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All the digital internet service providers tend to offer individual services like internet and phone service on contract or fixed rates or more likely in the form of a bundle that has all the best services and features bundled together. This is because bundles are a great way to mix and match your most loved packages from one provider into one bill and it creates a win-win situation for both the service provider and the consumer.

Bundle deals often seem to be offering much more than their individual counterparts, and you also get many extras like equipment fee waivers or some Visa Reward cards on ordering bundle deals. We are here with all the Verizon services that you can bundle together and the perks you can get with Verizon bundles, so let’s get started.

Verizon Services Bundles

Mix & Match is one of the most popular digital services bundle in the US and is offered by Verizon. With this package, you will get a couple of base offers and then you can add different other packages offered by Verizon according to your needs and can make one bundle out of it with one bill.

There are many other exciting offers and bundles from Verizon and we have them all here.

Mix & Match on Fios

Here is everything that is included in the Verizon Fios Mix & Match bundle, this service is tailored in such a way that it offers almost everything for everyone in all budget categories, here is a little highlight of Verizon Mix & Match:


The Verizon Fios internet plans included in the bundle are 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps, and Gigabit connection, these are all fiber optic connections, and the basic connection of 100 Mbps is more than enough for a normal household usage for streaming content and for seamless downloads and you will have no problem with any of the internet based content. The price for this connection is $39.99 per month.

While if you are in a big household with multiple simultaneous streams and download and browsing then you would want to get the 300 Mbps package that is priced at $59.99 per month. The gigabit connection uses fiber optic technology and will give you an internet speed of 940 Mbps and honestly this is just too much for anything. This will give you a true wireless fiber-optic internet experience and there is nothing on the internet that this gigabit package can’t handle. The price of this connection will be $79.99 per month but you will also get a $100 free Verizon Gift Card or Visa Prepaid Card with this connection subscription.

With a Fios gigabit Internet connection, the equipment charges are also included and you don’t have to pay anything extra for that and you will also get discounts on Verizon wireless with it. Dsiney+ is free with all the Verizon Fios internet packages for the first 12 months, saving you $6.99 per month.

Fios TV Packages

There are even more extensive and comprehensive Fios TV offerings from Verizon and they can all be included in a bundle of your choice with your favorite Internet package. These TV packages are:

Fios TV Test Drive

This is a great offer for new customers, Verizon offers this introductory package to all the new Fios TV subscribers where you get all 425 TV channels from Verizon Fios TV for the first two months at a price of $50 per month.

After your first two months of this service, you can choose any from the following ones:

Your Fios TV

This is the most basic offering from Verizon Fios TV and will give you 125 channels and is priced at $50 per month. With this package, you will also be able to choose five of your favorite channels and you will get more recommendations depending upon your favorites. 

More Fios TV

The second package in the packages list is More Fios TV, this one is priced at $70 per month and will give you 300 channels in total and also gives you additional regional sports channels. With the More Fios TV subscription, you will also get a $50 Visa Prepaid Card along with a free set-top box.

The Most Fios TV

This is the top tier TV package from Fios TV with 425+ channels in the arsenal with many other perks, a $100 Verizon Gift Card, a free set-top box, and a basic DVR service. All of this is $90 per month. 

YouTube TV

As the name suggests, this package offers YouTube TV for a $50 monthly price. If you opt for this service from Verizon, you will get the first month totally free and there is no need for a set-top box either and you will get free unlimited DVR storage as well.

The setup for this one is very easy, and you can do that by yourself, plus you can have 6 individual accounts with one subscription and can watch at three different screens at the same time. You will also get live sports, news, and entertainment broadcasts with YouTube TV.

Mix & Match Extras

With Mix & Match, you have the option to choose two extras with your bundle. 

  • Home Phone will give you services like Caller ID and spam call blocking and is available for $20 per month extra with this bundle.
  • Verizon Protect Home will give you 24/7 home protection with smart devices and internet connection for an additional $25 per month. 

Verizon Wireless Bundles

Verizon wireless offers you many small options that most other wireless providers don’t. They will let you focus more on accessories and hardware and will let you choose from a variety of cases and chargers for your mobile phones, tablets, or smartwatches.

Go to the Verizon wireless and search for any of your favorite smartphones or other smart devices and you will get many packages as well as a bundle option in the form of a list. We recommend you a bundle with a wireless charger and a case for your smartphone as they will be the most productive options to start with the accessories.

General Tips

As you are choosing the best bundle for yourself, you might want to get some general things into consideration beforehand. The first is about the contract, Verizon offers no-contract deals as well but with a contract, you will get some extra rewards and stuff. So you need to make sure what your need is and if you really want a contract, because with a contract you will be tied for two years to something you might not want for that long, so think that through. 

We also recommend that you combine all the service, TV, Internet, and Home phone together to get a seamless experience but should also be aware of all the prices including and excluding taxes. Mostly there is no setup fee or setup charges with the bundles.

Pile Up Your Plans

With the holiday season just passed, you must have seen some incredible offers and promos from Verizon and other internet service providers. So this is the right time to pile up many other extra plans and limited-time offers at promotional pricing to your bundle as you will be getting some good deals. 

Why Fios Is Better Than Cable Internet?

Because Fios Verizon internet gives you a truly fiber optic experience. Verizon was a cable-based internet service provider but then they upgraded their system to gigabit or fiber-based connection and now that is much better than the old cable-based internet. 

Can you bundle cell phone and Internet with Verizon?

Yes, there is an option to bundle all your favorite Verizon offers and services into one with Verizon Mix & Match that we have explained above.

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