How Do You Turn Roku Off 3, 4, Premiere and Ultra?


How to turn off Roku third generation media player

There are many different ways in which you can easily turn off your Roku player. You have to determine which Roku device it is and then you can easily switch it off.

Ways to turn off Roku if you are running it on direct AC supply

You can directly pull the plug from the wall socket to turn it off. This is a simple way to turn off your Roku streaming device.

Another way to switch off your Roku device is to turn off your surge protector, if that is how you have connected it to power.

If you have connected it via a smart power saving strip. It will automatically switch off after sometime of not being in use.

Turning off Roku, if you are running it on USB power

While running Roku on USB power, you can unplug the USB cable from the USB slot to turn it off.

Turn off Roku 4

People who own Roku 4 are lucky because while you can’t turn off Roku 1, Roku 2, and Roku 3, there is a simple way to turn off Roku 4. Roku 4 comes with a new feature that enables you to safely switch it off

Go to the Settings menu in your Roku 4 and then navigate to System. Here you will see a Power option. The Power option comes with three different features.

Auto Power Off
When you choose this option on your Roku 4. It will automatically shut down in 30 seconds.

System Restart
Choosing this option, you can restart your Roku 4.

Power Off
This option shuts down the Roku 4 device immediately.

So using these three options is pretty simple. If you want to start your Roku 4 again, you can do it by pressing any button on the remote.

How to turn off Roku 3

Unlike Roku 4, Roku 3 doesn’t have a turn off feature. This means that you have to turn it off manually by disconnecting it from the power supply, whatever it may be. It is perfectly safe to switch off your Roku 3 this way.

You can also connect it with a smart strip for automatic turn-off, when the device is not in use. Please note that if you are using a smart strip, your TV will also reboot every time you turn it on again.

Using a smart strip or disconnecting Roku 3 to switch it off will surely save you energy.

Switching off your Roku Express

Just like Roku 3, Roku express doesn’t have a turn off feature or switch either. You can however turn it off by using other methods or you can put it into power saver mode to save your electricity expense.

To turn off Roku express, simply plug the USB out. If you are using an extension cord or a surge protector, you can switch it off using the powe switch. Turning off your Roku Express is a good idea because even after your TV is switched off, the media would keep on playing unless power is stopped to the device.

You can also ensure automatic switch off, as soon as you switch off the TV, if you put the Roku Express cable in the Child slot.

Turn off Roku Premiere, guide

Roku Premiere is another amazing device which brings more than 500,000 movies in 4K UHD, HD quality to the comfort of your home. Roku Premiere comes with a remote and connects easily with a HDMI cable to your TV.

You can easily turn off your Roku Premiere device by using the remote which comes along with it. Once you have taken the remote out from packaging, put in the batteries and pair it with the device successfully.

Once the remote is paired, press the Home button on your Roku Premiere. Then enter Settings option and go to System. Select the Power option and you will see a button to power off your device on the screen.

How to turn off your Roku Streaming stick
Roku streaming stick is another amazing product offered from Roku. The streaming stick directly connects to the HDMI port and gets its power from there.

It is super easy to turn your Roku streaming stick off. Just remove it from the HDMI port and it with turn off. Some TVs don’t supply power to the HDMI port when they are switched off. In that case, turning your TV off will also switch Roku Streaming Stick off.

In case you are powering your Roku Streaming Stick with extrernal USB power; you can also disconnect the power supply from there to turn it off. If you are experiencing some issues while using your Roku stick, you can reboot your TV from Settings menu, by using the TV remote. Sometimes rebooting the TV can fix any minor issues that are troubling the user.

Turn off Roku Ultra

Roku ultra is one of the high end device in the Roku range. It features Dolby audio which works with Dolby sound compatible TVs. It also comes with a voice remote, which we think is a pretty handy feature.

It has many different ports for all kinds of connections and a lovely find lost remote feature. The remote has many shortcuts that connect you directly to streaming services like Netflix.

Roku Ultra can be turned off by going to Settings and going under the Power option. Then you will see three option for shutting of your Roku ultra. You can shut off in 30 seconds using the Automatic Power Off or you can turn it off immediately using Power Off.

Can Roku Voice be turned off?

Roku devices come with an audio guide feature. This feature reads aloud some of the key items on the screen, so a user can use it without even having to look at the screen. However you can turn off your Roku Voice audio guide feature in case you don’t like it.

If you want to turn your Roku Voice off, press the star button on your Roku remote 4 times. It will take some time for the voice feature to be deactivated. After a small delay, the audio guide feature would be turned off.

There is also an alternative method to turn off your Roku Voice. Navigate to the Home page. Choose the settings option. Go to Accessibility. You will see the Audio Voice option, turn it off.

Alternatively, you can also turn it off from the Speech Rate option.

Turning off Closed Captions while using Roku

While streaming some forms of media or movies, there is the option of seeing Closed Captions. A lot of the Youtube videos has Closed Captions. By default Closed Captions on Roku are turned off.

However, if you turned on Closed Captions and now want to turn them off, follow these instructions. Using the remote, go to the Settings menu. Now navigate to Accessibility menu. There you would see the Captions section. In the Captions section, you can turn Closed Captions off to stop them from appearing.

If you want to change the style, appearance, background, font, and other settings of Captions, you can easily do that in the Caption menu.

Jailbreaking your Roku device
It is not possible to jailbreak or unlock your Roku device. Trying to do so can also void the warranty you have on your Roku product. Rather than trying to jailbreak your Roku, you have a lot of other interesting options available.

For example, you can use the screen mirroring option to see other content on your TV. You can mirror your phone, or laptop screen easily. To do so, switch on your Roku. Then go to Settings and select the System option. You will see Screen Mirroring button there.

When you select this option, a prompt will appear on your screen. Every time you try to mirror the screen, the prompt will show. This is a safety feature. You can always select Always Allow to do this without the prompt every time.

Now you can play a video on your PC or Phone and it will simultaneously play on your TV via your Roku.

Can you jailbreak your Roku 2?
Again, jailbreaking or unlocking your Roku 2 is not possible. However, you can make use of the screencasting feature to be able to enjoy streaming directly from your phone or computer without any trouble.

To cast from your mobile. Go to any screen and select the Screen Cast feature from your notification bar or from your Phone Settings. Sometimes you see the casting option only when you are playing a video on your phone.

When you select the casting button, it will show you a list of allowed devices, you can cast to. You will also see your Roku device listed there. Select Roku from the list and it will start casting it to your TV.

This way, you would be able to play any video directly on your Roku TV and you don’t need to jailbreak or unlock your device.

Unlocking Roku 3
Unlocking or Jailbreaking your Roku 3 device is not possible so far. It is also not recommended to try to jailbreak your Roku device. Instead you can make use of the screen mirroring feature to play whatever you want on your Roku.

To use the screen mirroring feature, connect your Roku device and go to the Settings option. You will see the System option. Enter the System option and select the Screen Mirroring feature.

Please note that your device which you want to mirror, and your Roku must be connected to the same WiFi network. You will get a prompt to allow the screen to be mirrored

Looking for how to jailbreak Roku? Read more here.

In case you still cannot turn off your Roku device, access official support page here.

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