Verizon Fios Internet Plans and Prices

Verizon’s Fios Internet is considered to be one of the best in the United States, with the recent stats that we saw in December shows the highest customer satisfaction score from Verizon Fios internet services. A remarkable internet service with very flexible price plans and fiber-based internet service without any type of contract is something only Verizon pulled off and people are actually moving from other service providers to Verizon Fios for these extras with their high-quality internet.

Fios Internet

Now Fios is Verizon’s brand for all things digital and fiber, so they have Fios TV services and we have explained each and every detail of Fios TV here. Fios internet and other digital services from Verizon are considered to be new in the field and sometimes people are reluctant to try out new things as they might be unreliable and cause some unnecessary hassle.

But we are here to change that perspective by explaining all the Verizon Fios Internet plans and how they are one the best available in the market right now and this might shock you as well that they are the number one ranked internet service providers in speed and reliability by

Fios internet is a 100% fiber-optic internet service that can not only give you the most reliable internet download and upload experience but also high quality 4K TV streaming as well if you’re into that.

Fios Internet Plans and Prices

Verizon Fios is considered to be the most simple and easy to understand service for customers with just three internet plans to cover all the needs and a wide range of consumers. Most people will find their plans to be enough and just right for them, but even then they have the option for customized plans for bigger customers or companies. 

Also, keep in mind that all three of these plans that we are going to mention here will come with one year of Dinsey+ subscription for free which will save you $6.99 per month and you can even cancel the service after one year without paying anything extra. 

You will also get a $5 per month discount on all internet plans if you are a subscriber of Verizon mobile service plan in the total bill if you keep them both. And the best thing about Verizon Fios internet as we mentioned before is that they do not need any kind of annual contract to start the plan of your choice and you can cancel at any time you want and in the end, another thing to mention is that they offer straight symmetrical speeds so you have equal upload and download speeds at all times.

200 Mbps Plan

As the name suggests, this plan delivers 200 Mbps fiber optic internet and it is the basic and cheapest Fios internet plan priced at $39.99 per month with AutoPay. It is a go-to plan for small households where you do not have many devices connected to the internet all the time and you only need a couple of devices at a time with high-speed internet and streaming. 

400 Mbps Plan

This one is a medium-ranged plan priced at $59.99 per month with AutoPay and this one will provide you decent bandwidth with many connections at the same time. This is the best plan for any kind of household where you can stream and download large files simultaneously without any lags and can connect more than 10 devices at the same time. 

Gigabit Connection

The top-notch and highest level Verizon Fios internet plan is the Gigabit internet plan. It is claimed to have 1000 Mbps of ideal download and upload speed but it comes very close in real-time testing at around 940 Mbps of download and upload speed at any given instance.

It can take on all kinds of internet demands in the biggest households with continuous streaming, online gaming, downloading, and video calling without any kind of problem. The plan itself is priced at $79.99 per month but has some extra incentive to offer to subscribers where new customers get a $100 prepaid gift card from Verizon on the order of a new connection and you won’t even have to pay $15 per month extra in router rental fee.


If you are planning to get a new Verizon Fios connection, you will be happy to know that a new FCC survey shows that Verizon delivers more download and upload speeds than they advertise and that justifies their plan prices and also such good customer satisfaction score. 

Fios internet also has no additional charges or any kind of hidden fee for customers and the only extra that you have to pay is $15/month in terms of router rental fee and even that is in the plan price if you opt for the Gigabit plan. 

Another huge advantage of Verizon Fios over other service providers is their customer service which is also ranked the best and highest in the US in recent times by the American Customer Satisfaction Index report. Though we do recommend that if you want to get any type of customer support then try to contact Verizon through their online chat service rather than call service as calls have higher waiting times and you will get their response from social media handles.

Verizon also offers TechSure Plus offer and you can subscribe to this offer if you want additional and constant tech support from Verizon. This service is priced at $10 per month for the basic subscription with four tiers and will cover all your tech needs and requirement including Verizon tech support and all other tech support needs as well as McAfee security, Home Device Protection, and LifeLock.

Final Verdict

The first clear advantage of Fios internet is that it is high-speed fiber optic internet and then it is also giving all subscribers symmetric download and upload speeds. The no contract and no hidden fee policy from Verizon is something that is loved by all customers and their biggest advantage over other internet service providers. 

The only drawback we could think of in Fios internet is that it is not yet available everywhere and you will have to check for availability on Verizon’s website. They have summed up the needs of each and every customer in three plans. If you want to know more about Verizon packages and stuff, we have it all here.

How much is Verizon Fios Internet only?

Their starting Internet-only package is a 200 Mbps plan which is $39.99 per month.

Can I get just Internet from Verizon?

Yes, as we have mentioned above, you can get Fios internet-only plans from Verizon.

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