How to Install Vudu on Firestick

A favourite movie or tv series can instantly release you from all your mental burden. Or a piece of soothing music may be all you need to relax. No, I didn’t miss the games you can play all day long with your friends on weekends without any headache of the next Monday morning.

Innovations in technology are continuously replacing all the gigantic boxes to fit-in-pockets and the multi-billion-dollar movie streaming services market is not an exception. Amazon’s firestick is one of the innovations of this industry. Online streaming services like Vudu have changed the conventional ways of watching movies.

If you are still unaware of Amazon Firestick and one of the best streaming applications Vudu, here is a glimpse.

What is Amazon Firestick?

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 1

A firestick is a stand-alone streaming media player developed by, the gigantic e-commerce company, Amazon Inc. It can turn your any display device having HDMI port into a smart tv to stream online videos and movies. Amazon has its own store based on android called Amazon store, from where you can install various apps. Apart from that, you can also install apps from the android store, because it is an android based streaming platform. There is also an option to download and install third-party apps, namely unknown sources, as well.

It is a pen drive shaped (but oversized) device and comes along with a remote control and an adapter. You can insert this device into the HDMI port of your display device, play with the remote and see the magic happen yourself. With firestick, you can play movies, music, and games as well.

What is Vudu?

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 2

Vudu is one of the best video streaming services with over 150,000 high-quality streaming movies and shows and over 10,000 free titles in its library. You can also find trailers of movies and relevant movies as well on Vudu. This app is available on several platforms including android devices. Although Vudu is one of the online streaming platforms, however, it doesn’t charge on a monthly basis. Vudu provides three options to its users to access digital movies viz.

1) Watch with ads

With this option, you need not pay anything to Vudu. Like you are bound to watch ads on movies on tv, some ads of very short duration will be shown within the movie. At max, 3-4 ads will be shown of estimating 4-5 minutes per movie. Which is quite acceptable when you are not paying. With this option, you can see Vudu as a built-in ad-supported streaming service, which has a focus on streaming instead of ads. Search for your favourite movie from the collection of movies on Vudu and enjoy.

2) Movie Rentals

You can search and rent a movie from the huge library of Vudu catalogue movies by paying its rental price and that movie will be available in your Vudu library for 30 days. You can watch it anytime before those 30 days are over. Once you start watching, the rental clock begins. You have to finish the movie in 24-48 hours. After those 24 hours or 30 days, whichever happens first, the movie gets deleted from your Vudu library. 

3) Purchase

The option explains itself. You can purchase your favourite popular movie by paying its purchase price and have it in your Vudu library forever.

I hope you know what type of user you going to be.

Previously Vudu was owned by Walmart. Last year in 2020, Fandango, which is owned by Comcast, had purchased Vudu from Walmart, for an undisclosed amount.

And yes, things have changed a lot since then.

More on that later…

Vudu is finally available to the Amazon Fire TV Stick

As mentioned, things have changed after the ownership changed from Walmart to Fandango. Till the start of this year, Vudu was available only on

  • Android TV Boxes (NVIDIA Shield, MECOOL Box, etc.)
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • Smart TVs (LG, Samsung, Vizio, etc.)
  • Web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox

You see, even after its huge user footprint, Vudu was not available for Amazon fire stick, up to Feb2021. Just a couple of weeks back Vudu announced its app for the Amazon app store.

To install the Vudu app on your Amazon firestick, just follow the article.

How to Install Vudu on FireStick?

Now that the Vudu app is made available to Amazon’s app store, its installation is quite a breeze. Just follow the complete installation guide and perform the step by step instructions.

1) Open the Firestick Home

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 3

2) Can you locate the search option on the top left corner, click it.

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 4

3) Here type Vudu and select the first option that appears

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 5

4) Select the Vudu for Fire TV app under Apps & Games

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 6

5) Select Get

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 7

6) Click Open to launch the Vudu appon firestick

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 8

7) On the next screen, Vudu app will launch

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 9

8) Enjoy from the top-rated streaming app

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 10


How to Create an Account with Vudu?

This section of the article is for those who don’t have a Vudu account. While creating an account is completely free, still, it’s a necessary step to access the streaming videos, content library and collection of movies from Vudu.

You can follow the detailed steps below to create an account on Vudu.

1) Launch the Vudu website from your palmtop/laptop/tabletop & Select Create an Account

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 11

2) Fill in your details

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 12

3) Registration Success message

How to Install Vudu on Firestick 13

4) Open your inbox and verify your email

5) Sign in to Vudu on your firestick

6) That’s it. Enjoy Vudu on your firestick & watch tons of movies

VPNs to access Vudu Outside US

Vudu is available only in the US. This means that you can’t access the huge library of Vudu if you are outside the US. But, does that limitation really forbids you to access the top-rated streaming app. No, you can access the streaming content of Vudu by Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

A VPN service provider has its servers all across the globe. When you activate a VPN, you first choose a server that is located in a country, where your favorite movies are not restricted. Then all your traffic is re-routed from the server of the chosen country to Vudu. This way you can change your location by replacing your real IP address with a US server. In the context of Vudu now you are on a US network and you can watch the streaming videos, restricted in your country. 

A VPN to be used for the streaming activity should have fast servers to handle tons of movies of high resolution and can provide privacy to your online activity as well.

There are the three best VPNs, which can provide speed as well as privacy viz.

1) SurfShark

2) Express VPN

3) Nord VPN

You can choose any of the VPN from above that suits you then install it from the Amazon app store. Now you can follow the below installation instructions to install it on your Amazon Firestick. 

  1. Download the VPN from the store
  2. Open the VPN and select the server of the US
  3. Open Vudu
  4. Search your favourite content
  5. Choose watch-with-ads or rent or purchase
  6. Enjoy your unrestricted content

That’s it. have loads of fun with Vudu.