Verizon Fios TV Equipment Guide

Verizon Fios TV is one of the best TV services in the US, which offers many features and services with a very market competitive pricing and value to money strategy. If you want to know more about Verizon Fios TV packages, you can check our detailed guide on Verizon Fios TV Packages and Prices

Here we will be talking more about the equipment they provide when you subscribe to Fios TV. Verizon gives you all the necessary equipment you need to get yourself a small home entertainment system. 

Fios remote control, Fios App, and the option to choose extra speakers to give an extra touch to your home entertainment center are all included in the Fios TV package. Here are the details on every piece of equipment you will get with Fios TV.

Fios TV Voice Remote

As the name suggests, this remote not only puts hours and hours of entertainment at your fingertips but will also give you access to huge libraries of entertainment, sports, and news on your voice commands through the Fios TV Voice Remote. 

All you need to do is to press the mic button on the remote and then you can say any command you want for the TV to follow, you can ask for it to ” Open Netflix ” or ” Go to On-demand Section “. These are just examples and you can say many more commands like these.

This smart remote has a very proper and easy to follow layout and you can easily go through channels,  programs, menus, or change volume with the remote. But it is not like the traditional remote control where you have to literally point out the remote at the TV because they use old Infrared signals to connect to the TV but this smart remote uses Bluetooth and remains connected to the TV all the time so can use it from anywhere without having the need to point it out towards the TV box. 

Fios TV One Mini

This is Verizon’s TV box that is the coolest thing they give you with Fios TV, it works with a Wi-Fi connection and automatically pairs to the Bluetooth voice remote and you don’t have to do much of the work. 

You don’t need any kind of coaxial cable with the Fios TV One Mini and all the connections and pairing are done through Wi-Fi and you will only have to connect one power cable to the TV box. The Fios TV One Minibox is a very minimalistic and sleek looking box and doesn’t do any damage to your overall room aesthetics. 

Fios TV One 4K

Fios TV offers 4K compatibility with the UHD content available, and that actually means if your TV can support it then you will get four times more resolution than a normal HD TV with a much better color range and wider image. 

There are many 4K channels available on Fios TV and you can even find many movies and on-demand content in 4K. Many news and sports network also broadcast their programs in 4K so you will not be missing out, this is an added feature to enhance your viewing experience.

Multi-Room DVR

As the name suggests, this one is the best feature in Fios TV where you will be able to record any program of your liking through a special set-top box. While Multi-room DVR means that you can control the play and pause aspects of your recording from all the rooms where you have got this multi-room DVR setup. 

DVR actually means Digital Video Recorder and it is just a programmed computer whose work is to record and save all the live programming from the TV that you want to save and then you can watch that TV show or program whenever you are free and want to watch.

You will get the functionality of play, pause, rewind, and fast forward in the live TV and it has two plans that allow you a number of shows and simultaneous recordings.

  • Fios Multi-room DVR enhanced will allow you to record 6 shows at the same time and you can watch your favorite program on 5 different TVs.
  • Fios Multi-room DVR premium allows you to record 12 shows simultaneously and you can watch your favorite program on 6 different TVs.

You can easily pair your multi-room DVR with the Fios Anywhere App which lets you control all the aspects of the DVR and you can start/stop recording whenever you want or you can also set timers for your favorite shows and the recordings will start automatically. 

Also, keep in mind that Verizon Anywhere App is free to use if you are a Verizon Wireless subscriber. 

Verizon TV Software

Softwares make a huge part of the overall user experience and Verizon has a great app to accompany you anywhere with its services. 

Verizon TV App

This is a free app that comes with the Verizon Fios TV and you don’t have to pay anything extra for this. It is available on both iOS and Android and you can control almost all aspects of your Verizon Fios TV settings and experience with this app. 

This is basically a control hub where you can control and change settings of your TV, DVR, and can also live stream stuff or watch recorded shows or movies or all the Fios TV on-demand content.

The app will be available right after you order Fios TV and you can start using it even before the installation of the Set-top-box or the TV itself.

Fios TV Software

With the streaming software, you will get access to many streaming apps like Netflix, Pandora, or YouTube. You will also get a channel guide to access the apps, like Netflix will be on channel 838 and YouTube is on channel 837.

With Verizon TV equipment, you will have a fully integrated service always at your disposal and at a very reasonable price that doesn’t break your bank. 

What Is Verizon Fios TV One?

Verizon Fios TV One is the set-top-box for Verizon’s live and on-demand TV service and we have explained all about it in our guide above.

What are the Fios TV packages?

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