How To Sync Your Roku Remote(New or Old)



Sync your Roku remote with this easy guide. Roku gives the most straightforward approach to transfer your number one motion pictures and recordings on your TV. It similarly offers the response for access the Roku TV by giving the best nature of remote control. The Roku far off is planned with the voice control highlight. To understand and learn how to Sync Roku Remote, adhere to the bit by bit guidelines given underneath ( Check our guide on how to reset Roku without remote ):

  • On the off chance that you set up a Roku remote for the first time, open the back cover and insert the necessary batteries.
  • Close the remote back cover and keep it accessible.
  • Make sure that a Roku TV or a stick is turned on.
  • Draw the Roku remote nearer to the TV and it will be detected naturally.
  • If you are shown by Roku TV to sync roku remote, pick the option Yes.
  • If you have sync roku remote once before this already, and if you’re trying to sync roku remote, look for the Pairing button on it which generally is next to the battery compartment.
  • Tap and hold the pairing button for 3-4 seconds, and stand by until the light is enlightened.
  • Go to the Home menu on your Roku TV and pick Settings on the left board. 
  • Snap Remote, and afterward pick Connect Roku Remote. 
  • The Successful Pairing message will currently be appeared to you on the screen.


The Roku remote is equipped for controlling speech and numerous other progressed features. To access Roku TV by remote control, follow the steps mentioned below to Sync Roku Remote with your TV:

  • Switch on your Roku TV and keep the remote pointed straightforwardly towards the TV. 
  • Go to the home screen of Roku and pick Settings.
  • Pick Search Remote Settings to start from the Settings menu.
  • Pick Yes to certify when you hear music.
  • Now, attempt to raise the volume by using the remote Roku.
  • Choose Yes if the music ends.
  • Snap the Home catch on it to set up the remote. 
  • Go to the Settings menu on your Roku TV and pick Remote.
  • Select Set Remote for TV Control and pick Start to finish the arrangement naturally. 
  • Follow the Sync Roku Remote prompts that are appeared to you on-screen and complete the arrangement.

How to SYNC Roku Remote 1:

In the event that you are designing and setting up a Roku remote for maybe the first run through, change the settings on the Roku TV. To sync Roku remote to your Roku TV, adhere to the bit by bit directions underneath.

  • Swing open the cover of your Roku remote.
  • Insert the necessary batteries in the particular compartment. 
  • Close the Roku remote back cover and force on the Roku Device. 
  • Spot the Roku remote nearer to the TV and it will be recognized naturally.
  • Click Yes when you are asked by Roku TV to sync roku remote.
  • On the off chance that you’re searching for Sync Roku Remote, find the pairing button on it. 
  • You can see the Pairing button near the battery compartment. 
  • Snap and hold the Pairing button for 5-10 seconds, and hold on until you see a gleaming light. 
  • Go to the Home menu on your Roku TV and pick Settings on the left board. 
  • Pick Remote and choose to Pair Remote
  • A Successful Pairing notice will show up on the TV screen of the Roku gadget.

Sync Roku Remote 2 :

A Roku remote with the Pairing button is generally termed as Enhanced Remote. If you have an upgraded remote from Roku 2, follow the steps below to attach Roku Remote to your Roku TV:

  • During the initial configuration, the Roku remote will attempt to connect to the system by pairing.
  • Switch on your Roku TV and place the remote nearer to it.
  • Stand by until the Roku remote is naturally matched to your TV. 
  • In the event that the remote doesn’t match, restart your Roku TV. 
  • Open the back front of the Roku r andemote eliminate the batteries from it. 
  • Re-introduce the batteries in the particular compartment. 
  • Now hold down the Pairing button close to the battery compartment.
  • Wait until the remote is connected to the Roku TV.
  • After the  connection is established successfully, a remote pairing message will occur on the Roku TV.
  • Click OK and you can use the remote control to access the Roku TV.


The original  Roku 3 remote is automatically connected to your computer.On the off chance that it doesn’t work, at that point you need to pair it physically to deal with and power your Roku 3 TV. Here are steps you need to follow to sync Roku remote 3:

  • You need to set up your Roku 3 TV before Sync Roku Remote with the instrument.
  • Unplug the power connector of your Roku unit from the electrical attachment and link it back in once more.
  • Get the remote that came along with your Roku 3 TV and find the back of it where the batteries are to be inserted.
  • Remove the back cover and mount the batteries into the remote.
  • Ensure the batteries are firmly fixed.
  • Select the Connect Roku Remote catch inside the battery compartment and press it down for around 3 seconds. 
  • Stand by till the LED on the far off quits flickering.
  • Click any button on the remote to make sure that the corresponding feature works.


If you cannot control your Roku system, this means that your remote device is not functioning.This could be because of the breakdown of the battery, the internet connection, or your Roku gadget. On the off chance that it’s excessively hot, stop utilizing the remote. In the event that you can’t associate the remite to your TV, you ought to follow the measures beneath. 

  • Please consider restarting your Roku TV. Disconnect the power cord from the TCL Roku TV as well as the electrical socket.
  • Let it sit idle for a bit.
  • Try to connect all the cables and verify if the remote is functioning.

Option 2:

  • Re-link the Remote 
  • Take the batteries from the remote and introduce them in the appropriate openings. 
  • Put in another arrangement of batteries if the older ones are not functioning.
  • Don’t adjust the sides of the batteries while placing them.
  • Connect the remote by holding the Connect Roku Remote catch for a couple of moments.

The wireless interference from the HDMI connector can have an effect on your remote when you plug the Roku Stick straight into your TV. Try to use an HDMI extension cable to prevent this problem.


Based on the Sync Roku remote you are using, the troubleshooting measures might generally differ. So get to know the remote via looking for the Pairing button on it.If it is there, it is an Upgraded Remote, otherwise the instrument you are using is a Normal IR Remote.


  • Point your remote towards the TCL Roku TV straightforwardly.
  • Check around to see if any items overlap with the access path and remove them from the path.
  • In the event that you have one, ensure that the sound bar doesn’t come in the way of the sensor.
  • Place the remote within your TV’s operating range.
  • Check if the batteries are properly put in and re-insert them if they don’t operate.


  • Since, this remote doesn’t work on a wireless network, there is no compelling reason to point it towards the TV. Check if the battery is functioning admirably and change them if there is a need. 
  • Supplement the batteries, as showed up in the unit.
  • Reset the TCL Roku TV & Remote and check if it has started functioning.
  • Try to connect Roku Remote again.
  • Find and open the battery unit at the back of the remote.
  • Click the button below the battery for a few seconds.
  • The LED close to the button will begin blazing, demonstrating the effective matching of the remote. 
  • Now link the remote to your TCL Roku TV and begin utilizing it.
  • These steps will help you pair and sync your remote to your TV.

For more information check out the video beow:

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