SOS Online Backup by Infrascale Review

We all have been struggling with keeping our online data safe and secure from the intruders, hacking, theft and from natural disasters for decades now. The threat is even more serious for the businesses where thousands and millions of users are storing their data for safekeeping. In such cases, a disaster or a cybercrime attack could be catastrophic. That is why it is utterly important to invest in a data backup like SOS online backup so that you don’t have to face the losses, both in the form of data and in the form of money.


SOS Online Backup from Infrascale is one top of the scale software option for cloud backup. It assure you to keep all your online data safe and secure with minimal downtime and quick recovery. The software has been in service since 2001 and has gained a loyal customer market till now. The company altered its name to Infrascale in 2012 but its main backup software retained the same name.

Although from the price point of view, SOS online backup software is a little bit expensive but what gives this software and service an advantage over other competing software is its blazing speed.

The reason for its amazing speed is its widespread network of servers which is based in India, US, Ukraine and Australia. Infrascale’s SOS online backup managed to overcome the server congestion issues which limits the power of this software. Finally it is able to use the full internet bandwidth to give you the best service possible.

Some of the popular features of this software include mobile backup support, true archiving, unlimited versioning, NAS and private encryption. But it also lacks some of the most important features like continuous backup, file access through browser and two-factor authentication. So people have mixed reviews regarding this software.

You can also invest in the office version of SOS online backup in order to backup your business devices but still the cost factor is worth considering here as well.

In this review article, we will look at the features, pricing, pros and cons of the software and will finally rate the software based on the review. Moreover, you will also find coupon codes for the software if you are interested in buying. Even if after going through the review you still feel confused, there will be a list of frequently asked questions and their answers which will help you finally make the decision whether to invest in the software or not.

Pros & Cons of SOS Online Backup

In order to decide if you want to spend your hard earned money on any product is by getting to know its pros and cons to weigh the product usability. Below are listed the pros and cons of SOS online backup by Infrascale so that you can have a clear understanding of your gains and loss:


1. Local and online backup

2. Hybrid backup

3. Mobile backup

4. Reliable security options

5. Network attached storage (NAS)

6. Blazing fast downloading speed

7. Private 256 AES encryption

8. Unlimited storage

9. Unlimited file size and versioning

10. Archival features


1. Expensive as compared to competitive software

2. No availability of sync features

3. Missing two-factor authentication

4. No file sharing option

5. Outdated user interfaces of both desktop and mobile apps

6. Continuous backup is missing as well and is only limited to individual files

7. No access to files through browser

Features of SOS Online Backup

Below are listed some of the incredible features of Infrascale’s SOS Online Backup:

1. Mobile Backup

Not only does the SOS Online Backup provides full security and backup for your desktop devices but it also offers backup options for your mobile devices as well. Most of the backup software are only designed for desktop backup so having a software that protects your smartphone devices with backup is something good to get started with. By backing up your mobile devices and smartphones using SOS Online Backup, you can prevent data losses caused by software glitches or hard drive crashes. It gives you a one-stop shop to backup all your devices including PCs, tablets and mobiles. You can even backup unlimited NAS devices with SOS Online Backup as well.

2. File Archiving

Another amazing feature of SOS Online Backup software is that the files are never deleted, and never means “NEVER”. It offers true archiving which means that even if you delete your files from the device, it will always be available on the cloud which won’t be deleted automatically. The Save Forever feature of SOS Online Backup allow you to access all the present and past versions of your files in just a flash. However, you do not get free unlimited cloud space so you will need to set the client to remove the deleted files from the cloud after a fixed time limit.

3. Unlimited File Versioning

SOS Online Backup software also allows you unlimited file versioning which means you can change and edit your files and documents as much as you like and it will not up much of your backup space because only the modified part of the file will be backed up. Due to this, file versioning should not use much of your backup space.

4. Multilayer Encryption

According to the claims of SOS Online Backup software makers, your data is 100% secure from hackers and prying eyes as it is encrypted with the military grade multilayer encryption model. You can rest assured that your data is well-protected under the hands of a great encryption protocol.

5. Ease of Use

Another great feature of this software is that you don’t have to be technically trained to use it. It comes with user-friendly interfaces and easy to follow installation wizard that helps you to get maximum advantage of its features. You just need to download and install a desktop client of the SOS Online Backup application in order to run it on your home devices. It works great on both macOS and Windows. The installation will only take a minute and then you have to log in to your account that you have created while registering with the SOS Online Backup software. After logging in, you will be asked to choose a security plan to get started and your account will be all set to use.

6. User-Friendly Interface

The desktop interface of the SOS Online Backup is quite simple, clear, minimal and easy to use. As soon as you launch the application, it will scan your hard drive to give you recommendations about creating a backup plan. It has a link that will take you to the web portal of SOS Online Backup.

7. Web Portal

Web portal give you browser access to your backup software. It will display your dashboard where you can view notifications, backup statistics and information like total space used, etc. The client also gives you the ability to monitor different processes and to generate reports. With this web portal, you can also review your logs and backup history. And not only this, you can export these logs and backup reports to Excel, which is quite an exciting feature. Another amazing feature of this web client is allowing you to set retention and versioning policies which fairly cleans up the backup space.

8. Mobile Backup Client

It offers a mobile backup client as well so you can handle the backup of your mobile devices and smartphones on the go. It allows you to access the cloud storage. You can also view the files you have downloaded and browse through the favorite files and you can easily create and mobile backup plan. With the mobile backup client you can schedule your backup according to your needs. The client is available for iOS and Android.

9. File Backup & Restoration

File backup and restoration feature is a fairly easy option to work with. It needs a selected file or folder for backup which you can do manually or automatically. The desktop client helps you to automatize the process by scanning the files that can be backed up. After the scan is completed, you will see the files and the backup space it will need. You can also edit the automatic scan by excluding the specific files based on its type or size or by specifically including the files. Folders can also be excluded and there is also a separate option for custom file types.

The backup features SOS Online Backup provides include backup scheduler, incremental backup, external drive backup, NAS backup, hybrid backup, mobile device backup and block-level file copying.

The restore features SOS Online Backup provides include mobile app access, deleted file retention and file versioning.

10. Online Backup Scheduling

SOS Online Backup gives the facility to schedule backups so you can create a backup of your important data at your own pace and your own timing. Continuous backup in SOS Online Backup is not a reliable option as it is only taken while the files are being edited. The default setting of an SOS Online Backup is set to a daily schedule. If you want more extensive backups, you can set it to an hourly schedule as well but you can’t backup in minutes or seconds because the smallest option is only an hour. You can also enable manual backup option by altering the default settings.

11. Hybrid Backup

SOS Online Backup also allows you to take backup on both the cloud and the local folder that can be an external device, which is known as hybrid backup. Hybrid backup is the best example of implementing the 3-2-1 rule.

12. Blazing Speed

SOS Online Backup is known for its amazing backup speed because of its worldwide spread servers and data centers. However, initial backups may take some time if you have gigabytes of data to be backup up and this speed also depends upon your distance from the server and the stability of the network connection. The distance factor is almost negligible because you are always in close proximity to one of the 16 worldwide servers of SOS Online Backup software.

13. Extensive Security

SOS Online backup is not set to encrypt your files by default. But if security is your ultimate demand, you can manually choose AES 256 encryption. This option is particularly useful if you are backing up sensitive data or business information. SOS Online Backup allow you to keep your encryption key or you can give this task to the software itself. If you choose to keep the encryption key yourself, you will have a private end-to-end encryption which is known as “zero-knowledge encryption”. This ensures maximum protection as only you can read your files.

If you want full private protection, you need to set it before your start the encryption process and you cannot change it later. Although private encryption is more secure, but once you forget your password, SOS Online Backup won’t be able to help you to reset it. SOS Online Backup also deploys SSL/TLS protocol to protect the data during transmission.

The software also uses RAID configurations for real-time monitoring and redundancy. The data centers re also fully secured with temperature-controlled environment systems, 24-hour staff, badge access, video surveillance and redundant power backup systems.

14. Privacy

The software provides complete privacy by complying with the Swiss-U.S. and EU-U.S. privacy shield frameworks. The main purpose of the use of this framework is to ensure proper management, collection and use of the information that is sent from Switzerland and EU to U.S. SOS Online Backup is owned by Infrascale so its privacy policy is hosted on its website. Even if you enable private encryption, it is still important to read privacy policy regarding the personal user information.

Pricing of SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is considered a bit expensive as compared to its competitors but the fact that it offers different subscription levels to the users is truly worth considering. You have the option to choose from multiple packages according to your needs. But the packages are all too expensive than those which are offered by the competitors making this software all the less desirable. Below are listed the details of the packages offered by SOS Online Backup.

SOS Online Backup by Infrascale Review 1

SOS Online Backup offers a package of $3.75 per month with forever and unlimited archiving and retention, infinite and unlimited version history, and almost all the features whereas the similar package of its competitor Carbonite is under $8.33 per month and MOZY offers it under $5.49 per month. The details of the pricing comparison can be seen on the official website of SOS Online Backup here and the package details are described here.

Review & Rating

SOS Online Backup is a reliable backup option for both home and offices but it lacks a few important features that other backup software offers in almost the same price. The features like browser access, two-factor authentication and continuous backup are all missing which is undesirable if you want full protection and security. Moreover, the software is also a bit expensive which give buyers a pause. Though the speed, security and privacy offered by SOS Online Backup is quite amazing, people can still get the same services including the missing ones as well in much less cost through competitor backup software like Carbonite, Acronis and SpriderOak, etc.

The rating of the software is as follows:

  • Ease of use (78%)
  • Features (80%)
  • Pricing (76%)
  • Security (87%)
  • File backup and restoration (72%)
  • Support (83%)
  • Speed (80%)
  • Privacy (80%)

Here is the review video for SOS Online Backup:

Review Video for SOS Online Backup by Infrascale

SOS Online Backup Coupon Codes

Below are listed some of the coupon codes that you can use to get some few bucks off:

1. 25% SOS Online Backup, here is the link.

2. Save up to 25% on Online SOS Backup here.

3. Some more coupons for SOS Online Backup here.

FAQ for SOS Online Backup

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding SOS Online Backup are given as follows along with the answers so you can decide whether to invest in the software or not:

What is SOS online backup?

Ans. It is an online backup company owned by Infrascale which is based in El Segundo, California. The company came into being in 2001 and later its name was changed to Infrascale in 2012 but the original software is known and distributed by the same name.

How to cancel SOS online backup account?

SOS online backup account subscription can be cancelled using a service named “Trim”. If you are no longer using the SOS online backup service and want to cancel your subscription, you can simply text Trim to cancel it and its done, as simple as that.


SOS is a reliable online backup option for personal and professional use with some amazing features and incredible flexibility but it demands a high amount of monthly or yearly investment from your end for its services. You can find comparable services in a lot less price in other competitive online backup software. The average rating for all its services and its cost will be 4 stars or 80%.









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