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Today, if a business does not have a website, its owners are really ignorant about leveraging the potential of the internet. In fact, it's quite surprising that some businesses run completely online, they don't have any brick-mortar offices. Just like the internet has opened several doors for marketing, sales and financial management, it has also empowered the digital criminals as well. A business can be floored in just one night because its owners have not paid attention to the security of their data. Human errors, hardware failures, mishandling of data or the hackers can wipe out a business website in minutes. Yes, it's important to give a thought about data security, just like providing security to your own house.

As a code (rule), an office might be taking regular backups of the data in an external hard drive. But that's not sufficient. Local backups in the external hard drives are prone to the same unforeseen events like flood, fire, earthquake. These incidents do not only damage your original data in the computer but they damage the backed up hard drive as well. Don't forget the thieves. Your computers and hard drives may give them good money. Thus, only local backups on external hard drives should not be the plan to protect your data.

Cloud backups copy all of your data on their servers. These server farms are constructed while taking precautions for natural calamities. High level security and surveillance ensure that your data will not get stolen. In case of any unforeseen event like hardware failure, data mishandling or human error you can always restore the files and the folders from the cloud. A backup on the cloud also ensures that you will never have to pay a ransom to the hackers even if they succeed installing a ransomware on your computer or website. You can always restore a previous version and take a sigh of relief.

There are several cloud backup services out there. This article eases your efforts by reviewing one of the cloud backup service called Zoolz Cloud Backup.

Zoolz Cloud Backup Review

Zoolz Cloud Storage

Zoolz offers cloud backup of your data. For backing up the data, Zoolz uses Amazon's data centers, which are located all around the world. To be precise, it uses Amazon Glacier service to backup and restore the data. Data restoration from Amazon Glacier is slow, really-really slow It takes almost 3-5 hours just to prepare the files for download. But Zoolz does not backs up to its own servers. This slowness is the default feature of the cold storage of Amazon Glacier.

That being said, Zoolz offers good plans, great security and average speed. It supports the backup of external hard disks and network devices. It is also very easy to use and the interface is quite intuitive.

Zoolz Cloud Backup Pricing plans

Zoolz offers 6 plans for cloud backup. All plans are covered with 30 days money back guarantee. So, in case you don't feel comfortable with Zoolz you can always ask for a refund before your 30 days are over.

Pricing for Zoolz plans is as below –

a) 1TB

$16.67/month. Paid annually

b) 2TB

$33.33/month. Paid annually

c) 5TB

$83.33/month. Paid annually

d) 10TB

$166.77/month. Paid annually

e) 20TB

$300/month. Paid annually

f) 50TB

$750/month. Paid annually

Difference between instant and cold storage

Zoolz uses both Cold storage and Hot storage. Before moving ahead with the article, it is important to understand the difference between both the storages.

Hot (instant) Storage

A hot storage is used widely among the cloud backup providers. Its features are as below

a) Backup is instant

b) Provides instant restoration of data.

c) You can upload from the drag and drop feature

d) You can create folders from the online account

Cold Storage

Cold storage is mainly for archiving the data. While the backup charges are minimal in the industry, the usage charges are heavy. Which means that you can upload your data to the cold storage server for the minimal price but the more you or your team downloads the data the more the charges.

Features of cold storage are as below

a) Backup is instant

b) Restoration starts after 3-5 hours. It just takes this much hours to prepare the files for download.

c) Download speed is slow

d) No drag and drop feature for upload

e) You can not create folders from the online account

Zoolz Features

1) Drive Shipping

The first process after a user purchases a cloud backup service is to upload his all the computer's data to the server. This uploading of all-data is called seeding. While the process is necessary, it's too much time-consuming. It can take weeks to upload all the data to the server. Also, this process consumes lots of bandwidth. To bypass this time-consuming process, Zoolz offers a data shipment solution. This shipment is offered for both the backup and restoration process. This service from Zoolz comes with a charge and described below.

Zoolz provides two ways to ship your data to Zoolz.

a) Your own Hard Disk

To save your bandwidth and complete the initial seed process quickly you can opt for this option. It is important to mention that this service works only with the instant (Hot) storage. This service includes an unlimited number of internal and external hard disks. In case of external hard disks, you have to send the data cables and adapters as well.

You have to copy all the required data on the hard disk and send it to Zoolz. After receiving the drive, your data is securely transferred to your Zoolz account. After your data is transferred to your account, the hard disks are shipped to your address without any cost. Hard disk option supports, desktop, laptop, netbook and servers only.

The pricing structure for this service is as below –

a) 1 TB (1 Device) – $160

b) 2 TB (1 or 2 Devices) – $225

c) 4 TB (1 or 2 Devices) – $380

d) 8 TB (Up to 4 Devices) – $740

e) 16 TB (Up to 8 Devices) – $1500

b) Snowball Appliance

If you have more than 10TB of data, you can ask Zoolz to send Snowball appliance to you. Zoolz will send you a new Snowball appliance on which you can copy your data can send it back to Zoolz.

Amazon's Snowball is a specially designed device to transfer a huge volume of data between the computers. One Snowball can contain 80TB of data. Snowball also applies encryption to your data. So, your data is safe while transportation.

Some of the features of Snowball are as below –

i) Simple and Compatible

Once you initiate a Snowball job, an appliance is automatically shipped to your address. Attach the Snowball to your computer and run the Snowball appliance client. Select all the required database in your computer, external hard disk, network drives or NAS. After all the data has been transferred to the Snowball and the appliance is ready to be shipped an E-ink label will be automatically updated. A local carrier on behalf of AWS will collect the appliance. You don't even have to pack the appliance. Once the appliance is received, all your data is transferred to your Zoolz account.

ii) Transfer Huge Volume of Data

One Snowball can contain 10TB of data and several Snowballs can run parallel while transferring the data. Thus, in case you have several TB of data, Snowball can become very handy.

iii) Encryption

All your data on the Snowball is encrypted with military grade 256-bit encryption. So, your data is safe during transportation and transfer. The encryption key is maintained by the Zoolz Key Management (KMS) service and is never saved on the appliance.

iv) Tamper Proof

Snowball appliance is designed with tamper proof technology. The enclosure of the appliance is a tamper-resistant body. Thus, ensuring the safety of your data.

The pricing structure of the Snowball service is as below –

a) 10 TB (1 Device) – $250 + Processing fees

b) 20 TB (1 Device) – $500 + Processing fees

c) 50 TB (1 Device) – $250 + Processing fees

d) 70 TB (1 Device) – $250 + Processing fees

e) 100 TB (2 Devices) – $500 + Processing fees

The processing fee varies based on the data volume. For 10TB data, processing fee is $100 and for 50TB it is $300.

Also, you have 10 days to copy your data and generate the E-ink return label. Every additional day costs $15. Transportation of Snowball is provided by the Amazon AWS.

Zoolz drive shipping for both the hard disk and Snowball is offered only for the servers located in North America, Europe and Australia.

2) Hybrid backup

A good backup plan is a 3-2-1 plan. Which simply means that you must always have 3 copies of your data. One on your original computer, one on an external drive, NAS, external drive as a local backup and one on the cloud.

Zoolz provides you with this 3-2-1 backup plan by not only backing up your data to the servers but it also backs up the data to a local device as well.

3) Tribrid Backup

According to Zoolz, no data should be treated equally. There is some data which is of high priority every time and there is some data which is rarely used. Thus, both of these data categories should have different storage places. One, which should be downloaded quickly because it is of higher priority every time and downloading of the other category data can take some hours because it is not actively used. Zoolz uses Amazon AWS's S3

and Glacier service to differentiate the priority of both these data.

While S3 is quick but expensive, the Glacier is slow but inexpensive. The S3 is the instant (hot) storage and the Glacier is the cold storage. The features of hot and cold storages have been explained in the above section.

You can categorize your data as per its priority and choose which one goes for instant and which one for the cold storage.

Zoolz cloud backup is the only service which provides both the instant and the cold storage for your data. It will backup the data to the designated type of storage as per your settings.

Zoolz applies tribrid backup. It backs up your data to one local storage and the other on the cloud to instant and cold storage.

4) Continuous backup

You will never lose any bit of your data ever again. Your all the efforts on the current file can go in vain just because of a hardware failure or an unplanned power disruption. Resumption of power failure can bring back your data, only if you have kept on saving continuously after every edit. But, what if you have not saved a major edit? Even if you have continuously saved the edits, the hardware failure will never let you get back that file again.

At this situation, Zoolz appears as a saviour. It keeps on backing up your data to the server, silently. You may never know that it is continuously backing up your current file until you lose it.

In such situations when you lose your current working file, all you have to do is, download the file from your Zoolz account and you are back to work again.

5) Unlimited users

Yes, you read it right. A Zoolz account offers you unlimited users. You can add as many users as you want and they all can backup their data to your account. All you have to keep in mind is the storage cap of your account.

6) Unlimited External/Network devices

With a Zoolz account, you can backup all your external hard disks and network devices. None of your data will ever be prone to mishandling, hardware failure or hacking. Zoolz will backup all your external hard disks and network devices as per your settings.

7) Unlimited NAS

Network Attached Storage (NAS) have simplified the file storage and sharing facility in offices. It contains huge volumes of data of all the users. With Zoolz you can even backup not just one but unlimited NAS.

Make sure that you choose the appropriate storage account with Zoolz to maintain the storage cap.

8) Versioning

Zoolz backs up your files incrementally. Which means that if a file is edited, only the edited part of the file is backed up and updated in the file present on the cloud. This creates several versions as well.

A user can instruct Zoolz as to how many versions it should keep as a backup. As per the current threshold set by Zoolz the user cannot keep more than 10 versions of a file.

9) Files for Lifetime

Zoolz promises to keep your files forever in your account. Which means, even if you delete a file on your computer (the computer mapped to Zoolz account), that file is never deleted from the Zoolz account.

Your deleted file is only erased from your Zoolz account only if you manually delete it.

10) Encryption

The data is always prone to theft and distortion. This can happen either on the computer while transporting the backup hard disk or during the online data transfer to the cloud. There is always a huge possibility that someone either for fun or with some serious intention may steal or manipulate the data. Thus, a cloud backup service which doesn't give importance to the security of its user's data does not remain alive for long.

Zoolz considers the security of its user's data very seriously. Firstly, it allows the user to choose a password which leads to the generation of an encryption key. This encryption key is managed by Zoolz Key Management (ZKM) and never stored with any external device. Also, this can only be retrieved only by the user password.

Zoolz always applies military grade 256 encryption to the data. First, the data is encrypted using the 256-bit encryption, only then it leaves your computer for the cloud.

Zoolz always uses the SSL connections which eliminates the possibility for anyone to peep while the data is being transferred.

Thus SSL + 256-bit-encryption + encryption-key makes your data transfer to-fro Zoolz quite safe.

Zoolz Pros

1) Attractive user interface

Zoolz provides a modern and very intuitive user interface. All the options are self-explanatory and provide very smooth interactions.

2) Hot and Cold Storage

Zoolz is probably the only cloud backup service which provides both hot and cold storage options to its users. While the hot storage provides instant download but expensive, the cold storage takes 3-5 hours just to prepare the download but is quite inexpensive.

A user has the choice to categorize its files depending on its priorities. If a file is used quite often then it should use the hot storage for instant availability whereas a file lesser in use should go to the cold storage.

However, finally, the user needs to decide what he wants to do.

3) Unlimited users and devices

Zoolz not only offers unlimited users but it also offers unlimited devices as well. Just keeps a check on the storage cap of your selected plan.

4) Sharing options

Your all the files are stored in your account and all the users can download it without any problem. But what if you want to provide a backed up file to someone else who is not a user on your account.

Zoolz provides sharing options to all the files you backup with its service. All you need to do is, login to your Zoolz account, select the required file and generate a sharing link. You can then email this sharing link with anyone and he will be able to download the file.

As an added security you can opt for a password while creating the sharing link.

Zoolz Cons

1) Doesn't have its own server farm

While Zoolz provides the cold storage from Amazon Glacier and hot storage from the S3 which has been described as a plus point in the Zoolz pro section, it may sometime turn out to be a negative point for Zoolz as well.

Zoolz has to abide by any change applied in the terms of the Amazon AWS. This, in turn, will affect Zoolz users as well. If in future Amazon AWS applies a change to the pricing of its Glacier or S3, it will directly impact the Zoolz user's pocket as well. Of course, Zoolz will not be bearing the extra bucks.

If Zoolz develops its own server farm, it won't be depending on the third party servers, which will make Zoolz more independent.

2) No Two-Factor Authentication

Passwords are passwords. They get stolen and forgotten. The two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of additional security. This step ensures that it will be the account holder who can access the account.

Zoolz does not provide the two-factor authentication thus leaves its user's account vulnerable. Although Zoolz does not lags behind just because of the lack of this feature, but adding a two-factor authentication layer will prevent the trespassers and provide more peaceful nights to its users.

3) No Linux support

There are hundreds of distributions based on the Linux kernel. It also provides the most secure and flexible environment for computers and the servers. If a user is too security conscious he prefers a Linux distro. Users of Linux distros are increasing every year in an exponential manner.

Excluding Linux support leaves Zoolz with just the users of Windows and Mac. It also gives an impression that Zoolz team is not able to understand the technology very well.

4) Only 10 Versions

Just imagine that you are working on a file and you are editing it every day. You are doing the major edits every day. One day you feel that some parts are unnecessary thus delete those parts of the file and start working once again. After 20 days you realize that the parts you deleted were quite precious and you need it back. But man, they are gone.

So you login to your Zoolz account in hope to get the previous versions of the file because usually cloud backup services keep older versions.

Alas! you find out that Zoolz keeps only the last 10 versions of your file and the version you were seeking is gone from the Zoolz account as well.

Yes, 10 versions are too few for a cloud backup service.

Our Rating- 2.5/5

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Zoolz Cloud backup Faqs

1) What is No-Zoolz zone?

Your computer contains several professional and personal files and folders. It's quite possible that you do not want some of your files or folders to be backed up by Zoolz. Thus, to provide you with the freedom to exclude the selected files and folders, Zoolz creates a folder called No-Zoolz Zone.

When you install Zoolz on your computer, A folder called No-Zoolz Zone is also created by the Zoolz software. This folder gives the user a flexibility to exclude certain files and folders. All the user has to do is put his files in this folder and it will ever be backed up by the Zoolz service.

This feature comes handy when a user needs to backup the whole computer but exclude certain files and folders.

2) What are Zoolz’s Vaults?

Zoolz backup account provides you both a storage and a vault. Just like Zoolz provides an instant and a cold storage, it also provides instant and cold vaults.

These vaults are used for sharing purposes with collaborators, team members and others. You can either drag and drop any file to vault from anywhere or from your storage for sharing.

Remember if you want to share a file already backed up with Zoolz, there are some rules.

a) If you want to share a file backed up as instant storage, you can share it only using the instant vault.

b) If you want to share a file backed up as cold storage, you can share it only using the cold vault.

3) How to use vaults in Zoolz?

Vaults are used to share the files with collaborators or team members without altering the folder structure of Zoolz storage.

There are two types of vaults i.e. instant and cold vaults. Below procedure explains how to upload files to these vaults.

A) Instant Vault

i) Method 1

a) Login to your Zoolz account

b) Select to My computers tab

c) Select the Instant Vault option from the left hand panel

d) Create a new folder

e) Drag and drop the required file to this folder

f) Done

ii) Method 2

a) Login to your Zoolz account

b) Select to My computers tab

c) Select the Instant Vault option from the left hand panel

d) Create a new folder

e) Click the upload option and browse to the required file

f) Done

B) Cold Vault

i) Method 1

a) Login to your Zoolz account

b) Select to My computers tab

c) Select the Cold Vault option from the left hand panel

d) Create a new folder

e) Drag and drop the required file to this folder

f) Done

ii) Method 2

a) Login to your Zoolz account

b) Select to My computers tab

c) Select the Cold Vault option from the left hand panel

d) Create a new folder

e) Click the upload option and browse to the required file

f) Done

4) How Can I Restore Files From The Vault?

There are two methods to restore a file from the vault.

A) Method 1

i) Click the Zoolz agent in the system tray

ii) Select the Open dashboard option

iii) Click the Restore option

iv) From the drop down of Computer name select Vault

v) Select the data that you want to restore

vi) Click Next

vii) Select the restore location

viii) The cloud icon will change to red

ix) Done

B) Method 2

i) Login to your Zoolz account

ii) Select the My Computers tab

iii) Click the Vault option on the left hand side panel

iv) Select the files you want to restore

v) Click the download icon

vi) Done

5) How can I add files and folders to the cold storage?

There are two ways you can add more files to your cold storage.

A) Method 1: From the Zoolz Software

i) Right click the Zoolz Agent in the system tray

ii) Select the Open Dashboard option

iii) Click on the Data Selections

iv) Refer to the Cold Storage tab

v) Add the paths of the files and folders that you want to backup

vi) Click the Save icon

vii) Done

B) Method 2: Using a Policy

i) Login to your Zoolz account

ii) Refer to Policies tab

iii) Create or Edit the existing policy

iv) From the Cold Storage tab add the paths of the files and folders you want to backup

v) Assign the policy to the specific user.

vi) Done

6) What is Zoolz Smart and Turbo features?

Zoolz provides a feature of continuous and scheduled backups. These backups run without any user intervention. Zoolz provides a feature which enables throttling of the bandwidth and system resources. The user can instruct the Zoolz client whether it should use full system resources and the bandwidth or not.

For this, Zoolz has provided two features —

A) Smart Mode

When you are using your computer, you don't want Zoolz to be a system hog and slow down your computer. In this situation, you can instruct Zoolz to use minimum resources by enabling Smart Mode. With this feature, Zoolz will automatically compute how much resources you are using and how much is remaining. Then it will intelligently use on the fraction of resources which does not slow down your computer.

B) Turbo Mode

When you plan to leave the computer and want Zoolz to use the resources at maximum to speed up the backup processes, you can enable the Turbo Mode.

In Turbo Mode, Zoolz will not compute the used system resources and utilize the available bandwidth and resources to the maximum.

7) I lost my encryption password. Is there any way Zoolz can retrieve my files?

To maximize the security of your data, Zoolz encrypts your data with the help of an encryption key along with the 256-bit encryption. Zoolz creates the encryption key with the help of your password along with some algorithms. To decrypt the data you need to provide the password and then again the algorithm is applied using the reverse engineering process to arrive at the encryption key. Then your data is decrypted.

Zoolz nowhere stores your password. Thus, if you lose your password, you lose your data. There is no way Zoolz can retrieve your password or your data.

Always make sure that either you take the assistance of a password manager to save passwords or write down somewhere safe for future use.

8) How can I change the encryption password of Zoolz backup?

Zoolz never saves your password. In fact, it uses your password to generate an encryption key. Only this encryption key is saved with Zoolz, not your password. Thus it is not possible to change the Zoolz password.

In case your password has been compromised and you feel that it is necessary to change your password, the only way is to take a new backup of all the data. To do so first you need to uninstall the Zoolz software from your computer. While uninstalling don't check the keep settings check box so that all the settings are also removed.

Then follow the below process –

i) Login to your Zoolz account

ii) Download Zoolz software from your account

iii) Install the Zoolz software

iv) After installation is complete open the Zoolz client

v) Enter your login credentials

vi) Configure a new backup

vii) Seta new password or leave it blank

viii) Upload your files again to the Zoolz

ix) Done

9) How can I contact Zoolz support?

Zoolz offers various ways for its user to know and learn the software features. There is a complete Zoolz wiki which will guide you for every process.

In case you want to contact the Zoolz support you can do that via

i) Live chat

ii) For technical support a dedicated ticket mechanism is available

iii) You can provide feedback for the product

iv) You can call Zoolz support UK + 44(0) 203 9232219, Int. +1 (202) 697 9164

10) Does cold storage support back up of external devices and NAS?

Yes, cold storage supports backing up external hard disks, network drives and NAS.

To do so, follow the below process

i) Open Zoolz desktop software

ii) Go to Data selection

iii) Select the cold storage tab

iv) Add folder

v) Browse to the designated source to backup from

vi) Save your selections

vii) Done

11) Do I have to configure two backups to back up files to Cold Storage and another to back up to instant storage?

While Zoolz provides the tribrid backup which means it parallelly backs up the data to local, cold storage and instant storage, but you do not have to configure the files separately. You have to provide a single configuration which instructs Zoolz as to which file will be backed up to the cold storage and which file to the instant storage.

To do so, follow the below process

i) Select the cold storage tab

ii) Specify which files to backup over there

iii) Use smart selection and my computer to backup your files to the instant storage

iv) Done

12) After Windows upgrade, Zoolz stopped working. What should I do?

Its quite possible that a Windows update may damage a Zoolz core file. If a core file is damaged then the Zoolz services will not work properly. It will not take any backups either to the local or to the cloud.

To resolve this issue, you need to either re-install or repair the Zoolz software.

To uninstall follow the recommended procedure in Faq section of this article. Just remember that you must check the Keep Settings check box while uninstalling.

To repair, follow the below procedure

i) Login to your Zoolz account

ii) From the Dashboard, click the Download Zoolz button in the upper right corner

iii) After the download completes, run the setup file.

iv) Click the Update / Repair option

v) Follow the repair wizard

vi) Done

13) How can I delete a computer from Zoolz account?

You can add multiple computers to your Zoolz account which also means that the data from all those computers add up to the storage space of your Zoolz account. It may be a case that a computer is no more your user or you may just want to free up the space on your Zoolz account. In such situations, you need to delete those mapped computers from your account.

To delete the computer from your Zoolz account follow the below procedure

i) Login to your Zoolz account

ii) Refer to the Users / Servers tab

iii) Click the Computers tab from the left hand menu

iv) A list of all the mapped computers will be shown

v) Beside your desired computer click the action icon

vi) Select Delete Computer

vii) Click Ok

viii) Done

This process will remove the selected computer and all its data from your Zoolz account.

14) How can I uninstall Zoolz from my computer?

Zoolz can be uninstalled from the Windows and the Mac computer as described below

A) Windows

i) Go to your Control Panel

ii) Select the program and features

iii) Select Zoolz2

iv) Select Uninstall

v) In the window check the box Keep Zoolz settings if you want to reinstall Zoolz

vi)Select Uninstall

vii) Proceed with uninstallation wizard

viii) Done

B) Mac

i) Click Go on the Finder Bar

ii) Select Applications

iii) Locate Zoolz and Zoolz restore and delete them from there

iv) Click Go on the Finder bar again

v) Go to the Folder

vi) Type ~/.config/

vii) Hit Enter

viii) Genie9

ix) Delete the whole Zoolz folder from there

If you choose not to keep the Zoolz settings while uninstallation process, you have to start a new backup process from scratch. Zoolz will not recognize the older backups.

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