extra is a light entertainment add-on from Sling TV, which adds many ligh hearted general entertainment and lifestyle channels to your subscription, whether it is Sling orange of blue package. You will get channels like Destination America, the Sportsman Channel, the Cowboy Channel.

Which is better Hulu or sling?

Hulu is catching up fast with their own entertainment production and offers, but Sling has better services and more content for now.

Does Sling TV require Internet?

Yes, Sling TV is an internet-based live streaming service so it requires a minimum of 5 Mbps speed internet connection to work smoothly.

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