Verizon Fios TV Packages And Prices

Streaming services and digital media consumption has been on a rise for quite a while now and we saw a surge in the usage and consumption of digital media this year with everything going on and people locked down in their homes, having nothing to do but watch TV and stream their favorite shows. 

Now we are seeing more and more customers choosing new internet-based streaming services and ditching the old traditional TV plans from old providers for something better and new and hassle-free. This is where Verizon enters the horizon with their new and edgy offers, up to date plans, and packages in the online TV and streaming market. 

With very market competitive prices and fair offerings, Verizon Fios TV is a hit of the year and giving hard time to competitors in the US market. Here, we have a detailed article to guide you through your favorite Verizon Fios TV packages and help you choose the best one for you.

Verizon Fios TV

With a catchy and to the point tagline of “More than just a cable TV”, this is what Verizon is aiming to achieve with their Verizon Fios TV service. They are giving you some value with their TV service that other TV service providers are missing nowadays. 

Earlier this year, Verizon made a very good decision and decided to uncouple their Internet, TV, and Phone service, and before that their TV service was a bundled offer that only came when you had Verizon Internet or Phone already installed.

Even though the standalone TV service costs you a little more than when you bundle it with other services, but it saw huge success and many people subscribed to their standalone TV service plus you actually have to only pay for the service that you are using and the one you need with nothing extra.

There are some upsides with the Verizon TV that we already mentioned no other provider is providing. One is that there are actually no extra fees or service charges than what is advertised. You will only pay for the bundle price and $12/month for the first Set-top-box if it is not included in the plan already.

The thing that we liked the most with Verizon is that they have totally eliminated any contract necessity and customers can now order the TV service on monthly basis, plus all the big news channels and sports channels are already included in the package channel list and you don’t have to pay extra for any premium channel.

Packages and Prices

Here are all the packages and offers by Verizon Fios TV:

Fios TV Test Drive

This is limited time but a very compelling offer for first time Verizon TV users as the new customers will get the most premium TV service from Verizon at half of the price for two months straight. Basically, you will get 425+ channels, including all the premium channels at the rate of $50/month for the first two months.

This is also a great plan if you start using Verizon Gigabit or wireless, you can opt for this test drive offer and your watching habits will be monitored by Verizon itself and then at the end of the first month, you will get the most suitable TV plan for you from Verizon digital tool.

This digital tool from Verizon is not just a flick but actually a very useful tool and will give you proper and useful insights on your watching habits and what plan is best for you and then you can choose a plan accordingly after your two months test-drive period.

Your Fios TV

The most basic TV subscription from Verizon is Your Fios TV package where you get 125 channels at $50/month. The catch here is that you can personalize these 125 channels and can keep the channels that you actually watch. 

Now selecting a whole list of channels can be a time taking process, here we see Verizon’s digital tool again at your service. YOu can select five of your top favorite channels and then Verizon digital tool will create a channel lineup for you on the basis of your liking.

Not just that, you can change this channel lineup at the end of your billing cycle and can have an entirely separate channel lineup every time. This package gives the best value for money if you are not too much into TV channel numbers game and only want the best and the most useful ones only.

More Fios TV

A tier up from the above mentioned basic plan, this one offers 300 channels at the rate of $70/month but you will not have any channel personalization option. 

Don’t worry, there are some other perks with this package as well. First, you will get a $50 free gift card, and then the whole set-top-box is free as well, whereas you have to pay $12/month for a set-top-box with the above-mentioned package. 

The Most Fios TV

This is the highest and top-end tier TV package that offers 425+ channels from all categories, and most probably won’t miss any channel at the rate of $90/month. You actually don’t need any of the customizations with this offer as you will be getting all the possible channels out there. 

But there are some good perks with this one as well as you will get a $100 free gift card and free set-top-box but also some free basic DVR storage as well. You will get 50 hours of free HD DVR storage with two concurrent recording streams.

YouTube TV

As the name suggests, this package offers a complete YouTube TV Premium package for $49.99/month. With this package, you will get free DVR storage and that too, unlimited. You will also get the first month completely free with all the YouTube Premium content.


Fios TV App

When you get any of the Verizon Fios TV subscriptions you will get a free Fios TV app with it which is available on both iOS and Android and will give you access to all the live channels and on-demand content right on your mobile phone screen. It will also allow you to watch your DVR recordings and customize your Verizon account and subscriptions. With the Fios TV app you won’t even have to use your data for watching TV.


There are three DVR packages that you can avail with Fios TV. The basic DVR package is the one that comes with all the Fios TV packages included at the rate of $12/month. 

Then comes the MRDVR enhanced that will give you 100 hours of DVR HD Storage at $20/month. Then is the MRDVR Premium, that will give you 200 hours of HD DVR storage and can record up to 12 concurrent broadcasts for $30/month.

Can you watch Fios TV on your computer?

Yes, as we have explained above, you can watch Verizon Fios TV on any device with internet connection through online Verizon streaming.

Does Verizon offer TV services?

Yes, Verizon started standalone TV services earlier this year.

How does Verizon TV compares to At&t TV?

It is a matter of preference and also about the availability of services. But to get a better idea about At&t TV services, you can check our detailed article on that as well here.

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