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One of the best Internet and digital services providers in the US is Verizon and most of you must have heard of it or experienced the incredible service from Verizon. They do not only provide internet services but also wireless and TV services to the residential customers of the US. We have this detailed article for you to go through all the ongoing promotions and deals from Verizon that you can avail yourself of right now and can save big at the end of this disastrous year. 

TV service from Verizon is called Fios TV and here we have all the details on access to the latest offerings from Verizon on Internet Wireless and Fios TV.

Verizon Promotions and Offers (Internet and TV)

There is a latest Verizon Internet and Fios TV promotion that you can avail right now if you order the service from Verizon online. This offer is Verizon Fios Mix & Match.

Verizon Fios Mix & Match

This offer includes Verizon Fios TV and fiber-optic internet for just $89.99/month:

  • Get 425+ channels with Verizon Test Drive for 60 days 
  • Get an unlimited Wireless and save $20/mo
  • Get a free 12 months of access to Disney+ (worth $6.99/mo)
  • Unlimited fiber optic gigabit connection (940 Mbps download speed)
  • A multi-room DVR option and Verizon TV smart remote with voice controls
  • With only one-time activation fee and no extra or hidden charges

Verizon Internet Packages

We have mentioned the promotional bundle offered by Verizon above and here are all the standalone fiber optic internet packages that Verizon is offering right now:

  • 200 Mbps: This package includes a 200 Mbps internet connection at the rate of $39.99/month
  • 400 Mbps: This package includes a 400 Mbps internet connection at the rate of $59.99/month
  • Gigabit Internet: This package is Verizon’s flagship package that includes an internet connection of 1 Gbps with 940 Mbps download speed and 880 Mbps upload speed at the rate of $79.99/month

keep in mind that there is no extra charges or hidden fee with the activation of any of the Verizon Fios Internet package and you get a free unlimited wireless connection as well when you subscribe to any of the above-mentioned packages.

And keep in mind that internet wired speeds will be as they are advertised but wireless speeds will vary with respect to area and devices connected. You will have to also pay $15/month of router rental fee with a Gigabit connection. 

There are terms & conditions and taxes applied as well as the availability of connection is totally subjected to the area and you will have to confirm that availability from Verizon’s website. You will also have to enable AutoPay with paper-free billing and will have to do an initial deposit.

Verizon Fios TV

These are all the standalone TV packages from Verizon:

  • Your Fios TV: This one is the basic TV package with 125+ channels at the rate of $50/month
  • More Fios TV: This one is a notch up from the basic package and offers 300+ channels at the rate of $70/month
  • The Most Fios TV: This one is the premium TV package from Verizon and offers 425+ channels at the rate of $70/month

There is a promotional TV package as well:

  • Fios TV Test Drive: This is a promotional package from Verizon that offers you 425+ channels at the rate of just $50/month for 60 days, just like a test drive of their premium service.

They also offer Youtube TV service as well:

  • YouTube TV Premium: This package includes a complete YouTube TV Premium catalog, Live streaming, and 6 accounts in a family subscription with 3 concurrent streams at the rate of $49.99/month

They also have Spanish packages in their TV service catalog:

  • Fios TV Mundo: This package includes 110+ channels including Spanish and English channels at the rate of $70/month
  • Fios TV Mundo Total: This package is their Spanish premium package that includes 215+ channels for $90/month

Now for all the TV packages for residential customers, you will be required to pay $12/month for the set-top box and $15/month for the router charges along with your package. Keep in mind that you do not need a set-top box with a YouTube package. Both of these hardware pieces will come free of cost if you order MOre Fios TV or The Most Fios TV packages.

This service is also available in selected areas and will have to check on Verizon’s website for that, you will have to pay $99 in terms of setup and taxes for the first time and will be required a deposit.

The Advantages of Fios TV + Internet Bundles

Verizon services have some of the unmatchable advantages in the industry as:

  • They offer you 100% fiber-optic internet service.
  • There is no extra fee for extra sports channels or local channels.
  • Fios TV offers the best and highest video quality possible for each channel depending on your screen resolution without any extra charges.
  • Fios TV offers a voice control remote.
  • You have YouTube and Netflix built-in to your Fios TV and you can access YouTube at channel 837 while Netflix at 838.
  • You can also mix and match any of the services of your choice and get the best of both internet and TV.
  • Fios TV DVR service allows you to watch at 10 TVs simultaneously and record 12 channels at once.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is the mobile phone wireless service that Verizon offers and there are many promotions and packages that you can avail of in this category from Verizon as well.

Verizon Wireless Promotions, Deals & Offers

Combined Wireless and Fios Internet Plan

When you combine your Verizon Wireless and Fios Internet plan you will get various rewards. You will save $30/month in your total bill, will also get $10/month extra on your next device. If you order this combined plan online you will get it free of setup charges and also keep in mind that these rewards depend on the Fios internet and wireless package you choose.

Wireless Free Phone Offer

Yes, this is actually a free phone service where you don’t have to pay any taxes or extra charges and just have to avail of a Verizon Wireless package and you will get a free phone with a 24-month contract from Verizon Wireless.

Military Discount Program

If you are a military Vet or from a military family, you can avail amazing exclusive discounts from Verizon that you will have to check by calling them.

How fast is Verizon Fios internet?

they have many packages in fiber optic internet service, they offer from 200 Mbps to 1000 Mbps download an upload internet speed.

How much is Verizon Internet and TV?

Their basic Verizon Mix & Match plan starts at $89.99/month where you get Verizon Internet and Fios TV.

Can I get just Internet from Verizon?

Yes, we have mentioned all the internet only packages from Verizon above.

Is 200 Mbps fast enough for Netflix?

Yes, 200 Mbps internet is more than enough for any kind of UHD streaming on Netflix or YouTube, and with a 200 Mbps Verizon connection you will have no problem with Netflix at all.

Is Verizon better than At&t?

This is a very subjective question. Both companies offer the best of the best in internet and digital services and it sometimes comes to personal choices or availability in some areas. You can check all the At&t offers and promotions here.

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